We all understand the importance a good resume has; it can help open new doors and opportunities and land you a coveted interview at your dream job.

However, besides your previous experience and work history, employers look to certain personality traits to help determine whether or not you would be a good fit for the role.

Below, we are going to look at and discuss the best personal traits to include on a resume.

These are traits and portions of your personality that will give you a leg-up from the competition and other applicants.

While not a guarantee, including these personal traits on your resume, can help you to differentiate yourself amongst the sea of applicants.

In today’s ever-changing world, employers are looking for more than just hard skills and previous experience from their workforce.

Not only should employees have certain hard and soft skills, but they should have personal determination, grit, and motivation as well.

These personality traits are job skills that will not only help you to land your next big opportunity but will also help you to excel at the role and move up the corporate ladder faster. 

So, without further ado, you’ll find the list of the best personal traits to include on a resume below.


In today’s world, it is rare to find a position or role that solely focuses on one task at hand.

Rather, most employees wear multiple hats and juggle multiple different priorities at once.

The ability to be flexible and take on whatever comes your way is by far one of the best personality traits to have.

In addition, this personality trait is extremely sought after by employers and managers of all business sizes.

Understanding that someone is flexible and is able to handle multiple projects and deadlines means a more efficient and productive workforce.

Best Personal Traits to Include on a Resume


Another great personality trait to include on your resume is determination.

Employers highly admire and seek out determined individuals to join their staff and workforce as they understand these individuals will work through any road bumps and issues to get the job done.

Being determined is also a great quality to have in your own personal life.

It will ensure that you are willing to work hard for the job or task at hand and that you won’t find yourself quitting in the middle of a, particularly difficult task.


One of the more important personal traits to have, both in your professional and personal life, is the act of being dependable.

As an employer, an employee’s dependability means more than nearly any other personality trait.

With a dependable employee, I am able to feel confident that not only will they arrive to work on time, but that they will also complete the list of action items on their plate.

Dependability can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms.

Overall, a dependable employee is one who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the job, project, or task gets completed, as well as someone who shows up to work, ready to go.

Dependable employees not only show up to work on time but are also honest and forthright with their manager and team.

They relay messages accurately and without delay and take care of their work without being questioned on it.

It is rare to find dependable employees, making them that much more valuable to an employer.


Trust is a two-way street and should be a cornerstone of any successful relationship.

Whether in the boardroom or an individual’s personal life, trust should be expected and provided.

The relationship between an employer and an employee is no different.

Both sides expect the other to be trustworthy and to act in a fashion that is amicable for both.

Employers love trustworthy employees because they are the ones that will ensure that the truth is being stated.

They are honest, oftentimes to a fault, and will ensure that honesty prevails.

Employers find that their staff who are trustworthy are more likely to be better managers and will often work directly with them towards promotion opportunities.

Best Personal Traits to Include on a Resume


Another great personal trait to include on your resume is your professionalism.

While this may seem counterintuitive, there seems to be a lack of professionalism and professional etiquette in the corporate world.

While corporate America has become less formal in recent years, there are still certain thresholds that shouldn’t be crossed.

Understanding the corporate nuances and etiquette required to work in a modern office space is just as important as your previous work history, educational history, and hard skills.

Professionalism requires a deep understanding of human nature, thinking, and acting.

As a budding career professional, you should not shy away from your professional skills.

These are skills that are oftentimes difficult to learn and master.

By indicating your professionalism, you put the employer at ease and reassure their fears that you understand the inner working of a corporate office structure.


When it comes to the best personality traits to include on a resume, ideally you should look to include as many of these traits as possible.

In this competitive, global environment, any leverage and knowledge you have that can help you to land and secure a well-positioned job is a must.

However, if you feel that you may be missing some of these traits and skills, then don’t worry!

All of these skills are easily learned and accessible.

Feel free to check out our previous blog posts and read up on professionalism in the workforce.

Through reading and trial-and-error, you’ll be able to master these skills in no time.

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