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We have 680 TEAS practice questions, which sum up to four full-length TEAS practice exams and several quizzes in the four domains tested in the Test of Essential Academic Skills.

By the end of this article, you’ll have tested your knowledge level, learned how to make the most of the practice exams and why it’s crucial to use practice tests in TEAS exam prep.

That said, here is what we’ll discuss:

  • Making the most of our TEAS practice exams
  • Why take the TEAS practice exams?

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TEAS practice Quizzes.

Here you can navigate all the TEAS practice quizzes.

For the parts that you scored poorly in, make sure to take our Practice Quizzes for the specific section. Here you can navigate all the TEAS practice quizzes sections.

  1. TEAS Reading Practice Quizzes
  2. TEAS Math Practice Quizzes
  3. TEAS Science Practice Quizzes
  4. TEAS English Practice Quizzes

Making the Most of Our TEAS Practice Exams

Making the Most of Our TEAS Practice Exams

The TEAS exam has 170 questions in different formats, including multiple-select, hot spot, ordered response, supply answer, and multiple-choice questions.

It covers four domains: the math section, the science section, English and language usage, and the reading section.

The test sections are weighted differently.

 You get the real experience of how it feels to take the test through the practice exams.

To make the most of our practice tests, take all four full-length tests at different intervals during your exam prep period.

Take the first free TEAS practice test at the beginning of your studies to have an overview of the subject areas tested in the exam.

This test will also show your level of knowledge.

You’ll discover your strengths and weaknesses and zero in on the content areas where you perform poorly.

The practice questions work best with our other study materials.

Once you’ve discovered your areas of strength and weakness, you’ll want to incorporate our TEAS cheat sheet, study guides, and flashcards to cover the knowledge gaps.

The TEAS study guide is excellent for reviewing the subject areas you need help with.

The cheat sheet is another tool that will help you cover key concepts concisely.

You can reinforce the information covered using our free TEAS flashcards.

The flashcards are ideal because they help you go through the same material repeatedly until you’ve mastered the concepts.

With all the knowledge you’ve gained from these materials, you can retake a full-length test to see how much you’ve improved in your weak areas.

When done with the complete tests, take the domain quizzes on the challenging topics.

The goal is to use TEAS study materials to ensure you are comfortable with the challenging topics.

Here is a pro tip: the full-length practice tests help you determine where you need to improve, and the quizzes are to polish the weak areas.

Now, remember the ATI TEAS exam has a time limit.

The exam takes 3 hours and 39 minutes.

So, your test preparation should take this into consideration.

Luckily, our free ATI TEAS practice exams are timed like the actual one.

Don’t cheat! Time yourself to see how effectively you can pace yourself.

Given the number of questions in the exam, one question takes roughly a minute.

The more you take the tests, the more confident you’ll be on the test date.

Another important point, mimic the exam environment when taking the practice tests.

Take the full-length practice exam in a quiet environment, preferably seated at a desk.

Eliminate all the study resources and stick to the time limit.

This way, you’ll be better placed to test your exam readiness.

Why Take TEAS Practice Exams?

Why Take TEAS Practice Exams?

You may be wondering why it is important to take practice tests when preparing for the TEAS nursing exam.

Well, like any other standard exam, you’ll be at an advantage if you already know the type of questions, exam structure, and timing beforehand.

The tests will help you familiarize yourself with how the Assessment Technologies Institute writes the questions and the answer choices.

When you know the question styles, you can prepare accordingly, and the actual test will not surprise you.

The more you take the tests, the more you’ll be comfortable on the test day.

Further, practice tests bring to light the section of the TEAS that you need to put more effort into.

That means instead of dedicating equal time to all the domains, you can restructure your TEAS study plan to fit your needs, which will help you make the most of your study time.

Most test-takers mistakenly focus on their areas of strengths than weaknesses.

Now, this is setting yourself up for failure.

Finally, taking tests helps enhance your problem-solving abilities.

The practice questions will teach you to think through questions before coming up with the right answer.

You will apply the same strategy when taking TEAS 7.

Another important thing, take advantage of the many free and paid ATI TEAS practice tests online.

And that’s exactly how you gain an edge when using TEAS practice exams in your preparation.

In essence, your TEAS test prep will be incomplete without practice exams.

The Next Step in Your TEAS Preparation

The Next Step in Your TEAS Preparation

Practice exams make excellent preparation materials.

When choosing a prep course, the presence of practice questions is a key factor.

It’s better if the questions come with answer explanations because you’ll understand the criteria behind the correct and incorrect answers.

To increase your chances of passing this entrance exam the first time, you should leverage our free TEAS flashcards.

Together, the practice exams and the cards will boost your preparation to a huge extent.

Further, we have several other TEAS study materials you can’t miss.

Click the study material you need on the navigation menu at the beginning of this article, and you’ll be taken straight to the study resource.

TEAS Practice Exam FAQs

TEAS Practice Exam FAQs

Is the TEAS a hard test?

TEAS questions’ difficulty level varies depending on the domain. Many test-takers report that the TEAS science and math sections are difficult compared to English & language usage and reading. That means when preparing for the exam, take more time reviewing the test questions in the most challenging domains.

How do I practice for the TEAS?

– Use TEAS study plan to schedule your studies.
– Find the right study materials. You can find free resources online or buy them. There are prep courses that offer excellent resources.
– Read the study manual to have foundational knowledge
– Take many practice tests and leverage other resources

How can I pass the TEAS test easily?

You can pass easily if you start your preparation early. Take your time to go through the material to understand, not cram. Take several timed practice exams and ensure you review the answer explanations even when you get an answer right. Use flashcards to master challenging topics.

What is a good score for the TEAS test?

Nursing programs have different score requirements for the four sections of the exam and the overall score. The passing score is different for nursing schools. However, it ranges from 55% to 75%. Find out the actual passing score from the nursing school you are interested in.

What is the TEAS test about?

It’s an entrance exam designed to test the competency of learners interested in becoming nurses. Most competitive nursing programs have TEAS as a requirement for enrollment. The exam has 170 questions that take 209 minutes to complete. The passing score differs from one nursing program to the next.

What are the topics on the TEAS?

English and Language Usage
Conventions of standard English
Knowledge of language
Using language and vocabulary
Math Section
Numbers and algebra
Measurement and data
Science Section
Human anatomy and physiology
Scientific reasoning
Reading Section
Identifying key ideas and details
Craft and structure
Integration of knowledge and ideas

How long does the TEAS test take?

The TEAS exam takes 209 minutes, which translates to 3 hours and 39 minutes. The exam sections are timed as follows:
– English and Language Usage – 37 minutes
– Reading – 55 minutes
– Math – 57 minutes
– Science – 60 minutes

How much time do I have to take the TEAS?

The Assessments Technologies Institute (IAT) recommends six weeks. You can commit 1 to 3 hours per week towards TEAS exam prep. Ensure you cover the exam content effectively, especially the content areas you find challenging. Take many practice questions to familiarize yourself with the exam.


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