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  • TEAS test structure
  • TEAS exam passing score and cost
  • TEAS test frequently asked questions

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An Overview of the TEAS Nursing Exam

in this article you will find a complete overview of teas study.

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is administered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI).

The exam is designed to test aspiring nursing students’ potential to excel in health allied or nursing programs such as BSN or ADN.

Most universities use this entrance exam to determine whether learners have what it takes to succeed in health science programs.

Studies reveal that students who pass the TEAS nursing exam do well in higher nursing education.

The ATI TEAS exam is one of the many admission requirements for nursing students.

Other requirements include academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, application, and of course, the fees.

Important to note is that the requirements vary from one nursing program to the next.

Consequently, it will interest you that not all nursing schools require students to take the TEAS test.

The Test of Essential Academic Skills is usually updated every few years.

Previously, students took TEAS 6, which was phased out on June 3, 2022.

It was replaced by TEAS 7.

The TEAS 7, like the TEAS 6, still covers four areas: math, science, English and language usage, and reading.

The difference is in the types of questions and the exam outline.

While TEAS 6 mostly had multiple-choice questions, the TEAS exam has ordered response, multiple select, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, and hot spot questions.

In terms of structure, there are slight differences in the topics in the exam sections, the number of questions per section, and the time limit.

Comparison Table for TEAS 6 and TEAS 7

English & Language Usage (28 Questions)
Conventions of Standard English 9
Knowledge of Language 9
Vocabulary Acquisition 6
Unscored Questions 4
English & Language Usage (37 Questions)
Conventions of Standard English 12
Knowledge of Language 11
Using Language and Vocabulary 10
Unscore Questions 4
Math (36 Questions)
Number & Algebra 23            
Measurement & Data 9
Unscore Questions 4
Math (38 Questions)
Number & Algebra 18             
Measurement & Data 16
Unscore Questions 4
Reading (53 Questions)
Key Ideas & Details 22
Craft & Structure 14
Integration & Knowledge of Ideas 11
Unscored Questions 6 
Reading (45 Questions)
Key Ideas & Details 15
Craft & Structure 9
Integration & Knowledge of Ideas 15
Unscored Questions 6 
Science (53 Questions)
Human Anatomy & Physiology 32
Life & Physical Sciences 8
Scientific Reasoning 7    
Unscored questions 6
Science (50 Questions)
Human Anatomy & Physiology 18
Biology 9
Chemistry 8
Scientific Reasoning 9
Unscored questions 6

TEAS 7 has 170 questions that take 3 hours and 39 minutes to complete.

TEAS Test Structure

let's discuss further and cover the teas exam content, question types, and TEAS score.

Now that we’ve given you an overview of the TEAS nursing exam, let’s take the discussion further and cover the exam content, question types, and TEAS score.

TEAS Exam Content Break Down

As mentioned, this pre-nursing exam has four sections.

The sections have several subjects with different numbers of questions and content coverage.

So, what exactly should you expect in the TEAS assessment?

Math Section

the math section covers two topics: numbers & algebra and measurements & data.

This section has 38 questions, and you’ll have 57 minutes to answer the questions.

That gives you around 90 seconds to answer each question.

From my experience, it will help to have the formulas for calculating the areas and perimeter of different shapes in the palm of your hand.

Further, memorize how to convert percentages, fractions, and decimals, among other conversions.

Four questions in this section are not scored.

Please note that you are not allowed to get into the exam with a calculator.

You’ll use the one provided.

English & Language Usage

The English & language usage section has 37 questions, and you have 37 minutes.

That means you have a minute to answer each question.

Four questions here are pretests and won’t go toward your final score.

This section of the exam tests learners on conventions of standard English, knowledge of the language, and using language and vocabulary to express ideas in writing.

Be well conversant with simple, complex, and compound sentences, grammar rules, parts of speech, and punctuation rules, to mention a few.

The section also covers medical terms.

My advice? Understand and memorize the terms.

You don’t want to fumble in the exam, yet medical terms are foundational knowledge in nursing.

Science Section

The science section tests you in four content areas: biology, chemistry, human anatomy & physiology, and scientific reasoning.

Expect questions on the periodic table, balancing chemical reactions and chemical bonding in chemistry.

Biology focuses on genetics and DNA, cell division, and cell structure, among others.

As for human anatomy and physiology, you should be well-versed in the body systems.

This section has 50 questions, where six are unscored.

And you have an hour to answer all the questions.

That means you’ll get slightly over a minute to answer each question.

Reading Section

This section is perceived as one of the toughest sections of the TEAS entrance exam.

Perhaps it’s because most of the questions come in short and long passages.

Some questions have figures and tables instead of passages.

This section covers key ideas & details, craft & structure, and integration of knowledge & ideas.

There are 45 questions in total, and you have 55 minutes to complete the section.

Six questions here are pretests.

Given the nature of the questions, pace yourself.

You’ll complete it on time when you have a steady pace from the start.

TEAS 7 Question Types

The TEAS 7 computer-based test has four types of questions multiple-choice, ordered response, multiple-select, hot spot, and supply answer.

If you are taking a paper and pencil version of the test, there’s only one type of question, multiple-choice.

That said, here is what to expect with each question type.


Here you must select all the correct answers since there are several correct answers.

You will likely see “select all that apply” in the question.

If you don’t select all the correct answer choices or select one wrong answer choice, the question is scored as incorrect.

Partial credit is not applicable.


Multiple-choice questions require you to choose one correct answer among the four provided answer choices.

The questions may be text, graphics, exhibits, or charts.

Ordered Response

As for the ordered response, your task is to place the four to six responses in the correct order.

You’ll be required to drag the responses on the left box to the empty box on the right in the correct order.

The question will only be scored correct if you’ve placed all the response options in the correct order.

If you miss even one option, the question is scored as incorrect.

Supply Answer

This type of question is also known as fill-in-the-blank.

For this section, there are no answer choices.

You are required to provide an answer which can be a number or a word(s).

Hot Spot

Hot spot questions have an image with one to five clickable areas.

You are required to click the area of the image that answers the question asked.

TEAS Test Score

There is no set passing score for the TEAS nursing exam.

Every nursing program has its own score that they consider pass or fail.

That means the passing score varies from one school to another.

Therefore, before you take the exam, confirm with your school what the passing score is so that you can start working towards that in your TEAS exam prep.

Having said that, it’s worth noting that the national average passing score is around 70% for BSN and 60% for associate degree programs.

If you take the exam on campus or at a testing center, you’ll get your score report on your computer immediately after completing the exam.

Suppose you resorted to the paper version of the test.

You’ll get your results within 24 hours from the ATI website under my results.

If you pass, well and good.

If you fail, you can retake the exam.

However, how soon you retake the exam solely depends on your school’s regulations.

Again, your school stipulates how many times you can retake the exam.

Some schools give learners two to three chances, while others allow students to take the exam until they pass.


According to ATI, the average cost of the TEAS nursing exam is $115.

However, the exact amount depends on whether you are taking the exam remotely or in person.

But generally, the cost is influenced by your testing location, as testing centers and nursing schools set their own prices.

Apart from the exam registration fee, there may be an additional cost that may include a scheduling fee, proctor fee, and room fee.

As for remote online TEAS test-takers, the additional charges may be a security fee for the ATI remote proctor.


Conclusion on TEAS Exam

That’s it, our dear reader!

We’ve provided you with the answers to everything you need to know about the TEAS nursing exam.

We hope you can now start preparing for the nursing TEAS test immediately.

Our TEAS exam study hub has all the resources you need to prepare for this exam.

We have everything from TEAS flashcards to TEAS study plan to TEAs study guide and several other study tools.

Navigate the menu at the top of this article to find the study material that you need.

The good news is that all the resources are free.

So you don’t have to worry about spending a dime.

Only focus on acing the TEAS exam.

All the best!

TEAS Nursing Exam FAQs

Here we have answered some most commonly asked TEAS study questions

What is the TEAS test for nursing?

Test of Essential Academic Skills is a standardized entrance exam designed to test students’ readiness and knowledge level for nursing and health allied programs. ATI TEAS is a requirement to get into nursing school. The exam has 170 questions that take 209 minutes to complete.

What does the TEAS test consist of?

The ATI TEAS test consists of four sections: science, reading, math, and English and language usage. The four sections have several topics that test students on basic academic skills. Passing this pre-nursing test is the key to getting into some of the most competitive nursing programs in the US.

Is the TEAS exam based on how well you can recall information?

Yes. The TEAS exam has different types of questions: hot spot, ordered response, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-select, and multiple-choice questions. The questions cut across four sections. To answer the questions satisfactorily, you must be able to recall the information you learned.

What are the requirements for taking the TEAS test?

Here are the requirements for taking the ATI TEAS exam.
– A government-issued photo identification. This can be a driver’s license, a passport, or a green card.
– Your ATI log-in details. That’s your username and password.
– Any other additional items required by your school on the test day

What are the TEAS test subjects?

Identifying key ideas and details
Craft and structure
Integration of knowledge and ideas
Numbers and algebra
Measurement and data
Human anatomy and physiology
Scientific reasoning
English & language usage
Conventions of standard English
Knowledge of language
Using language and vocabulary

Is the TEAS exam for nursing hard?

The TEAS nursing exam is moderately difficult, with some sections more difficult than others. Science and reading sections are difficult compared to math and English & language usage. That means you must prepare thoroughly. Use diverse TEAS study materials to cover the exam content areas thoroughly.

How long is the TEAS exam?

The TEAS exam takes 3 hours and 39 minutes to complete. All four sections of the exam have a time limit. Here is a breakdown:
– English: 37 minutes
– Reading: 55 minutes
– Math: 57 minutes
– Science: 60 minutes

How many questions are on the TEAS test?

There are 170 questions in the ATI TEAS exam. Here is a breakdown of the number of questions by section.
– English and language usage: 37 questions
– Math: 38 questions
– Reading: 45 questions
– Science: 50 questions
During your TEAS test prep, ensure you meet the sections’ time limit.

How much does the TEAS test cost?

The cost varies from one testing location to the next. But, on average, you can expect to spend $115. The price ranges from $65 to $140. The cost includes the TEAS registration fee, room fees, scheduling fee, proctor fee, and security monitoring fee for those taking the exam remotely.

How can I apply for the TEAS exam for nursing?

– Visit the ATI website (www.atitesting.com) and create an account
– Log in to your ATI account and click on the registration button
– Choose the testing method, whether in-person or online
– Select the program type
– Select the test date and time
– Review your order and check out

How to study for the TEAS nursing exam?

– Have a study plan to help you cover the exam’s content areas
– Use the TEAS study guide to review the subjects
– Take TEAS practice exams to test your knowledge
– Strengthen your areas of weakness using the TEAS cheat sheet and flashcards
– Leverage group discussions

What does the TEAS nursing exam stand for?

TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills. It’s a standardized test that tests learners’ knowledge level and readiness for programs in the health science field. Passing the TEAS is an entry requirement for most nursing schools. Thus, test-takers must try their best to pass.

What is on the TEAS nursing exam?

The exam has 170 questions, where 20 questions are pre-test and are not scored. When taking the exam, you won’t know which ones are not graded. Pay special attention to all the questions. The exam covers math, science, reading, and English and language usage.

Where do I take the TEAS nursing exam?

You can take the ATI TEAS test in person or remotely. You’ll choose your preferred testing method during the registration process. Also, you’ll pick the date and time. An in-person exam means taking the exam at a testing center or school. Remote refers to taking the exam at home.







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