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This TEAS cheat sheet will greatly reduce your study time for the exam. Make sure to download it above.

At the end of this article, you’ll have understood how to study using TEAS 7 cheat sheet and the role this tool plays in your TEAS exam prep.

That said, here is what we’ll discuss in this article:

  • How to make the most of the TEAS cheat sheet
  • Why use TEAS cheat sheet

Let’s get started without wasting time.

How to Make the Most of the TEAS Cheat Sheet

How to Make the Most of the TEAS Cheat Sheet

Passing the TEAS nursing exam will require putting your best foot forward.

You need to cover all four sections of the exam to have any chance of passing.

Our free ATI TEAS cheat sheet will help you review the important information in math, English & language usage, reading, and science.

The best way to start your cheat sheet review is to download the sheet and convert it into a word document to highlight different sections and add notes if need be.

Color coding key ideas, definitions, or formulas using different text highlight colors in MS Word makes it easier to scan the sheet when you want to retrieve information quickly.

If you are a read-write learner who studies well with hard copy material, downloading and printing the cheat sheet will boost your studies in a big way.

With the printed sheet, you can highlight sections using differently colored highlighters.

You can add notes on the edges or underline words or sentences that stand out.

The TEAS cheat sheet also works well with other study resources like the TEAS practice tests.

As you review the sheets, take time to go through our free TEAS practice questions.

The tests will help test your understanding of the information covered in the cheat sheet.

Take the quizzes by subject area and full-length exams to test your general knowledge of the exam content.

Use our TEAS study guide and the cheat sheet to cover the knowledge gaps before retaking the practice exams.

This way, you keep testing your abilities until you are confident that you are ready for the actual exam.

Finally, dedicate a few minutes every day to go over the material on the TEAS cheat sheet.

The more you review the cheat sheet, the more you retain the information.

Why Use TEAS Cheat Sheet

If you’ve searched for TEAS online courses, you might have realized that a good number have cheat sheets as part of their study resources, just like us at Nurse Code.

It’s not by chance.

Cheat sheets make one of the most effective study tools for several reasons.

Since a quick sheet only summarizes the key concepts, it enhances your learning, making it easy to understand and memorize ATI TEAS science, one section learners find difficult.

For instance, we break down key ideas in anatomy and physiology by giving you definitions of terms like the endocrine system, nervous system, and so on.

You’ll quickly master subject details that seem difficult and understand how different concepts connect.

This will make it easy to explain relationships and processes.

Ultimately, you’ll find it easier to connect ideas during the exam.

Further, the cheat sheet makes it easier for you to find important information when you need it.

You don’t have to go through pages like you would a textbook.

That means it will also reduce your study time so that you can focus on other TEAS study materials.

Additionally, a study sheet jogs your memory during revision and makes recall easy when taking TEAS test questions.

A good thing with study sheets is that if you’ve reviewed them several times, you can always remember the information precisely, along with where it’s written on the sheet when faced with a question you read.

Thus, it helps recall information that would otherwise be difficult to remember under pressure or complex topics that would take ages to commit to memory.

With study sheets, you can learn better and even improve your study habits.

More importantly, this study tool alleviates exam anxiety.

When you understand the exam content, it boosts your confidence in your academic skills.

Chances are you’ll perform better in the exam.


Conclusion on TEAS Cheatsheet

If your dream is to get into nursing school, there’s no way around the TEAS exam except to prepare for it thoroughly.

Our TEAS cheat sheet can help you cover the critical information you need to ace this pre-nursing exam.

We’ve summarized the key concepts in the four sections of the exam concisely, making it easy for you to pick exactly what you need to learn for TEAS 7.

Download the cheat sheet and get started on your test prep right away.

You can also leverage the array of TEAS study materials we’ve covered in this study series.

TEAS Cheat Sheet FAQs

TEAS Cheat Sheet FAQs

How can I pass the TEAS test easily?

The easiest way to pass the TEAS exam is to make the most of the TEAS study materials. Start your test prep by developing a study plan that will help you cover the exam content. Dedicate time to review the TEAS flashcards, cheat sheet, and study guide. Take practice exams.

What is the hardest part of the TEAS test?

Most test-takers find the science and math section to be the hardest. Math is challenging for the obvious reason that most people assume the subject is difficult. The science section covers several content areas. Test-takers are often pressed for time when it comes to covering these sections in the actual exam.

How can I cheat on TEAS online?

You can’t cheat. When taking the online TEAS, you’ll show your hand to the proctor before the exam begins. During the exam, the proctor monitors your computer screen, computer audio, and audio from the background. The proctor can see your face from the chin to your head.

Do you get a formula sheet on the TEAS test?

A formula sheet is not provided during the ATI TEAS 7 exam. You must remember all the formulas in the ATI TEAS math section on your own. TEAS flashcards can help you with memorizing the formulas you find challenging. Also, you can use a quick sheet to master the formulas.

What TEAS test tips should I know?

– Answer all the exam questions
– Read the whole question before answering. Don’t scan for keywords and jump to a conclusion on what the question is about.
– Don’t dwell on questions you find difficult. You can always come back to them later.
– Don’t assess yourself during the exam




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