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Today, we give you an in-depth review of the UWorld NCLEX Review course.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the curriculum, platform, features, pros and cons, and how UWorld compares to other NCLEX prep course providers.

Here is a summary of what we’ll discuss.

  • UWorld curriculum review
  • UWorld NCLEX features
  • UWorld NCLEX Evolution
  • UWorld pros and cons

Sit back and enjoy the review.

It’s going to be an eye-opening session.

UWorld Curriculum Review

UWorld Curriculum Review

The UWorld nursing program curriculum is centered on a test bank.

The question bank has dozens of questions that learners can use to polish their test-taking skills and familiarize themselves with the actual NCLEX exam content.

The number of questions in the bank is roughly 2,350.

Each question has a detailed explanation of why the answer you picked is correct or wrong.

We recommend you go through the rationales even when you get the answer right.

Reviewing the detailed explanation for all the answer choices helps you prepare better for the NCLEX-RN exam.

We particularly love that test-takers can highlight a text or copy a section of the rationale and paste it into the flashcards for review later.

Further, depending on your subscription, you’ll have an additional 100 self-assessment questions.

The self-assessment allows you to test your exam readiness.

Depending on your score on the self-assessment, the platform will tell you your likelihood of succeeding in the actual NCLEX exam.

Further, you’ll have an overview of the areas you need to put in more practice.

Additionally, you can see the performance of other students.

How did they answer the questions?

Of course, you can take a leaf here.

These two study tools are excellent when preparing for the NCLEX-RN.

But sadly, the platform doesn’t offer a study guide, lectures, or video training to walk test-takers through the exam content.

That aside, the UWorld user interface compares to none.

The user-friendly platform replicates the actual NCLEX board.

In fact, the buttons, timer, fonts, colors, and even the question counter look like the actual NCLEX board.

So, if you use it often, you’ll better familiarize yourself with the exam format, making you relaxed when taking the exam.

It will feel like you are taking another UWorld practice exam.

Apart from the super-friendly platform, you’ll also have access to a mobile app, which truly comes in handy when you are on the go.

You can take the practice questions anywhere at any time with the mobile app.

NCLEX UWorld Features Review

NCLEX UWorld Features Review

According to the website, UWorld study materials have several study tools.

The UWorld NCLEX prep includes challenging practice questions considered one of the best in the industry.

The practice questions are next-generation NCLEX questions.

The platform offers alternative format questions.

That means you can change the questions to different formats.

The main feature that truly makes UWorld NCLEX study resources impressive is the unparalleled rationales.

Test-takers who’ve used UWorld to prep for the NCLEX test attest that the detailed rationale for correct and incorrect answers breaks down concepts thoroughly, making it easy to read and understand.

The rationales come in illustrations, images, and diagrams, making information retention easy.

Yours is to select a format combination that works best for you, whether it’s illustrations and diagrams, or images and illustrations.

Honestly speaking, the detailed rationale exceeded our expectations.

Apart from sharpening nursing students’ test-taking skills, this format enhances students’ ability to think through the NCLEX question style.

Remember, the actual exam questions are vague.

Critical thinking is the only way to ensure you pass the first time.

Luckily, reading and understanding the detailed rationale when taking the UWorld practice tests does the trick.

Now, let’s point out that UWorld doesn’t teach the NCLEX test content.

Its main study resource is the UWorld Qbank, although you’ll also have access to flashcards and an online notebook.

That means you’ll use these resources with another NCLEX prep course if you need additional materials to reinforce the core concepts.

For example, if you learn well through video lectures, it will be in your best interest to purchase a prep course that offers video training as part of the study materials.

Suppose you were thorough with the content learned in nursing school.

There will be no need for an additional course or study resources.

The UWorld question bank will help reinforce the course content covered in nursing school.

An important point to note here is that you’ll only achieve better results using UWorld if you are self-motivated.

You must push yourself and cover the practice questions plus the self-assessment tests since it’s a self-study package.

Although its review course stands out, we feel that UWorld would do much better if it broadened its product offering to suit different learning styles instead of just one.

Perhaps video lectures and class notes could be an excellent addition.

Another feature that helps learners drill into the exam content is the self-assessment test that comes with 60, 90, or 180- Day Access.

The self-assessment test has 100 timed questions.

The assessment exam helps you determine just how ready you are for the actual exam.

The best part about the assessment is that you get a complete performance analysis once you are done.

The only downside here is that the assessment test is not available for learners who settle for the Qbank 30-Day Access.

Finally, the performance tracking feature allows test takers to see their progress, identify knowledge gaps, and focus on the areas that need improvement.

Moreover, learners can compare their progress vis-à-vis their peers.

You’ll know where you stand compared to other students preparing for the nursing exam.

According to UWorld, there are four price points depending on the access duration.

All four plans have 2,000+ questions.

Depending on the access period, you’ll also have one or more self-assessment exams to test your exam readiness.

  • Qbank 30-Day Access – $139 (2,000+ questions)
  • Qbank 60-Day Access -$169 (2,000+ questions and one self-assessment)
  • Qbank 90- Day Access – $219 (2,000+ questions plus two self-assessments)
  • Qbank 180 – Day Access – $299 (2,000+ questions plus two self-assessments and one-time reset option)

We liked the fact that UWorld offers flexible pricing options, although the pricing is expensive given that the main study material is the question bank only.

Having said that, here is the ranking for each of the features:

Chances of passing NCLEX using UWorld: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Ease of use of the platform: 5/5

Mobile app: 5/5

Question bank: 5/5

Student support: 4/5

UWorld NCLEX gets a 4.5-star rating.

It offers the best prep course for test-takers who want to zero in on NCLEX practice questions.

UWorld NCLEX Pros and Cons

UWorld NCLEX Pros and Cons

As we’ve covered so far, UWorld NCLEX stands out for many reasons.

So now it’s time to break down the main strengths and weaknesses of UWorld.

To start us off, let’s discuss why you should consider UWorld for your NCLEX preparation.


  • UWorld has a massive question bank with multiple subject fields. The Qbank has over 2,000 questions. You’ll take several practice questions without repeating the same ones.
  • Further, the questions cover all the subject areas tested in the exam, including SATA questions, drug calculation, prioritization, pharmacology, matching questions, etc.
  • The mobile app for Android, iOS, and Kindle makes it easy to study on the go.
  • The UWorld platform replicates NCLEX’s board. The questions are also similar to NCLEX-style. The goal is to help learners familiarize themselves with the exam board, which ultimately helps ease stress and anxiety during the exam.
  • The customer support is respectful and very helpful. You’ll get answers to all your questions promptly.


  • UWorld doesn’t offer hard copy materials or other additional study resources like live lectures or video training, which can be discouraging for test-takers who need additional resources.
  • That means if you need additional study materials, you’ll have to purchase them separately from another provider.
  • Compared to other NCLEX prep course providers like Mastery Review which also offer practice questions only, UWorld is pricey.
  • While the rationale has loads of content, the information can be overwhelming, hence time-consuming. So, start your exam prep around a month before the NCLEX.

Evolution of the UWorld NCLEX

Evolution of the UWorld NCLEX

UWorld has done an impressive job over the years to ensure the practice materials mimic the actual exam to a T.

And even with the changes in the NCLEX expected to take effect in April 2023, UWorld is updating its study tools to match the changes.

Apart from what’s already in the nursing exam, the NCLEX test will have unfolding case studies and standalone clinical judgment as part of the update.

Thus, UWorld has also updated its practice exams to mimic the Next Generation NCLEX-style questions.

The practice exam includes the additional item types incorporated into the NGN.

Further, the platform has introduced two features that improve the Qbank flashcards.

Now, the flashcard decks have two functions: browse and study.

The browse function allows learners to create new flashcards, edit, organize, and search for cards.

The second function, study, uses spaced repetition to help test-takers retain the content they find difficult to understand.

All these are impressive updates that make NCLEX preparation more effective.

Nevertheless, we believe UWorld will provide more value if it introduces additional study materials like video lectures, a study guide, or in-person training.

The additions will give learners an array of resources to review the core concepts tested in NCLEX before delving into the Qbank.

With more resources, the pricing will be justified.


Methodology of Uworld NCLEX Review

Nurse Code reviewed the UWorld NCLEX prep course based on different factors, including curriculum, platform, product features, and study materials.

We looked into how the different features boost nurses’ exam test-taking skills.

In our approach, we gave star ratings for the different features to help test-takers determine how well UWorld suit their learning style.

We concluded that UWorld is ideal for learners who are comfortable with the knowledge gained in nursing school and hence don’t need any other study material except the UWorld Qbank to drill in key concepts.


Conclusion on uworld nclex review

You’d hope that after nursing school, you are done and dusted.

But not until you’ve passed the National Council Licensure Examination

The UWorld NCLEX course helps you prep for the actual exam.

Its most impressive feature is the question bank, which provides a detailed rationale for the answers.

The platform’s user interface is equally impressive.

It gives you a feel of the actual exam before you take it.

UWorld is the perfect test prep for learners, comfortable using practice questions only to prep for an exam.

The good news is that you have a high chance of passing on the first try if you make the most of the practice questions.

UWorld NCLEX Review FAQs

UWorld NCLEX Review FAQs

Is UWorld good for NCLEX?

Yes. The UWorld is excellent for preparing for NCLEX. UWorld provides a range of solid test questions that help exam-takers adequately prepare for the actual NCLEX exam. The mobile app also makes it easy to access test questions from anywhere. Further, the self-assessment test is an excellent addition.

What percentage of people pass with UWorld?

A recent survey by UWorld reveals that test-takers with an average score of 56% or higher in the Qbank questions have a pass rate of 92.2%, which is impressive if you ask us. That means only 7.8% of test-takers fail on the first attempt.

Is UWorld harder than NCLEX-RN?

Yes. UWorld practice questions are harder than NCLEX. The difficult questions improve your chances of passing the actual exam because you’ll have to study harder. That means if you perform well in the UWorld practice exams, you’ll increase your chances of passing the NCLEX.

How similar are UWorld questions to NCLEX?

UWorld practice questions and the NCLEX exam have similar styles. However, the UWorld questions are more difficult than the NCLEX. The difficulty level between the two varies depending on the question type. You may find pharmacology questions more difficult in the actual exam than UWorld or vice versa for SATA questions.

What is the best reviewer for NCLEX-RN?

The best reviewer for the NCLEX-RN exam will depend on your learning style.
Here are the top NCLEX programs:
– NCLEX Mastery
– BoardVitals NCLEX
– UWorld NCLEX
– Hurst Review NCLEX
– Kaplan NCLEX
– Saunders Comprehensive Overview for the NCLEX-RN

What does the UWorld test simulator do?

The UWorld test simulator was a full-length NCLEX practice exam that simulated the actual exam. The Qbank questions have since replaced the test simulator. Test-takers can build a Quizlet from the question bank to simulate the actual full-length exam.

What is the best way to use UWorld for NCLEX?

The UWorld NCLEX review has a question bank with dozens of questions that can help you prep for the exam. You can customize a set number of questions per topic per day. It’s best to take 20-30 questions in a day. This way, you can customize your study experience.

How many questions are there in UWorld?

The UWorld NCLEX review has 2,000+ questions. There are an additional 100 questions in the self-assessment test. Depending on your subscription, you can have one or two assessment tests. The many questions allow you to cover all the topics tested in the exam without repetition.

Is UWorld worth the money?

Yes. Although UWorld is pricey, it’s worth it, as you’ll be investing in your future.
The platform provides a friendly user interface that makes learning straightforward.
The Qbank has many questions. And the additional study features like detailed rationale makes preparation effective.

What is a good percentage to pass NCLEX?

NCLEX uses dichotomous scoring. The standard is 0.00 logits. That means you either pass or fail. You’ll pass if you can answer questions correctly at least 50% of the time. So devise a strategy to answer the questions so you can pass on the first attempt.


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