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In this session, we’ll give you a comprehensive list of the top seven best NCLEX prep apps.

In the end, you’ll have decided which app best suits your NCLEX study needs.

Here are the NCLEX prep apps we’ll discuss:

  • NCLEX Mastery
  • UWorld
  • Saunders Comprehensive Review
  • Pocket Prep
  • Picmonic
  • ATI RN Mentor

Let’s get started

My Mastery

My Mastery nclex prep app

My Mastery was formerly known as NCLEX-RN Mastery.

The NCLEX Mastery is among the top-ranked NCLEX prep apps because of its exceptional features.

This application offers over 3,000 NCLEX-RN practice questions that come with comprehensive answer explanations for the questions you get wrong.

The practice questions are versatile, as you can customize your practice tests by the number of questions and content areas.

The performance tracker helps you identify knowledge gaps that you should work on.

It also shows your readiness for the exam and your likelihood of passing.

What blew my mind is that the types of questions in the practice tests incorporate the next-generation NCLEX question types.

You’ll find SATA, hotspot, cloze, highlighted text, ordered response, matrix, and bow-tie questions on top of the traditional NCLEX questions.

In other words, you’ll be exposed to the type of questions you’ll meet on the NGN.

I was particularly impressed by the NCLEX material developed by expert RNs who also offer test-taking strategies.

Apart from the practice questions, the NCLEX Mastery app also has a terminology bank and mnemonics to help you understand the challenging content areas in the exam.

And now, let’s highlight the key features:

  • 3,000+ NCLEX practice questions
  • Terminology bank
  • Comprehensive nurse explanations
  • Mnemonics
  • Expert test-taking strategies
  • Custom quizzes and simulated testing

Regarding pricing, you can subscribe to a free version that will only give you a peak into the features.

The subscriptions are monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

  • The monthly subscription is $35.99
  • Quarterly is $69.99
  • The annual subscription costs $159.99

Our discussion doesn’t end there.


  • The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users.
  • The app functions even without an internet or service connection.
  • NCLEX mastery offers a 300% money-back guarantee for learners who fail the NCLEX on the first attempt after using the app


  • There are occasional cliches that make it challenging to log into your account

This app is perfect for nursing students who’ve reviewed a prep course and want to drill in the information with the massive Qbank.

It’s also perfect for learners who travel to remote areas where the internet or service may be problematic.

UWorld NCLEX App

UWorld NCLEX App

UWorld is among the best NCLEX prep apps for NCLEX-RN and PN exams.

The app only works if you have an active UWorld subscription.

The app has over 2,300 NCLEX practice questions that constitute traditional NCLEX questions and next-generation NCLEX-style questions.

When taking a practice test, you can choose either NGN-style or traditional questions or combine the two.

Not only that, I found the ability to customize the practice exams quite impressive.

Candidates can choose “incorrect” questions to only take the questions they got incorrect on the previous tests or select “marked” for questions they previously marked to review later.

This way, you can zero in your focus on your knowledge gaps.

Another feature that makes UWorld an excellent prep tool is the detailed rationales (the one thing UWorld is famous for) that detail the logic behind the correct or incorrect answer.

The vivid images and illustrations are an excellent way to internalize the material.

There’s more.

The UWorld NCLEX app also has customizable flashcards that use spaced repetition.

The flashcards enhance learning even further as test-takers can copy and paste critical information from the answer explanations onto the flashcards.

In addition, they can make their notes on the cards.

Another item that I found quite helpful is the My Notebook.

Like the flashcards, you can create notes on this digital notebook or pick challenging content from the answer explanations and add it to the notebook for future reference.

It can act as your cheat sheet for the exam.

The UWorld app also has a performance tracker to show your progress for each section and the overall performance.

The tracker also shows you knowledge gaps so that you know where you need to improve and compares you and your peers.

In summary, here are the features of the UWorld NCLEX app.

  • A question bank with 2,300+ questions
  • Self-assessment tests
  • Customizable flashcards
  • Digital notebook
  • Performance tracker

The cost of the app depends on your access duration.

The UWorld app comes with your subscription to the UWorld Qbank.

Here is an outline of the subscriptions and the cost.

  • The monthly subscription for NCLEX-RN is $159, and for NCLEX-PN is $139
  • The quarterly subscription cost for NCLEX-RN is $249, and for NCLEX-PN is $189
  • Annual subscription for NCLEX-RN is $389, and NCLEX-PN costs $279

Note that all the subscriptions have the same study materials.

Only the number of self-assessment tests varies.


  • Once you have a UWorld subscription, you can access the UWorld NCLEX app. It’s part of your subscription.
  • You can use the application without internet access.


  • There is no free trial for the UWolrd NCLEX app.
  • The application is only available for iOS users on iPad and iPhone.
  • Although the question bank subscriptions come with access to the app, UWorld is still expensive compared to other review course providers.

UWorld NCLEX app is an excellent choice for learners who need practice exams that simulate the NCLEX in terms of user interface and practice questions.

Saunders Comprehensive Review

Saunders Comprehensive Review

The Saunders mobile review app is based on the latest (9th edition) of the Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination study guide, the best NCLEX prep review book.

The study guide covers everything you need to know to prepare for the NCLEX exam and has over 6,000 NCLEX-style questions.

The app supplements the textbooks.

You can go with a free version with 125 practice questions or an in-app purchase that’ll give you access to loads of NCLEX-RN practice questions.

The app provides both the next-generation NCLEX questions and the traditional questions.

The questions mimic the types of questions in the nursing exam to help learners with their critical thinking and decision-making skills, which are crucial in answering the clinical judgment questions.

Saunders questions also have answer explanations and test-taking strategies.

You can filter your practice exams by nursing content, cognitive level, nursing process, NCSBN categories, or concepts.

Further, you can select the number of questions, set your goal, and get started.

You can select a time mode and take the exam within a time limit or study mode and access the rationales.

I loved that you can bookmark challenging questions for review and create flashcards to read repeatedly until you master them.

More importantly, you can track your progress.

The app gives you a performance breakdown like the NCLEX, above, near, and below the passing standard.

You can use this report to work on your weak areas.

This NCLEX review app has three months and yearly subscriptions at fairly affordable prices.

  • Three months subscription is $46.99
  • The yearly subscription goes for $69.99

Let’s now delve into the advantages and disadvantages


  • Prompt student support. You get your feedback within 24 hours.
  • Provides candidate performance reports just like NCSBN
  • There’s a free trial to test drive before you purchase the app


  • Saunders doesn’t offer money-back guarantee

The Saunders Comprehensive Review NCLEX app is an excellent addition for those with the study guide, the two supplement each other for the best results.

Pocket Prep

The Pocket Prep app boasts 1,200 practice questions, which is fewer than other NCLEX prep apps but still reasonable.

The questions are categorized into the eight topics tested in the NCLEX exam and have answer explanations.

This app has some interesting functionalities you wouldn’t want to miss.

The app breaks down the practice questions in bits and pieces to ease your study burden, squeeze in a few minutes daily for NCLEX review, and enhance your exam prep.

Every day, you’ll find questions of the day that include ten randomly selected questions.

You can also time your quizzes and spare 5-10 minutes to study.

The app filters the missed questions and sets them aside for you to take later.

You’ll also have the weakest subject quizzes for content areas you’ve performed poorly.

I particularly loved this option.

Apart from these functions, the app allows you to customize the topics and number of questions you want to take.

Finally, the Pocket Prep app has a performance tracker to ensure you know where you are and where you need to improve.

The features of this app include:

  • 1,200 questions with answer explanations
  • Mobile and web access to study tools
  • Performance tracker

When it comes to cost:

  • The yearly subscription is $89.99
  • The premium quarterly plan is $35.99
  • The monthly subscription is $14.99

Pocket Prep is one of the most affordable NCLEX mobile apps.

Where they’ve done well

  • The free trial gives learners a chance to test the app and see if it meets their needs before buying
  • The diverse functionality makes it easy for test-takers with busy schedules to study in bits.
  • The price is affordable compared to other NCLEX mobile apps.

Areas they need to improve

  • Pocket Prep has limited resources. Apart from the practice questions and performance tracker, there are no other study tools.
  • The app doesn’t offer money back, but if you fail after using it, you’ll get a free three-month subscription.

This app works best for test-takers who’ve already covered the NCLEX content thoroughly and want to polish the content areas before the test.


Picmonic is one of the best NCLEX prep apps for a good reason.

I can confidently say that it’s the most engaging because of the mnemonic video lessons.

The app has 3-minute videos and picture mnemonics covering the NCLEX content.

The videos are supplemented with a spaced repetition quizzing tool.

The mobile app has over 10,000 questions, meaning you can not run out of questions.

You’ll get a breakdown of your performance and a prediction on whether you are ready to take the exam.

The application also highlights the areas you need to work on more.

There’s a free version that gives you access to a free video lesson every day and 20 quiz questions.

You’ll also have access to daily quizzes with spaced repetition.

The main features of this app include:

  • 10,000+ practice questions
  • 1,000 mnemonic video lessons
  • Performance tracker

Regarding the subscription, the access duration range from monthly to yearly.

  • The yearly subscription is $79.99
  • A semesterly subscription costs $49.99
  • A monthly plan is $29.99

Let’s get into the areas they are excellent and where they need to improve.


  • Fun and interesting to use for studying
  • Has a massive question bank


  • Limited study resources. You need to supplement it with other study materials.
  • There’s no answer explanation for the incorrect or correct answers, although the app shows you the right answer if you get a question wrong.

This NCLEX app is great for visual learners who need to reinforce the content areas covered.

ATI RN Mentor

ATI RN Mentor NCELX prep apps

ATI RN Mentor is yet another NCLEX prep app worth mentioning.

This app has 800+ practice questions for the free version.

The paid version offers 2,300 exam questions developed by nurse educators.

The exam questions are organized by clinical areas, NCLEX areas, and body functions.

Again, ATI allows you to customize your test by the number of questions and NCLEX topics.

You can take the exam on time or in study mode.

The one unique thing I found impressive is the ability to share information and discuss with peers using the app.

And as with most of the NCLEX prep apps, ATI RN mentor has a performance tracker that shows your progress.

The study materials you’ll find in this app include:

  • 2,300+ practice questions with rationales
  • Student lead discussions
  • Performance tracking
  • Quick start quizzes by subject areas
  • One-time payment
  • Built-in calculator.

ATI NCLEX app has a one-off payment for their one and three months plan

The monthly study package costs $16.99, while the three-month plan costs $35.99.


  • The student lead discussions are a unique future that allows collaboration among learners
  • The free version has a reasonable number of practice questions.


  • There is no pass guarantee

ATI free version is a good start for those who want a feel of the NCLEX sample questions without committing money.

The paid app is perfect for anyone ready to go hard on NCLEX preparation.


That’s our list of the top seven best NCLEX prep apps.

Some apps come with access to study resources on the websites, while others only have study resources on the mobile app.

The materials you’ll access also vary depending on the app.

So, does the cost.

While this review will help you make an informed choice on the right app, I advise you to check the apps’ customer reviews before you put your money.

All the best in your NCLEX test preparation.

Best NCLEX Prep Apps FAQs

Best NCLEX Prep Apps FAQs

Which app is best for NCLEX?

The best apps for NCLEX include My Mastery and UWorld. These apps provide comprehensive study resources with enough practice questions and detailed rationales to help wrap your head around the exam content. My Mastery has additional resources that include a terminology bank and mnemonics.

What is the best way to study NCLEX?

The best way is to start with the NCLEX test plan. From there, create a study plan to aid your NCLEX-RN exam prep. Ensure you have the right study materials because you need an in-depth understanding of the content areas. Be thorough. Also, take many practice questions.

Is Archer or UWorld better for NCLEX?

It depends. UWorld focuses on practice questions only. ArcherReview, on the other hand, covers the exam content and has practice questions. If you want to understand the exam’s foundational concepts, ArcherReview is your go-to prep course. Suppose you need practice questions only. UWolrd is the best choice.

Is NCLEX prep worth $100?

Yes. NCLEX is the key to becoming a registered or licensed practical nurse. It’s the sole reason why you were in nursing school. Hence, spending $100 for preparation is worth it, as passing the exam will give you nursing licensure to practice.

Should I use the NCLEX Mastery app?

Yes. You can use the NCLEX Mastery app. It ranks as one of the best apps for NCLEX exam preparation. The app has 3,000+ practice questions, a terminology bank, mnemonics, a performance tracker, and test-taking strategies. The study materials are made by nurse educators’ experience in the NCLEX tests.

How do you study for NCLEX?

– Have a specific time and place to study
– Always have your study resources with you
– Balance between the content review and practice questions
– Review rationales every time you take the practice tests
– Reinforce information learned through flashcards and cheat sheets
– Don’t give up


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