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Welcome to another informative article that will help you ace your CRNA exams and build a successful career in healthcare.

The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist- CRNA educational programs are expansive with much learning, studying, and training required.

Therefore, to help you study the right way, from the right and relevant material, we have curated this guide to help you get through your anesthesia school and get the CRNA license.

Here is what we will cover about the CRNA books in this guide:

  • Things to look for while buying the CRNA books
  • The best nursing anesthesia books to study
  • A brief insight into what the books contain
  • Places from where you can buy these books (online or in-store

Let us get straight to the point and help you pick the right books from the pile of CRNA books stacked in the corner of your room.

Things to Look for in the CRNA Books

Things to Look for in the CRNA Books

The market is full of published nurse anesthetist books that you can buy in-store or order online from Amazon or other apps.

But the question is, how would you choose the right book and be sure that it will help you ace your exam?

Well, the answer is – research.

You need to look into your CRNA school curriculum to see what books you require to study for the exams each semester and the state-approved license requirements. It will help you narrow down your book hunt.

Moreover, while all the information on the internet is at the disposal of your fingertips, you can always take help from your teachers, seniors, and practicing nurse anesthetists.

Before you buy the books, here are a few things you need to know:

  • Always check the “publication date”- get the latest edition
  • Check the best sellers section to ensure that the book is written by the best surgeons and/or anesthesiologists 
  • Only get the books that are relevant to your curriculum
  • Do not hoard multiple books for the same content
  • Ensure that the books cover both the academic and the clinical study material
  • If you order online, always check the reviews for every nurse anesthesiology book and ensure the seller is reliable

CRNA Books- The Best Sellers To Study From

CRNA Books- The Best Sellers To Study From

Anesthesiologist’s Manual of Surgical Procedures 6th Edition

Anesthesiologist’s Manual of Surgical Procedures– the sixth Edition, written by Richard A. Jaffle, covers CRNA education’s anesthetic and surgical aspects. In addition, it contains informational resources for formulation and ideation of the complete anesthetic plan and perioperative patient management.

Every chapter is carefully crafted by both anesthesiologists and surgeons that allow you to grip the relevant and up-to-date surgical skills.

This book presents the anesthetic consideration for perioperative, intraoperative, and postoperative patient management and is a useful study guide for CRNAs, anesthesia residents, and anesthesiologists.

Stoelting’s Anesthesia and Coexisting Disease 8th Edition

For all anesthesia providers or CRNA, this book is authored by Drs. Roberta L. Hines and Katherine E. Marschall cover all aspects of practice and training.

It also covers the pathophysiology of common diseases alongside their medical management in relation to anesthesia.

This book provides clear picturesque, and in-depth guidance on avoiding or successfully managing the medical complications that mostly result from pre-existing diseases.

In addition, it allows an easy study guide with the latest and comprehensive practice guidelines, listicles, key points in bullets, and treatment algorithms that are easy to learn and follow.

This book is a perfect fit for CRNAs preparing for the exams or anesthesiologists already practicing their careers.

Basics of Anesthesia 7th Edition

Written by two renowned experts in the world of anesthesia care alongside 80 other authors, this book has become the resource for leading text in the market.

It provides a concise format yet with comprehensive coverage of the clinical aspects of CRNAs.

In addition, this book contains easy-to-learn basics for pathophysiology, regional anesthesia, pharmacology, special problems, and anesthetic management.

It also includes the latest topics with high-quality images and an eBook version alongside expert consult to decipher the text easily.

Clinical Anesthesia 8th Edition

Paul G. Barash and other experts wrote a book to provide you with relevant answers, Clinical Anesthesia. It also comes with a hardcover, print, and eBook with multimedia.

It provides extensive coverage of the clinical aspects alongside other content areas such as physiology, pharmacology, surgical procedures, and co-existing diseases, with clear text and robust multimedia with procedural videos.

This book provides the readers with critical knowledge in the anesthetist field, patient-oriented decision-making skills, and advanced clinical updates.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Manual

The guidelines for fundamentals of CPR and Emergency Cardiac Care, ECC change every five years; this book is relevant to the recent 2020 guidelines.

This handbook is a thorough guide and reference resource for CRNA students.

To enhance learning, multiple-choice questions are given at the end of each chapter for the student to practice, with their answers at the end of the BLS Provider Manual.

The text in this book enables the candidate to learn and practice the procedures to handle life-threatening emergencies in critical care or another hospital setting.

In addition, it allows healthcare and non-healthcare personnel to give CPR and basic cardiovascular life support. However, it is intended more for medical professionals.

If you are planning on BLS certification, you would have to refresh your knowledge based on the updated evidence every two years.

Faust’s Anesthesiology Review 5th Edition

The former and current practicing physicians write this book at Mayo Clinic.

With an easy-to-use and learnable format, this book encompasses an in-depth coverage of anesthesiology, including the fundamentals of anesthesia equipment, pediatrics, pain management, and obstetric anesthesia.

It also contains advanced chapters talking about the changes in anesthesia practice due to neuromuscular reversal drugs.

It is also available as an eBook version with enhanced graphics, figures, and texts.

This book is intended for CRNA certification, re-certification, and refresher courses.

Kaplan’s Cardiac Anesthesia – For Cardiac and Noncardiac Surgery 7th Edition

This book enhances your knowledge to optimize and manage perioperative care for cardiac and non-cardiac surgical patients.

In addition, this book provides comprehensive coverage of the latest preoperative assessment and management approaches.

It helps the candidates to learn diagnostic techniques and cardiovascular and coronary physiology.

An eBook version is also available for download that can be easily used in the operating rooms (OR).

This book is authored by world-famous residents and attendings at Massachusetts General Hospital- Department of Anesthesia and  Clinical Anesthesia.

Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital 10th Edition

It offers comprehensive guidelines on all academic and clinical aspects relevant to anesthesia, including critical care, perioperative care, pain management, and more.

This handbook is an invaluable learning tool for all practicing nurse anesthetist practitioners,  trainees, anesthesiologists, and residents with an easy-to-use format.

Places from where you can buy these books

Places from where you can buy these books

All mentioned books are easily available online on Amazon with reasonable rates and eBook versions. You can take help from other relevant books also, such as:

  • Chestnuts Obstetric Anesthesia
  • CRNA mnemonic books
  • Nurse Anesthesia by Sass Elisha
  • Nurse Anesthesia Secrets by Mary Karlet
  • And many more


Conclusion on CRNA Books

There is no shortcut to CRNA success. You have to study, train and pass the exam to attain your licensure and build a lucrative and rewarding career.

You can visit CRNA websites and search Amazon or other relative sources for more books and guides.


FAQs on CRNA Books

What are the best anesthesia care plan books?

To get your hands on the best anesthesiology textbooks, thoroughly check your CRNA educational course curriculum. First, however, here are the top five nurse anesthetists’ books that allow easy learning with enhanced practicing skills, such as:
– Basics of Anesthesia.
– Basic Life Support Provider Manual
– Clinical Anesthesia, 8e: Print + Ebook
– Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital 
– Kaplan’s Cardiac Anesthesia: In Cardiac and Noncardiac Surgery
– Nurse Anesthesia by John J. Nagelhout and Karen L. Plaus

Is the CRNA exam hard?

CRNA educational courses and training are extremely difficult, but with determination, the right guidance, and good nursing textbooks, every CRNA candidate can ace their exams.

How many times can you appear for the CRNA exams?

As per the State Board of Nursing, the NCE can be taken four times in one year throughout the two years.

Do Nurse Anesthetists have to study mathematics?

CRNAS has to deal with basic dosage calculations and formulations like other medical professionals. Therefore, the CRNAs are taught the fundamentals of algebra and multiplication alongside other basic calculation methods.

What happens if you fail CRNA NCE?

You can automatically re-register instantly after your failed first attempt. But, if you fail in three attempts, you would have to undergo the entire application procedure again.

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