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An Overview of CNA Classes Online

 An Overview of CNA Classes Online

The same vocational schools, community colleges, and medical centers offer CNA online programs that offer on-campus classes.

Many colleges either offer purely online classes with in-person clinical training or a combination of online lectures, evening or weekend classes, and clinical practicum.

The cost of CNA online classes ranges from $500 to $2,500.

However, the exact amount may vary depending on additional fees, including books, the certification exam fee, and any other supplies required.

Like in-person CNA classes, online CNA classes also take between 4-12 weeks, with many finishing their coursework within six weeks.

CNA Classes Online

The online marketplace has many CNA online courses.

Thus, it’s up to the student to ensure the online course they settle for is approved by their State’s Board of Nursing, as every state has its unique requirements.

Otherwise, enrolling in an unapproved program might be an exercise in futility.

Additionally, one should be wary of the many free CNA courses online.

While one might be delighted about not spending a dime, they might waste their time, as some of those programs may not be approved.

Therefore, how does one choose the right CNA program online?

The first step is to go through the list of approved CNA training programs on one’s State’s Board of Nursing Website.

The next step is to check the colleges’ online reviews and find out what other students are saying about the curriculum, instructors, certification pass rate, and getting employment after completion.

It will also help to find out the rankings of the college within the community.

Which are some of the best online CNA classes that one can enroll in?

The Best Online CNA Classes

While there are several online CNA programs, we’ve rounded up a list of the five institutions to help you become a CNA online.

These institutions have other nursing assistant training programs, but we’ll focus on CNA online learning.

Hutchinson Community College

Hutchinson community college offers a fully online certified nursing assistant program.

It has one of the best CNA online courses.

The American Society accredits the CNA program for Clinical Pathology.

The program takes three months to complete and costs $2,680.

There’s a financial aid program that helps students in need raise their tuition fees.

The pass rate of the online CNA class is 33%.

The coursework for the online CNA program is as comprehensive as that for on-campus students.

American Red Cross

The State Nurse Aide Certification accredits the American Red Cross.

Apart from having a high school diploma or GED, candidates must also pass a criminal background check to get admission.

The organization registers a high pass rate.

The CNA course by American Red Cross is informative and challenging, equipping students with the knowledge required to pass the CNA exam.

The organization combines laboratory practicals, online training, and clinical rotations.

The certified nursing assistant program cost is between $650 and $1,900.

Century College

The higher learning commission accredits the college.

Century college ranks as one of the cheapest CNA online programs.

CNA candidates are expected to pay $185 per credit.

The coursework is online, but students also attend laboratory sessions and clinical rotations at long-term care facilities.

The CNA program here is open to aspiring CNAs from 16 years old.

Johnston County Community College

This is the largest education institution in Kansas.

The higher learning commission accredits it.

The cost of the CNA course varies depending on where the student is from.

Students from within Johnson county pay $84 per credit, those from the wider Kansas region pay $99, while students from other states pay $197 per credit.

This training program combines online learning and on-campus lab practice.

The online program takes between 8 and 10 weeks to complete.

Pratt Community College

The higher learning commission accredits the college.

To register for the program, one must be at least 16 years of age.

Additionally, students must test negative for TB before gaining admission.

The CNA training program here costs $1,888, including financial aid.

Apart from these five, several other colleges and medical centers provide online CNA programs.

The key is to ensure that the training program is approved before signing up.

Enrolling in a non-approved program will make it challenging to take the state certification exam or even get a job in a nursing facility, healthcare facility, nursing home, or other sectors.

Advantages of Online CNA Training Online

 Advantages of Online CNA Training Online

Taking an online CNA class has several advantages compared to on-campus programs.

Let’s shed light on what one stands to gain with a CNA online training.

Flexible Time Schedule

The one thing that makes CNA online classes great is the flexibility.

Unlike traditional classes where class schedules are fixed, online learning allows students to choose the schedules that work for them.

Students can work or attend to their family commitments without compromising their coursework.

Depending on what works for them, they can also adjust their learning routine to either learn faster or slower.

When a topic is unclear, they can repeatedly go through it and brush through the easy topic.

It’s up to the student to control their learning speed.

This is unlikely to happen in an on-campus program.

Convenience at Its Best

Whether one is moving halfway across the world or staying in bed, they can access their program online, provided they have their computer and internet.

One can study wherever they are.

Again, students can juggle the demands of daily living while pursuing a certified nursing assistant certification.

Work-Life Balance

Although online study still requires time and commitment, just like traditional classes, it makes it easy to balance work and life.

It takes to commute to and from college can be spent in a coffee shop, completing assignments before heading home.

One can be with their family at home and still schedule a few minutes to study for the CNA competency exam.

 It’s not as demanding as on-campus programs, where one must drop everything to attend classes.

Affordable Compared to In-Person Classes

Attending a traditional class means one must pay the tuition fee and budget for fuel, parking, food, and sometimes accommodation if the college is out of town.

A CNA online program will only require one to pay the tuition fee and buy the required study materials, and that’s it.

The only extra budget will be the transport to the occasional clinical practicum sessions.

One can save a great deal with a CNA online class.

Tips to Get the Most of CNA Online Training Programs

Tips to Get the Most of CNA Online Training Programs

Although online CNA programs give one the liberty to choose a study schedule that fits their lifestyle, it’s crucial to have strategies to ensure one gets the most out of a CNA online training.

And so, here are tips to help CNA candidates do just that.

Set Up a Dedicated Study Area

One can experiment with different areas to find out where they are most productive.

The local coffee shop, the kitchen table, the library, or the bedroom table are the places one can explore.

When choosing the right study area, the key is settling for a place with a high-speed internet connection.

Having a dedicated study area helps one stay organized as all the study materials are in one place.

It makes it easy to retrieve any study material that one may need.

Plus, whenever one approaches the study area, it registers in the mind that it’s time to study.

Practice Time Management

The one thing that makes online study quite appealing is the flexibility.

However, this is the aspect that may limit one’s success.

Hence, it’s advisable to draw up a study timetable from the very beginning.

The best way to go about this is to go through the syllabus and know what is required.

This is the time to note down any assignments and their submission dates.

One can then work out a study schedule that aligns with their lifestyle and other commitments.

The best practice is to split the study time to accommodate video lectures, reading modules, assignments, and participating in the student forums.

Practicing time management is to ensure that the CNA online class is part and parcel of one’s routine.

This way, it becomes easy to cover the whole curriculum in good time instead of waiting for the CNA certification exam and cramming everything overnight.

Eliminate Distractions

Social media is the greatest distraction of all time.

If we throw in Netflix, browsing the web, pop-up messages, and calls, it’s impossible to complete an online CNA course within the stipulated period successfully.

To be safe, it’s crucial to block out time to study without touching the phone.

If that sounds unattainable, switching off the phone and putting it in another room would be the best solution.

In addition, one can download website blockers so that they are barred from checking emails or browsing the web while studying.

Connect with Your Online Classmates

The one advantage of on-campus CNA classes is that students can meet with their classmates and discuss.

In online programs, this opportunity is limited but not completely off the table.

CNA online students can share with classmates through group forums or discussion boards.

Through these platforms, one can discuss with others, ask questions, and share ideas.

Besides, one can join the social media accounts of their respective college and further connect with other students, even those taking classes in person.

Actively Participate and Ask Questions

Another strategy is to treat online classes like on-campus sessions.

In case of any concerns or clarifications, it’s advisable to reach out to the professor.

Furthermore, taking an active role and responding to questions during learning sessions or group forums is a great way to get the most out of these classes.


Conclusion on CNA online classes

A certified nursing assistant profession is a rewarding career.

Getting started in this healthcare profession through online classes is worth it.

CNA online classes provide students with the same curriculum as on-campus students.

These students cover patient care, nursing skills, and checking vital signs.

What’s more, many online CNA programs combine online learning and on-site clinical training so that these healthcare providers can put lessons learned in class into the real world.

Online CNA classes adequately prepare aspiring CNAs for the competency exam.


FAQs on CNA online classes

Can I do CNA classes online?

Yes, you can. Several community colleges offer CNA classes online. Many colleges offer a combination of online lessons and in-person clinical hours. The key is ensuring that your state approves the program you settle for. Otherwise, you risk wasting your time and money.

Are online CNA classes legitimate?

Yes! Online CNA programs are legitimate. But just like with any other online business, it’s important to find out if the institutions that provide these programs are approved. The accreditation information should be on their website. Only register on programs that have accreditation from the concerned bodies.

Can I take CNA classes online for free?

There are no online CNA programs that are free. You may find free practice questions and revision materials, but not the complete coursework. In case of financial constraints, one can find medical facilities that recruit and pay for their nursing assistant’s tuition fee.

Can you become a CNA online?

Yes, you can become a CNA online. But, you must complete the online curriculum and meet the clinical hours requirements stipulated by the college. CNA online classes are perfect for busy individuals who want to start a career in the healthcare profession.

How do online CNA classes work?

CNA online classes cover the courses that traditional CNA class covers. Through online lectures and videos, students learn about infection control, human anatomy, nutrition, vital signs, and resident rights. Students access the modules and assignments online. They attend practical lessons on campus.

Where can I take CNA classes online?

Several accredited institutions offer CNA programs online.
They include:
– Hutchinson Community College
– American Red Cross
– Century College
– Johnston Community College
– Pratt Community College
Several other colleges offer CNA courses. Take your time to check which CNA online programs will best suit you within your state.

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