People Get Paid to Do These Jobs!

While most of us may not have the most glamorous job (at least it pays the bills), it’s always cool to see what unique and weird jobs other people across the country have.

We honestly couldn’t believe that people get paid to do these jobs.

From horse braiding to falconers, these jobs are definitely not your run-of-the-mill.

We’ve compiled a list of fifteen jobs real, actual people are getting paid to do.

Consider us jealous!


We were definitely surprised to still see the art of falconry alive and well in the 21st century.

Not really used for warfare any longer, falconers are tasked with using raptors, such-as a hawk, falcons, or eagles to pursue live prey.

In modern applications, some falconers are tasked with using a raptor to keep other birds away from train tracks, airport runways, and farms.

Commercial Divers

Most of us pay to go diving, especially when it includes scuba gear.

But for some people, diving is their main source of livelihood.

Commercial divers are some of the most well-trained divers due to the dangerous nature of the job.

Commercial divers are typically sought after in the oil and gas field, where their expertise is utilized offshore.


Ever wonder how companies get a food product to taste like another product?

Will, wonder no more because it’s all thanks to flavorists.

Flavorists utilize their knowledge of chemistry to engineer natural and artificial flavorings.

A lot of natural flavors are lost during food processing, flavorists will utilize both natural and artificial flavors to ensure that the product tastes as intended.

Horse Braiders

People love their pets.

And people who own horses love their horses.

What better way to show off your horse than having its hair braided?

Horse braiders work in a very specialized field, but competition for their skills is often scarce due to the lack of awareness.

Medical Insurance Appeals

The unsung heroes of the medical world.

Medical insurance appeals are individuals who appeal a health insurance companies denial of patient coverage.

They will typically appeal a decision based on the necessity of a procedure or surgery and could potentially save thousands for the patient.

Netflix Timestamper

Ok, we’ll admit, we didn’t know how to exactly word the job position or title.

But essentially, there are a group of people who are tasked with denoting the timestamp on Netflix videos of when the “skip intro” button appears.

And all along we thought this was done by computers.

Demand Planners

Supply chain is usually the most difficult part in scaling a business.

Getting orders fulfilled, shipped, delivered, and stocked is no easy task.

An essential part of that process is ensuring that the items and products customers want are in the store when they want them.

This is where demand planners come in.

They forecast inventory demand for a product or service so it can be delivered according to customer satisfaction.

Stand-In Bridesmaid

A stand-in bridesmaid does what a normal bridesmaid does, except better.

They’re the people you call when a bridesmaid drops out at the last second.

They attend the wedding and to the bride and make sure that her special day goes off without a hitch.

Trail Makers

We all love those gorgeous, serene trails at the park.

Will, someone had to create those trails!

That’s where trail makers come in.

They plan and create the most ideal trail spaces.

Thank you!

Localization Quality Assurance (LQA)

If you’re a fan of video games, then you’ve probably wondered what goes into making those state-of-the-art games.

One crucial piece before a game is completed is done by a localization quality assurance employee.

Basically, they make sure that a game has no visual or linguistic errors before it’s shipped out.

Federal Mattress Content Regulation Inspectors

You know how mattresses come with tags warning consumers “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law”?

Well, apparently, it’s a big deal and a huge no-no.

You can find more information on why mattresses have those tags here, but it is actually someone’s job to go to mattress stores and ensure that the tags haven’t been removed.

Have you ever worked in an odd, weird, or obscure job?

Leave a comment below letting us know!

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