Best World’s Best Boss Mugs

Being the world’s best boss takes time, effort, dedication, honesty, and transparency.

It takes effort and dedication every day to be a good boss and to avoid being a bad one.

However, even if you don’t have those qualities, you can grab yourself a world’s best boss mug to compensate.

The world’s best boss mug has become especially popular in recent years due to the popularity of The Office.

The Office is a fictitious and humorous television series which shows and follows the daily lives of members of a paper company located in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Their manager, Michael Scott, who is a well-spirited, slightly naïve character has developed a trove of quips and inside jokes, even years after the end of the show.

While the world’s best boss mug has come to represent a humorous, slightly exaggerated statement, it can in fact be presented in a manner that is both thoughtful and genuine.

Being presented a world’s best boss mug shows a manager that members on their team truly believe in their management style.

In addition, it shows that the employees care about the boss and are thankful for their commitment to them and their careers.

Picking the Best Mug

With the influx in popularity of these mugs, there are a plethora to choose from and a wide array of options available.

While it is easy to simply go with the cheapest option, you may want to try to personalize the mug you give.

The best world’s best boss mugs should be personalized and customized for your boss and their style.

This customization will come off as more thoughtful and will be more appreciated by any manager.

In addition to a level of personalization, you don’t want to get a mug that is too fragile.

Although these mugs are typically made of glass, going for a sturdier, more robust and durable glass material may be the best option.

The below options have been personally tested in our office and ones that we would personally recommend.

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