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    Calming Cubicle Décor

    Let’s face it, we spend an inordinate amount of time at our cubicles.  That’s why sprucing up your office with calming cubicle décor can be so helpful to both your mental health and your productivity.  Surrounding yourself with items and décor that is calming, serene, and Zen-like will not only create an atmosphere you enjoy being in but will also help you to focus and complete the tasks on hand.

    When it comes to cubicle décor which is both calming and serene, we opted to look for items which extenuated our peace of mind and enabled us to relax and control our breathing.  Calming cubicle décor should neither be obnoxious nor conspicuous.  Rather, it should fill the office or cubicle with a sense of calm and tranquility, without even noticing its presence.


    Below, we are going to take a look at calming cubicle décor which can be purchased on Amazon.  Please note, the product links below include links from an Amazon Associates account.  This means that we at The Corporate Con/noisseur receive a small commission on any purchases made from those links.  This is at no additional cost to you and helps to keep our site free, honest, and without bias or prejudice.

    Spinning Orb Rock Cascading Tabletop Fountain

    Feel a sense of calm as the water cascades through the spinning orb, gently falling past the stone and into the basin.  This Spinning Orb Rock Cascading Tabletop Fountain is by-far one of the most calming and serene pieces you can place on your cubicle or desk. 

    Made from a sturdy, durable poly resin, this rock waterfall is both lightweight and practical.  Expertly crafted to mimic realistic rocks coated in moss, the water flows on by naturally as nature intended.  The ambiance the water creates is nothing short of serene and will definitely help you to keep your mind at ease throughout the workday.

    [amazon table=”3347″]

    Multi-Color Pure Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Himalayan salt lamps have gained recent popularity and their benefits are often noted to increase calm and serenity throughout a space.  In addition, Himalayan salt lamps have been documented as helping to raise energy levels, boost blood flow, sharpen concentration and performance, cleanse, deodorize, and purify the air, and enhance a user’s mood.

    We enjoyed the Multi-Color Pure Himalayan Salt Lamp, as compared to other brands, due to the color changes it brought out.  Neatly nestled on a wooden base, this Himalayan salt lamp can be plugged in via a USB port to change colors, gliding through different warm hues.

    [amazon table=”3348″]

    Irregular Rose Quartz Chakra Healing Crystal Stones

    Nature, by its very being, is irregular and imperfect.  So too, are the Irregular Rose Quartz Chakra Healing Crystal Stones.  Coming in a set of twelve, these stones are irregularly shaped and designed, mimicking nature and the natural chips and cracks that occur.

    While we cannot attest to the efficacy of the claims, these healing crystal stones can help you with self-love, caring, kindness, friendship, and romance.  The color of these quartz is highly associated with the heart of chakra – which is the main development of the heart, lung function and health, and as a tension reliever.

    [amazon table=”3349″]

    Chesapeake Bay Candle Reed Diffuser, Balance + Harmony

    The Chesapeake Bay Candle Reed Diffuser, Balance + Harmony is a clean, inconspicuous diffuser which diffuses for up to 3-months.  It is minimalistic in design and aesthetic and comes in a soft pastel color.  Comes with a 4.05-fluid ounce bottle of fragrance oil, you’ll be able to keep the calm and serene feeling in the air for months to come.

    [amazon table=”3350″]

    White Noise Machine with 24 Soothing Sounds

    White noise has long been known to help with increasing feelings of calm and relaxation.  While there are many white noise machines on the market, this White Noise Machine with 24 Soothing Sounds  was our top pick due to its design and build.  The speaker is encased in an oak-like wood throughout the body, offering a more natural and wholesome feel.

    The white noise machine volume can be raised to a considerable length, although we definitely preferred it at a lower, more ambient one.  You can choose sounds ranging from white noise, to fan noise, to classical nature sounds, including ocean waves, forest sounds, thunder, or a campfire.

    [amazon table=”3351″]

    Calming 8-Ounce Soy Herbal Candle for Anxiety, Tension, and Stress Relief

    Candles have long been known for their ability to induce calm and serenity.  This Calming 8-Ounce Soy Herbal Candle for Anxiety, Tension, and Stress Relief definitely takes those benefits to the next level.  Blended with real herbs and essential oils, the Art of the Root candle induces a sense of calm and Zen like no other candle we’ve lit before.

    [amazon table=”3352″]

    Inhale, Exhale Wall Art Prints

    Some of the best calming décor you can surround yourself with is simply remembering to breathe.  That’s why we really loved this Inhale, Exhale Wall Art Prints.  Simple in design, these wall prints come in a pack of two.  One written with the word inhale and the other with the word exhale.  Simple and easy, these wall prints are a great reminder to help you to feel calm.


    When it comes to calming cubicle décor, it is important to understand your own needs and what makes you feel calm and serene.  The products and items we reviewed are all ones that we found inspired serenity and brought forth a sense of calm and tranquility.  Hopefully you too can find a sense of calm through these products as well.

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