10 Funniest Office Wall Posters and Décor

Let’s face it, we spend nearly 33% of our days in the office.

Rather than sitting in a drab, ugly cubicle, we figured it would be great to discuss office posters and décor you can hang up to make your cubicle a little more lively.

These posters are great and funny for just about anyone, and definitely toe the line on what is allowed in the workplace.

The top 10 funniest office wall posters and décor definitely take subtle hints from modern pop culture.

These posters are funny, edgy, and provide a bit of humor to get you through the day.

We’ve previously discussed how to decorate a small cubicle, but if you’re not looking to go “all out”, then a simple poster should suffice.

Just be sure that these posters won’t get you into too much trouble at work.

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Culturenik Get in Loser, UFO Alien Humor Print (Unframed 12×24 Poster)

Office Decor

Michael Scott Motivational Quote Poster

office poster

Panda Riding a Pug Dog Running on the Beach

funny office poster and decor

Kanye West Yeezy Poster

office decor

Llama Wall Art

10 Funniest Office Wall Posters and Décor

Coffee Wall Art Office Decor

office decoration

Donut Give Up

10 Funniest Office Wall Posters and Décor

Leonardo DaVinci Mona Lisa Bubble Gum Dictionary

wall decor

Jack Sparrow Quotes Wall Art Sign

10 Funniest Office Wall Posters and Décor

If History Repeats Itself, I’m So Getting A Dinosaur Poster Print

10 Funniest Office Wall Posters and Décor


Making your office or cubicle more homely can have a positive affect on your mood and productivity.

As we spend nearly a third of the day in the office, it is a good idea to invest a little in making your office or cubicle feel more inviting.

These posters are a great first idea, but don’t stop there.

Look at how adding in a lamp, a mouse pad, or extra outlets will help you to be more focused and relaxed.

This is your cubicle, so make it how you want to.

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