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Resume writing services are oftentimes a dime a dozen.

Nearly everyone believes they have the skills and qualifications to provide resume or career coaching skills.

We’ve spoken to countless users and have seen firsthand some extremely poor services and results from so-called “experts”.

In an effort to help our users, we’ve liaised with a few premiere resume writing services that we would recommend.

These companies are top of the line and offer a full suite of career and resume services.

We’ve also previously discussed why you should hire a resume writer, if you’re still unsure or on the fence about doing so.

Resume Advisor

Resume Advisor is a full-service resume writing platform, servicing all major industries and professions.

With over 7,500 clients served, Resume Advisor has helped clients in business, finance, healthcare, engineering, media, and marketing, to name a few.

Resume Advisor offers a full suite of services to better assist candidate’s in their job search lifecycle.

Not only do they offer resume writing services, but they also offer editorial and writing services for a candidate’s cover letter, their curriculum vitae (CV), and their LinkedIn profiles.

Resume Advisor works directly with individuals to customize their resumes to the industry and profession of their choice.

Each individual works with a dedicated, professional resume writer from the start.

These writers optimize your resume to convey your personal story and to beat the applicant tracking systems.

This helps to increase the number of interview calls you get!

Resume Advisor’s not only work with individual candidates, but also with large companies and industries.

Their specialization in certain industries help them to tailor your resume to a desired profession or field.

This specialization has helped them land clients with major employers from Google, Snapchat, Facebook, Amazon, and Merrill Lynch.

With such an impressive list of accomplishments, we decided to reach out to Resume Advisor’s directly to get some more information on resume writing tips.

We spoke with Jonathan via email.

He was gracious and extremely professional in his responses and provided the below tips and advice.

For more information, be sure to check-out Resume Advisor’s for yourself on their website here.

The Interview

Would you be able to tell us a little about yourself?

How did you get into resume writing?

Throughout college, and afterwards, my friends and colleagues frequently reached out to me for advice on various aspects of advancing their careers.

I often helped them create resumes and cover letters and trained them on the general interview process.

They would often inform me that they ended up getting interviews, and even job offers, crediting me for their victory.

I realized then that my skill in career advising could be tested in the market, and with a few marketing campaigns and test runs, it took off greater than I’d ever expect.

I’ve been blessed to make a career out of doing something I love – helping people.

What is your approach to resume writing?

How do you ensure the individual candidate’s personality comes through on the resume?

The approach is very direct.

My goal is to find out what the candidate has achieved and convey that information in the most effective way possible.

Clear, concise, and to the point.

This of course includes applying optimal keyword in accordance with the jobs they are targeting.

What common challenges and mistakes do you see on a candidate’s resume?

The most common mistake I see is the lack of quality in their content.

To be specific, candidates are often forgetting to highlight their achievements on a resume.

They’ll often list their responsibilities, but not the results they produced.

It becomes even more difficult to gather their information as we discuss earlier points in their career, because they struggle to then remember the exact numbers and details which are value-adding.

What information should a candidate provide to you to ensure you can provide them with a stellar resume?

Who they are, what they do, and how long they’ve been doing it – in accordance with their future goals.

We then utilize this information to create optimal keywords to advance their job search.

Most importantly, we will work on identifying and including quantifiable metrics and achievements as part of bullet points in their roles.

Do you prefer a candidate provide previous resume examples or do you like to start from scratch?

Doesn’t really matter, but if they have an existing resume, it helps speed up the process, and allows us to prepare more content ahead of time.

While you cannot guarantee any outcomes, how do you frame a resume for optimal success?

By tailoring the resume as close as possible to their targeted role(s).

We always advise candidates to continue tailoring resumes towards each role they apply to, in order to beat ATS and get in front of recruiters’ eyes.

For candidates seeking a career transition, we often times create a master version of their resume and highlight transferable skills or create a functional resume.

Any last pieces of advice or words of encouragement for candidates?

Don’t be discouraged.

A tree doesn’t grow in a day.

Remember it’s not about how many no’s you get.

It’s about that one “YES.”

Shake off rejection and disappointment and keep going.

Your time will come!

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