Best Accent Desks for Offices

Accent desks are some of the most popular desks on the market.

They combine, and provide, a spacious and large surface area for both work and storage.

Accent desks are oftentimes used for storing of documents but can also be used as a placeholder for your laptop, keyboard, and other work needs.

Some of the best accent desks for offices are ones that are modern, chic, and compact.

Whether you are creating a home office or looking to spruce up your work office space, accent desks are some of the best pieces of furniture to add in.

Not only will an accent desk provide a bit of flare and personalization to your space, but they will also provide you with additional space and storage for your documents.

Generally, accent desks come in two unique formats.

The first, and most popular, are traditional wood desks.

These desks add natural warmth, beauty, and luxury to a living area or office.

The second format is a more modern metal trim finish with solid color laminate surface.

These are a great choice if you are going for a more modern and professional environment.

Often, accent desks come in a variety of sizes.

Most accent desks have a writing surface that is between 36-48 inches wide.

The accent desk is typically 10-24 inches deep and comes in at 30-32 inches in height.

If you are looking for an accent desk that hangs on your wall, these will typically come without legs to stand on.

As you look to purchase an accent desk, consider the available space you have and where you would like to place the desk.

You should look to leave approximately 30-inches of space directly in-front of the desk to allow room for an office chair.


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Winsome Wood Rochester Occasional Table

If you’re looking for a simple, no-frills accent desk, then your absolute best bet is to go with the Winsome Wood Rochester Occasional Table.

This is a wood console table, with an antique walnut color finish.

There is a drawer beneath the surface of the desk for additional storage.

The styling of this desk is extremely traditional, making it a perfect fit for most home offices.

Best Accent Desks for Offices

Industrial Black Framed Office Desk by Coavas

This desk looks to mix traditional and modern influences together.

With a wood-based accent and metal legs, the Industrial Black Framed Office Desk by Coavas is one of the most versatile and compact accent desks on the market.

Not only is this desk easy to assemble, but it features the ability to disassemble and fold away.

This makes it a great piece of furniture for any home office, as it can be stowed away when not in use.

This desk doesn’t have any additional storage space for documents or files but is clean and modern.

With easy assembly and removal, it can be used as an additional desk for your spouse, partner, or kids.

Honestly, we were impressed with how easy it was to assemble this desk and liked how it was able to hold our laptop, keyboard, and mouse without too much hassle.

Leick Laptop & Writing Desk

One of the most absolutely gorgeous pieces of furniture, this accent desk by Leick is durable and long-lasting.

It can be used as either a laptop or writing desk but can also serve as a piece of decoration to accentuate any room in your house.

With a rich cherry finish, this accent desk features a drop-down front drawer to store your laptop or keyboard when not in use.

If you’re looking for a statement piece, look no further than the Leick Laptop & Writing Desk.

Oslo 1 Drawer Desk by Convenience Concepts

There’s not much to say about the Oslo 1 Drawer Desk by Convenience Concepts other than wow!

This desk provides a modern, sleek, and chic design to any room in the house.

Although you will want to ensure the color schemes match with your current furniture set, this accent desk is absolutely stunning.

Featuring a rich, white finish, with bamboo legs arched at a 45-degree angle, we absolutely adore this piece.

Best Accent Desks for Offices

at Work Reversible L-Desk Steel Frame by NBF Signature Series

If you’re looking for a full-fledged, complete, accent desk for your home office, then look no further than the at Work Reversible L-Desk Steel Frame by NBF Signature Series.

This desk comes in a reversible L-shape, making it ideal for a home office use.

With enough storage and counter space for all your needs, this desk should fit in most home offices that are in need of a new, large desk.

With an all-steel understructure, the desk is durable and features a laminate surface to avoid scratches and stains.


Accent desks are often popular pieces of furniture, used in home or work offices to extenuate the look and feel of the surrounding pieces of furniture.

Although many pieces are used solely for decoration or as additional space for storage, there are a plethora of accent desks which can be used for writing, notetaking, or work on a laptop or desktop.

In our reviewing, we found that generally, the best accent desks for offices were ones that were more modern and durable in their design and overall build.

While traditional, wood-grained accent desks remain popular, we found that the more modern ones were built with higher quality materials.

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