Best Lucite Desk Accessories

Lucite is a high quality, trademarked version of acrylic resin, initially developed and patented by DuPont in 1937.

While Lucite was originally developed as a means to replace interior windows, it has been adopted by many businesses within their offices due to its durability, strength, and modern look.

We’re going to look at the best Lucite desk accessories which you can purchase now to upgrade your office design and décor.

Lucite is an incredible material, known for its flexibility and strength, making it a perfect accessory for any office or cubicle.

It is both scratch resistant and crystal clear.

Lucite is also chic and modern, making it a perfect accessory in the office.

Lucite has gained popularity in recent years, as trends toward minimalism continue.

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Lucite Stapler and Tape Dispenser by Desk Swag

This Lucite stapler and tape dispenser by Desk Swag is the ultimate in design and modernism.

This set includes both a stapler and a tape dispenser, both featuring a gold accent across the sides of the items.

The stapler strength is able to staple through 15-pages simultaneously and without too much effort.

Lastly, the bottom of both the stapler and tape dispenser features non-skid feet, allowing for a sturdy grip.

Kantek Lucite Double Letter Tray

This Lucite Double Letter Tray by Kantek is simple and modern.

It features a set of two loading trays, which can be loaded from the front and has enough space for a stack of papers or documents.

The double letter trays can either be stacked upon one-another or used separately.

Lastly, the bottom of the double letter trays features non-skid feet, ensuring a sturdy grip.

Lucite and Gold Odds & Ends Box by OfficeGoods

If you’re looking for a Lucite box to hold random items, typically smaller in size, than look no further than the Lucite and Gold Odds & Ends Box by OfficeGoods.

Coming in at 3” x 3” and 1.75” in height, this box is great for holding small items, including paper clips, nails, and stamps, amongst other things.

This box comes with a Lucite lid, allowing you to securely place small items and knickknacks without fear of having them spill out.

This box also features a gold accent on the bottom of the box, allowing you to show off your personality and taste in a way uniquely your own.

Best Lucite Desk Accessories

Lucite Cell Phone Holder

The Lucite Cell Phone Holder makes your desk pop and looks stunning atop your desk.

The design is starking, mimicking the look of a throne to hold your phone atop.

This phone holder also features a dedicated opening, allowing you to charge your phone while it is placed on the holder.

Lucite Pencil & Pen Cup Holder

The Lucite Pencil & Pen Cup Holder measures 2.6” x 2.6” x 4”, providing you with adequate space to hold ay sized pen or pencil.

It can double as a makeup brush holder as-well.

Made of a solid, one-piece Lucite material, this pencil and pen holder is strong and durable.

Definitely one of the best Lucite desk accessories you can purchase.

Lucite 3-Tier Monitor Stand

If you’re looking for a Lucite monitor stand, with additional space for documents, your desktop keyboard, and other knickknacks, than look no further than this 3-Tier Monitor Stand.

Made of a sturdy Lucite material, this monitor stand is perfect and durable enough to hold your desktop monitor at a perfect height.

But what we really love about this monitor stand is that it is a 3-tier storage system.

Beneath the top stand, you have dedicated storage spaces to hold your documents, your keyboard and mouse, and any books you may have on your desk.

Sticky Note Pad Holder by Modern Innovations

Sticky and Post-It notes have long been popular by the corporate crowd.

However, both sticky and Post-It notes have been known to get lost amongst the shuffle and wrinkled through extended wear and tear.

If you’re looking for a dedicated space for your sticky or Post-It notes, than look no further than this Sticky Note Pad Holder by Modern Innovations.

Designed to hold most common Post-It note sizes, with a dedicated opening allowing you to remove a note, we highly recommend this sticky note pad holder if you’re looking to organize your office desk.

Best Lucite Desk Accessories

5-Count Lucite Stationary Set by UNIQOOO

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your desk accessories, than look no further than this 5-Count Lucite Stationary Set by UNIQOOO.

Featuring a desk stapler, pen holder, tape dispenser, memo case, and paper clips, this stationary set has everything you could need to get started with updating your office desk to the Lucite design.

In addition, all these accessories feature a gold or rose gold accent, helping you to accentuate your office design.

Lucite Designed Scissors by Poketo

A modern take on scissors, these Lucite Designed Scissors by Poketo are both modern and ergonomic.

Slim in design and sharp within the edges of the blade, these scissors will have you feeling like royalty, every time you pull them out.


When it comes to the best Lucite desk accessories, we generally tend to look at accessories that are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.

The items we reviewed above all pass those tests and were extremely durable in our own testing.

Lucite designed accessories and products have been popular since first inception, however more companies are beginning to incorporate those designs within their own design in recent years.

Lucite is, by its very nature, extremely durable and sturdy.

However, what really makes Lucite a great design choice is that it is modern, chic, and sleek looking.

With the push towards minimalism, Lucite has become even more popular and in demand.

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