Best Cubicle Privacy Screens

Privacy is, as the old saying goes, golden.

Whether you are writing a sensitive, confidential email or surfing the web at your work cubicle, privacy is essential, but not always guaranteed.

When you’re looking to add some physical privacy to your cubicle workspace, look no further than a cubicle privacy screen.

Cubicle privacy screens can be a great way to afford you with an additional layer of privacy, seclusion, and isolation.

We’re going to review the best cubicle privacy screens which you can purchase on the market.

These screens are typically raised in height, allowing you to obfuscate your laptop or desktop screen from peeking eyes and passersby’s.

Cubicle privacy screens are by-far the single best way to increase your overall privacy at work and ensure that no-one gains access or insight to the work you are completing.

While setting up a cubicle privacy screen may appear off-putting at first, your colleagues and coworkers will definitely understand your insistence on having one.

With more and more sensitive information being passed along, you can never be too careful with the work you are interacting with.

If you are looking for a simple, easy to install privacy addition, then your single best bet will be a cubicle privacy screen.

Many readers ask us if cubicle privacy screens are necessary and whether or not they should make the purchase for one.

From our own usage, we have found that cubicle privacy screens are not only useful but can help you with your own productivity and efficiency by providing you with a sense of security and isolation.

By allowing you to focus on the work at hand, you can not only guarantee your privacy but also assist with your own focus and attention to the tasks at hand.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best cubicle privacy screens which can be purchased on Amazon.

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This is at no additional cost to you and helps to keep our site free, honest, and without bias or prejudice.

Desktop Privacy Divider by VaRoom

Our editor’s best choice and value, the Desktop Privacy Divider by VaRoom is the easiest, most simple cubicle privacy screen solution on the market.

Coming in three different colors, including blue, tan, and light grey, these cubicle privacy screens are simple and offer an immediate increase to your overall privacy.

Covered with 100% recyclable polyester fabric, the desktop privacy divider not only affords you added privacy and isolation but helps to reduce incoming sounds and distractions by up to 85%.

Simple to assemble and not too egregious, we highly recommend this product for any office setting.

Glass Whiteboard Desktop Panel by Quartet

An interesting and unique take on privacy screens, this Glass Whiteboard Desktop Panel by Quartet is one of the best cubicle privacy screens, particularly if you work in an open office setting.

It stands up easily on a flat surface, affording you the privacy you are seeking.

However, one side of this panel features a magnetic whiteboard, allowing you to write and jot down notes easily.

In addition, the whiteboard side of the panel has an accessory tray, allowing you to place markers, erasers, and other miscellaneous items there.

With the whiteboard having a magnetic charge, you can also place various items and sticky notes there for helpful reminders.

Workstation Privacy Screen by Quartet

Perhaps the ultimate in office privacy, the Workstation Privacy Screen by Quartet is built to completely remove all distractions from your work day.

Whereas our other, above recommendations feature cubicle privacy screens which are placed or affixed on your desk, this privacy screen works by attaching to the outer wall of your cubicle.

With rolling wheels, you can open or close your cubicle office, depending on your needs.

This privacy screen is translucent, allowing for natural sunlight to shine through but affording you the privacy you need.

In our own usage and testing, we found the material to be very durable and sturdy, as it is built upon an aluminum frame.

Setup and installation seemed easy enough but did take more time than we originally expected.

We highly recommend discussing this cubicle privacy screen with your manager and office maintenance before purchasing.

As it is quite large and slightly distracting, you will want to confirm that you are allowed to install outside your cubicle before purchasing.

Clamp-On Privacy Panels by VIVO

Coming as a set of three, the Clamp-On Privacy Panels by VIVO afford you the ultimate in privacy on all sides.

In addition to providing you with the privacy you are looking for, you can reduce the overall sounds and distractions that come in.

The material of these privacy panels also allows you to tack on documents and items.

Sturdy and solid looking, these privacy panels are easy to assemble.

We will note though, in our testing the three panels never fully connected together, even after full assembly.

This left a small gap between where the panels are supposed to meet.

Admittedly not a major concern, we did want to be fully honest with our readers on this.


Looking at some of the best cubicle privacy screens, we have noticed that the ones that are best for overall use are the ones which either affix or stand on your cubicle surface.

These cubicle privacy screens were sturdier in design, build, and assembly.

While we definitely recommend the Desktop Privacy Divider by VaRoom, we still really loved the Glass Whiteboard Desktop Panel by Quartet due to its whiteboard feature.

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