Many graduating seniors in high school feel both anxious and excited about their upcoming college journey.

You’ll make lasting friends, learn about topics you’re interested in, and begin building your career portfolio.

However, while the main purpose of college is education, it is important to keep a healthy social life as well.

Below, we’re going to discuss tips for a fulfilling social life in college.

These tips are meant to help you connect and build bonds with your colleagues and classmates and to create long-lasting friendships.

These tips are both actionable and practical for both commuters and those who dorm on campus.

Get Involved Where Possible

One of the best tips for a fulfilling social life in college is to get involved where possible.

College presents a unique opportunity in the number of extracurricular and group activities that meet nearly every interest and niche.

From intramural sports to theater, to the school newspaper, to a debate club, there is definitely a lot to do on campus.

Stopping by your school’s student center or attending an activities fair will help you to discover everything your college has to offer.

You’ll be able to meet like-minded individuals and will be welcomed to join their club.

College is, inherently, a social place and there will always be an activity that interests you if you look for it.

Speak to Students on Your Dorm Floor

For those students that are living on campus, one of the best ways to keep, and build, healthy social life is to simply talk to your fellow students on your dorm floor.

Chances are, there are probably other freshman and new students on your floor looking to make friends and build relations just like you.

One of the best ways to do this is to simply talk to your flatmates.

Asking about their day or what classes they have is a great way to introduce yourself and build out your social life.

Tips for a Fulfilling Social Life in College

Get Along with Your Roommate

Another great tip for a fulfilling social life in college is to get along with your roommate.

You’ll likely be spending some time in your room and keeping a healthy relationship with your roommate is a great way to have a friend close by.

In addition, your roommate may know of upcoming parties and events that may interest you.

Keeping a good relationship and speaking to your roommate often is one of the best ways to be “in the know” and to keep up with what is happening.

Speak to Your Professors

Not all social life in college occurs at parties or intramural sports.

Professors have their own events, activities, and research that needs to be completed by like-minded individuals.

If you’re particularly interested in a topic or just want to get more involved in a certain topic, then don’t hesitate to reach out to your professors for assistance.

Approaching your professor on tips for a fulfilling social life in college can be daunting.

We recommend doing so in person, preferably during their office hours.

Most students don’t attend a professor’s office hours, so approaching them during those times will nearly guarantee you a healthy amount of time to speak with them.

Disconnect from Technology

While technology is an important tool, particularly for keeping in touch and in the know, it can also be a detriment to your social life.

If you find yourself constantly staring at your screens, you may be missing what’s happening around you.

While we don’t recommend completely abandoning your social media profiles, you should look to track the amount of time you spend on your electronic devices.

Setting limits on the time you spend on your phone and other technology devices will help you to keep a healthy social life and meet new people.

Tips for a Fulfilling Social Life in College

Find a Job on Campus

One of the best tips on keeping a healthy social life in college is to find a job on campus. 

Doing so will not only help you to meet fellow students and classmates but will also look great on your resume. 

It will also help you to avoid looking for a job after college with little to no actionable work experience.

Talk to Your Classmates

Your classmates, particularly during your freshman and sophomore years, are likely in a similar situation as yourself. 

They will likely be looking to make friends, keep an active social life, and maintain good grades. 

By simply introducing yourself and inviting your classmates to meet up after class to study together can be a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Be Active on Social Media Boards

Maintaining a social media presence, particularly on college-specific boards, can help you to introduce yourself to your classmates and graduating class. 

You will be able to share updates, give timely advice, and engage on topics of interest.

In addition to maintaining a Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat profile, we recommend checking out Reddit and your school’s specific subreddit. 

This will help you to engage directly with your classmates and offer tips and advice to those that may need it.


Keeping and maintaining friendships in college will only help you to enhance and enjoy your overall experience. 

The tips for a fulfilling social life in college which we mentioned above are some great points to help you to get started and meet new people.

Remember, many of your classmates and roommates are in similar situations as you. 

Most of your classmates are looking to make friends and maintain a healthy social life. 

Don’t be afraid to engage with them and create that relationship!

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