Best Cubicle Corner Shelves

When it comes to decorating your office desk, oftentimes you will have to work within the confines of your cubicle.

Although frustrating, there are some options to increase the overall size and room of the space you are given.

This can be done by installing cubicle corner shelves, increasing the overall square footage allowable and within the dedicated space provided.

That is why we would like to review the best cubicle corner shelves and which cubicle corner shelves offer the best bang for your buck.

A cubicle corner shelf is exactly what it sounds like.

It is a shelf, meant to fit into the corner of your cubicle.

While cubicle corner shelves are a great addition to your current office space, they are, unfortunately, not as popular as we would have assumed.

In speaking with colleagues and readers, we found that many people simply did not know that cubicle shelves existed and that they would have taken advantage of one had they simply known.

So, we hope that this review of the best cubicle corner shelves will provide you with some insight into which corner shelf will be best for you and your current cubicle arraignment.

Overall, what we really enjoyed and appreciated about cubicle corner shelves was the added space it provided to our otherwise cramped cubicle.

Not only were we impressed with the added space, but we appreciated the detail to attention and modern look and feel they provided.

If you’re unsure of what to place on top of your cubicle corner shelves, we’d definitely recommend checking out our office product reviews, including the best purple office accessories, the cutest computer desk accessories, and the best Disney desk accessories.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best cubicle corner shelves which can be purchased on Amazon.

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Verticalmate Corner Shelf by Officemate

Simple, sturdy, durable, the Verticalmate Corner Shelf by Officemate is our editor’s choice cubicle corner shelf.

Extremely simple in design, this corner shelf is made from a strong, durable plastic material.

It features two additional hinges to accommodate your keys and other small, loose items.

Installation is extremely simple and can be hooked and unhooked with ease.

Overall, we really liked this corner shelf due to its simplicity and ease-of-use.

Turn-n-Tub Multipurpose 3-Tier Corner Shelf by Furinno

The Turn-n-Tub Multipurpose 3-Tier Corner Shelf by Furinno is not your classic or average cubicle corner shelf.

Rather, it is a multipurpose 3-tiered shelf which fits into nearly any corner.

Whether placed in a large office space or a cramped cubicle office, this shelf is the perfect size and fit.

This shelf also comes in sixteen different colors, although we opted for the espresso/black.

Similarly, this shelf is extremely simple to assemble and put together.

Overall, it took us less than five minutes to complete and we found that the instructions were clear and straightforward.

Bamboo Corner Shelf Organizer

While the Bamboo Corner Shelf Organizer was originally made for use in the kitchen, we found that it worked perfectly in an office setting as well.

Made of bamboo, this three-tier countertop organizer fits a more classic aesthetic.

The back of this organizer is flat, meaning that it can be inserted into any corner.

Not too large, we appreciated the uniqueness of this shelf.

5-Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves by Greenco

If you’re looking for a modern, professional, and cool cubicle corner shelf, then look no further than the 5-Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves by Greenco.

While this is a 5-tier shelf, you can opt for a four, three, or even two-tier design.

That is because this shelf appears to “hang” from your office desk, mounted upon one-another.

A unique, cool design, this cubicle shelf definitely turned heads in the office.

You can opt for black, white, or wood finishing and will be sure to love this design.

Desktop Bookshelf Countertop Organizer by PAG

A bit of a different take versus some of the other cubicle corner shelves we reviewed, the Desktop Bookshelf Countertop Organizer by PAG is another editor’s choice for organizing your accessories, books, and items on your desk.

Offering a unique, space-saving design, the desk organizer comes as two-pieces which can be adjusted to save space as needed.

With multiple levels of flat surface, you’ll have ample space to store your items and any books you may have with you.

A great buy for any book aficionado.

Mesh Corner Desktop Organizer by Lorell

The Mesh Corner Desktop Organizer by Lorell is a simple, no-frills desktop organizer.

Capable of fitting in any 90-degree corner, the four included shelves are capable of organizing small items and files with ease.

Although not the most beautiful piece from this list, the meh design can be attractive in certain uses.


Cubicles are, unfortunately, notoriously small and cramped.

And with the renewed push towards open office space, finding the room and space within your office desk to house and hold all your items can be challenging.

However, in an effort to accommodate corporate workers, cubicle shelves have gained popularity and resurgence.

The best cubicle corner shelves can come in a variety of different designs.

From plastic, to wood, to metal, to mesh, these cubicle shelves are all durable, modern, and professional.

When looking for a cubicle shelf, it’s important to determine the space available to you and how much additional space you need.

Once determined, it is much easier to choose which cubicle shelf will work best for you.

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