Beach Desk Décor for Home or Office

If you’re looking to add some mementos on your desk reminding you of the beach and some sunshine, then look no further than these best beach desk décor for home or office use.

Nearly everyone loves going to the beach and spending their time in the sunshine and wadding into the warm, crisp water.

Let’s face it, Americans love their beaches.

Not only do Americans overwhelmingly prefer beach vacations over other vacations, but they also spend more time and more money on those trips.

In addition, a vacation to the beach is more likely to be a family vacation, with nearly 36% of Americans bringing along the entire family with them.

When it comes to the best beach desk décor for home or office use, we looked at products which not only reminded us of our various beach memories, but also invoked a sense of nostalgia.

Placing beach desk decors on your home or work office will not necessarily help you to be more productive but will probably help you to create a comfortable and relaxing environment.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best beach décor for home or office which can be purchased on Amazon.

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Wooden Beach Sign by Tumbler Home

We’re going to start our reviews of the best beach desk décor for home or office use with a pretty blatant product that will be sure to be loved by any beach goer.

The Wooden Beach Sign by Tumbler Home is a 3-D rendition of the word BEACH, individually cut on rustic wood lettering to give off an aged look.

Interspersed within the word are typical items you may find on the beach, including a starfish.

4-Piece Mini Wooden Beach Chair Ornaments

If you’re looking for an item that perfectly sums up the beach experience, then look no further than the 4-Piece Mini Wooden Beach Chair Ornaments.

Featuring a set of four beach chairs, designed to be the perfect addition to any home or work office with an ocean theme.

Made of durable, sturdy wood, this set is a perfect accent piece and will make a great addition to your beach and summer themes.

The Beach is My Happy Place Wooden Sign by Highland Woodcrafters

If you’re looking to let everyone know about your love of the beach, then there is no better sign than this one.

Etched with the words, “The Beach is My Happy Place”, it’s a great addition to any home or work office.

What we really liked with this item is that the wood appears slightly weathered, as if it were directly affected by the wind, waves, and surf at the beach.

Made in the United States from reclaimed pine wood, this piece measures 12-inches wide by 6-inches in height.

Nautical Beach Wooden Boat Ship Steering Wheel by Rienar

One of the best pieces we bought, the Nautical Beach Wooden Boat Ship Steering Wheel by Rienar makes a great addition to any office as a decorative piece.

Made of pine, this boat ship steering wheel is hand painted and features various nautical items and mementos on the wheel.

We found this product to be extremely sturdy and gave off a really nice ambiance in the room we hung it up.

Nautical Based Tabletop Tic-Tac-Toe Board Game

If you have the space on your desk and are a fan of the classic game tic-tac-toe, then this product is the perfect merger between both worlds.

Featuring a full-sized tic-tac-toe board, the pieces are made of starfish and sand dollar designs.

We loved this item and found that it was quite the hit in the office!+

Vintage Marine Seashells Round Wall Clock

If space is no issue, then we highly recommend this Vintage Marine Seashells Round Wall Clock as a great addition to your home or work office.

We found that this was a great beach décor themed item as it wasn’t too obnoxious yet gave off the fact that we loved the beach.

The finish of the wall clock is exquisite and there is a ton of attention to detail here.

Although we would have preferred the seashells and starfish to be more scattered throughout the front of the clock, we still appreciated this item.

Nautical Wooden Pen Holder

We loved the simplicity of this item!

The Nautical Wooden Pen Holder is both sharp and rustic and will be sure to attract the attention of your colleagues and coworkers.

The retro wooden material helps to make this pen holder more durable and sturdier.

Although this is a pen holder, we found that it made a great decorative piece in any room or office with a beach theme.


The beach is one of the best, most relaxing, and most fulfilling destinations.

Attempting to bring a little bit of the beach back with you is the envy of us all.

That’s why we’ve invested so much in our own beach themed décor and looked to review the best beach desk décor for home or office.

Whether you’re crazy about the beach or simply looking to remember simpler times, these products and items we’ve reviewed will definitely help you.

From the beach clock to the tic-tac-toe board, you can now finally bring a bit of the beach to your home or office!

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