Best Mousepads for Work

Since the early days of computing, mousepads have been essential in ensuring that the usability of the mouse is optimal and is done with less friction.

The use of a mousepad is to help provide support and stability on a dedicated surface.

This surface allows for accurate measurement and the reduction of jitter.

Mousepads also provide an added benefit ergonomically by providing padding for the user’s wrist to rest upon.

The best mousepads for work provide both a level surface and a dedicated padding for the wrist to help prevent carpel tunnel and other wrist issues from extended use.

Although more and more companies are opting to provide their employees with laptops with built in trackpads, many companies have continued to provide traditional desktop computers which connect to a wired or wireless mouse.

Placing the mouse on a mousepad has many added benefits and has been shown to decrease the effects of carpel tunnel.

Main Benefits of a Mousepad

Mousepads, in the early days of computing, were essential for proper function and usage of the mouse.

Although the technology associated with a mouse has come a long way, it is still recommended to utilize a mousepad.

These added benefits will help you throughout the workday and to help reduce cramping associated with extended and prolonged usage.

Greater Control – a mousepad helps a user maintain greater control and dexterity over the mouse.

By maintaining proper control, a user will reduce frustrations and aggravations associated with flimsy or unresponsive mice.

This control will also help users when working on large, complex datasets where optimal control is a necessity.

Less Slipping – although many higher-end mice are made to work on an array of surfaces, they may work less well on slippery surfaces.

This can include glass or plastic surfaces and tables which can lead to accidental slippage.

Furniture Preservation – a mousepad is also ideal to keep the wood beneath the mouse intact.

Repeated usage on a wood surface has been shown to increase deterioration and chipping.

Not only will you scratch the furniture, but you will also reduce the lifecycle of the mouse itself.

Less Stress on the Wrist – perhaps one of the most important reasons to get a mousepad is that it places less stress on the users wrist.

A mousepad with dedicated padding will help to reduce the friction and stress on a wrist and can lead to a more pleasant experience.

Dedicated Workspace – finally, by having a mousepad, you are in essence stating that this is your dedicated workspace.

A mousepad signifies that a user finds the space as theirs and that work is completed there.

Top 7 Mousepads for Work

VicTsing Mouse Pad – Ergonomic Mouse Pad

The VicTsing mousepad comes in two distinct colors, black or red and black.

It provides a soft, gel-filled cushion which conforms to the user’s wrist for maximum support and comfort.

This gel-filled cushion reduces wrist irritation and pain while maintaining overall support.

The top fabric is smooth which improves tracking movement and helps the mouse glide across the pad.

In addition, the VicTsing mousepad has a non-skid base which grips to the surface of the desk.

This keeps the pad from sliding and will ensure that the pad will not move unless it is peeled off.

MoKo Computer Desk Mat

The MoKo desk mat is not your traditional mousepad.

Large enough to cover the surface area of most workstations, the MoKo desk mat is waterproof and easy to clean.

It features a soft, smooth feeling for the user and the mouse.

It is also portable and can be rolled up to take with you on the go.

Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad by HONKID

Definitely a new take on the classic mousepad, this metal aluminum mousepad has a double-sided design.

One side is made of silver metal aluminum, with the other side of a classic, black texture.

Users can opt to use either side.

The aluminum material allows your mouse to slide easily across and is both noiseless and scratch resistant.

Nicokee Mousepad Starry Night

This mousepad adds some personality to your desk and workstation.  Featuring Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, this mousepad

This mousepad adds some personality to your desk and workstation.

Featuring Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, this mousepad has a non-slip rubber base allowing the pad to sit on a firm desktop.

In addition, this mousepad has been treated with fade resistance, so you can keep staring into the starry night for ages to come.

Londo Leather Mousepad

Londo presents an exquisite looking mouse pad, crafted with high quality leather.

The leather is attached with fine, durable stitching, providing a sleek, slim appearance.

The silky-smooth surface is ideal for extended usage and features a wrist rest for added comfort.

J&G Modern Mousepad

The J&G Modern Mousepad is designed to reduce wrist pain permanently.

This ergonomically designed mousepad helps to prevent all wrist aches, sores, and issues by providing a higher than average wrist rest.

This design helps to support the wrist and keep the hand level with the mouse.

With nearly 800 reviews on Amazon and 4.5 stars, clearly J&G is onto something here.

Vimour Mousepad

The Vimour mousepad definitely offers a unique take on the padded wrist rest, however it appears to have worked.

By allowing a small crevice and indent in the middle of the wrist rest, Vimour claims that it will help keep your wrist both stable and supported.

This should help reduce aches, stings, and pain associated with prolonged use of a mouse.

Vimour is so confident in their product that they also offer a 3-year warranty, where you can opt for a replacement product or a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

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