Booking A Food Truck to Your Office

Oftentimes, corporate employees are limited in their restaurant selection by what is in their immediate surroundings.

If you happen to live in a major metropolitan city, with a plethora of food options, this may not be as big of a concern.

But for many employees, they are severely limited in their lunch options, often having to settle for food in the cafeteria or the nearest fast food restaurant.

In recent years, there has been a shift in attitude concerning food trucks.

Once seen as dirty, lowbrow places to grab a quick bite, they have transformed into a competitive restaurant juggernaut.

Food trucks come in a variety of differing offerings, with a unique take on classic tastes.

With their recent rise in popularity, you may consider booking a food truck to your office.

Having a food truck come to the office is a great way to spice up the office lunchtime routine.

Their different and exotic offerings will entice just about anyone and they’ll be able to provide fresh, made to order meals for anyone interested.

Booking a food truck to your office is also a great way to show employee appreciation and can positively increase overall morale.

How to Book A Food Truck?

In order to book a food truck to the office, you will need to decide what kind of food truck to bring.

There are a plethora of options, with some of the favorites being Mexican inspired dishes, cheesesteaks, burritos, and Indian cuisine.

You can also open a survey with your team and decide on which cuisine is the most popular.

Once the type of cuisine has been decided, you’ll need to ensure that a food truck of that variety can be found in your area.

Oftentimes, checking on Yelp will be your best bet, where you can filter the available restaurants in your city by food truck.

You can also simply Google food trucks available in your area for a more comprehensive list.

From there, you have two options.

You can either contact the food truck owner directly, negotiate the prices, and set a date or you can use an online order management system to handle the legwork for you.

These platforms have sprouted up in recent years with the rise in popularity of food trucks.

While we have not personally tested these platforms, we have talked to small business owners who have and can verify their standards.

The more popular one appears to be Roaming Hunger, which can help you with booking, ordering, and paying for a food truck to come to the office.

The next option is Best Food Trucks, which purports to have a similar scheme as Roaming Hunger.

Best Food Trucks does place a slightly higher emphasis on corporate catering events though.

Regardless, both options are readily available and make the process of booking a food truck for your office simple, easy, and seamless.

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