Why You Should Be Carrying Two Phones

As we move towards a more connected and always on world, the question of whether or not you should be carrying two phones has become more and more common.

We’re here to convince you why you should be carrying two phone and why you should never install company material and email access on your own personal devices.

In this modern day and age, many employers expect employees to be “always on” and available.

With the proliferation of smartphones, employers can reach out to and access their employees after hours seamlessly and nearly immediately.

And while we are not going to discuss the ethics of always being on-call, we will discuss why you should carry a separate device for your work emails and material.

1.Separation Between Work and Personal Life

By far, the biggest reason why you should be carrying two phones is to have a separation between your work and your personal life.

By housing your work emails, instant messages, and material on your personal device, you blur the lines between when work starts and when it ends.

By carrying a separate device, you are better able to manage when you look at work messages and notifications.

This way, you can decide when you will focus on work and when you won’t.

if you combine both your work and personal information, you run the risk of letting work interfere with your personal life and can feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you are receiving.

2.Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Privacy is becoming more and more important and more difficult to find.

By allowing your employer to install their software and email services on your personal device, you grant them access to a slew of information that may be personal and confidential.

While this information may not be necessarily nefarious, it can cause some questions which are better left unknown.

3.Remote Access

Similarly, by allowing an employer to install software and email access on your personal device, they will have the ability to remote access your device.

Although they may not do so, it is a risk that shouldn’t be encountered.

You can avoid this issue by accepting a second device from your employer and removing this access.

In addition, in the event you misplace your phone, your employer may opt to wipe and erase all the contents on your device.

This is done as a security measure to ensure that no private or confidential information is released or seen by a third-party.

However, if you end up finding your phone the wiped information will be irretrievable and lost forever.

4.Device and Overage Charge Compensation

Additionally, the issue of compensation becomes a central question.

If you are using your personal device for work related matters, then who is responsible for the cost of the device?

Similarly, if you incur overages or charges while completing work related requests, will you be expected to bear those costs?

These questions can be avoided altogether by simply opting to utilize a company provided device.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about overages or charges, which will be billed to the company directly.

5.Freedom of Information Requests

While this only affects government employees, the Freedom of Information Requests allows for citizens and journalists to request information of previously.

Unreleased government information.

If you work for the government, your personal messages, photos, and information could get caught in the request and you will be obligated to turn over that information.

On top of the embarrassment, this could be disastrous for your professional or personal life.

It is far better to carry two devices, one for personal use and one for professional use.

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