Breakfast Business Meetings

We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.

It is important as it helps to break the fast from sleeping and from having gone without food for upwards of a 12-hour period.

Breakfast helps to supply your body with glucose and other essential nutrients to help you get through the day.

Breakfast business meetings are one of the best ways to meet with internal or external colleagues and discuss business needs and processes.

Your body’s main source of glucose, which is the body’s energy source, is broken down and absorbed by the carbohydrates that you eat.

When you wake up, your glycogen, the glucose that has been stored in your liver, tissue, and muscles, are low.

That is why breakfast is so important as it nourishes your body and restores your glycogen deposits.

As compared to a business lunch, breakfast business meetings are typically more relaxed and informal.

They are meant to serve as an incentive for an early meeting and are a way to help all members reenergize and regain their lost glycogen deposits.

Business meetings over breakfast are becoming more and more popular as we gain a deeper understanding of the importance of breakfast.

Types of Breakfasts

There are a plethora of breakfast options which are amiable to a business meeting.

Although you may choose to nix certain options, especially ones that tend to be messy, smelly, or too loud.

Breakfast options are generally served in smaller, more reserved portions than other meals, such-ass lunch or dinner.

In addition, soda or carbonated beverages are less common during breakfast.

Rather, most individuals prefer a simple glass of water, tea, coffee, milk, or juice.

Continental Breakfast

The continental breakfast is a favorite breakfast around the world.

Originally started in Europe, it is the breakfast most commonly associated and served at hotels and restaurants.

The continental breakfast includes a choice of bread, typically served with butter.

In addition, choices of fruit, eggs, cheese, croissants, and pastries are offered.

English Breakfast

The prototypical English breakfast comprises eggs and bacon.

Recent variations have begun to include chilled fruit, including tomatoes, grapes, oranges, and pineapples.

Other variations will include fish, typically isolated to tuna.

The eggs can be served either poached, boiled, scrambled, fried, or as an omelet.

The eggs are typically accompanied with either bacon or sausage.

The Indian Breakfast

The Indian breakfast consists of a large portion of carbohydrates and fats.

Tea and coffee remain staples in breakfast and are typically accompanied with the food.

In addition, puree bhajee, samosas, and paneer bread are common side items.

The American Breakfast

American breakfasts typically begin with a glass of water.

There are a number of varied choices available, including juices, cereals, meats and fish, and eggs.

In addition, pancakes or waffles have become more of a staple in American breakfasts and are commonly served.

Benefits of a Breakfast Meeting

The ultimate benefit of breakfast business meetings continues to be the flexibility it provides.

Whereas most early morning meetings are typically dreaded and frowned upon, conducting a meeting with breakfast included is oftentimes a welcome reprieve.

It also helps individuals and attendees to not have to worry about breakfast plans and can help them to skip their morning coffee run.

In addition, breakfast meetings can be beneficial when time is of the essence.

By meeting and agreeing to next steps and processes immediately in the morning, it allows for the implementation of the decision throughout the day.

When a business-critical issue occurs, it is almost always encouraged to meet immediately in the morning.

Although the choice of breakfast may differ dependent on the parties involved, bringing and providing breakfast to an early morning meeting will always be a welcome surprise.

It’s a great way to get the “juices flowing” and to help attendees acclimate to the morning environment.

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