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While we may not necessarily like to discuss certain topics within an office or professional setting, it is important to ensure that your workspace, whether at a home or work office, is setup for peak productivity and efficiency.

As-such, it is important to ensure that your office trash can is one that is easy to use, clean, modern, and capable of masking any odors.

In the review below, we’re going to look at the best office trash cans.

These trash cans have been personally tested and vetted by our team.

Our review process, particularly when it comes to the best office trash cans, looked for ones that were not only sleek and modern looking, but also provided sufficient and superior odor masking and removal.

After all, no one wants a smelly trashcan in the office.

When it comes to office trash cans, overall, we highly recommend sticking with stainless steel styles.

Not only are stainless steel trash cans significantly more stylish, modern, and professional, but they also include additional features which provide more functionality and ease of quality.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best office trash cans which can be purchased on Amazon.

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simplehuman 10 Liter Stainless Steel Open Trash Can

Our editor’s choice, the simplehuman 10 Liter Stainless Steel Trash Can is the best office trash can we reviewed and the one we purchased for our own employees.

The simplehuman brand is ubiquitous with quality and modernity, which can be seen with this trash can.

Rectangular in design, with a semi-opened top, these trash cans look both sleek and professional in any office setting.

Highly recommend.

AmazonBasics Rectangle Soft-Close Trash Can

Amazon has recently introduced their line of consumer goods under the AmazonBasics umbrella and we have to say that their quality is definitely top-notch, and they are able to effectively compete with the major players in the space they are in.

The AmazonBasics Rectangle Soft-Close Trash Can is no different and features a slightly glossy stainless steel finish, which is both fingerprint-proof and smudge resistant.

What we really liked with this trash can, as compared to the simplehuman one, is the simple fact that it has a soft-close lid.

This lid closes and opens quietly, which is a nice bonus feature.

In addition, opening the lid of the trash can be done through a simple step on the included foot lever.

simplehuman Rose Gold Stainless Steel Countertop Trash Can

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many companies are beginning to disallow larger trash cans on the work floor due to potential tripping hazards.

As-such, many employees are beginning to opt for countertop trash cans to dispose of smaller items.

Sticking with the simplehuman brand, this Rose Gold Stainless Steel Countertop Trash Can is one of the best we reviewed.

Featuring a rose gold finish, the trash can is honestly beautiful to look at and provides a stylish design to nearly any workstation.

With a swing lid, you can easily and effortlessly open and close this trash can.

Leatherette Round Trash Can by Brelso

If you’re looking for a unique design and style, then the Leatherette Round Trash Can by Brelso may be the best office trash can for you.

Featuring a leather-like finish, this trash can is definitely unique and one of a kind.

What we really liked about this trash can, besides the leather-like finish, is the fact that the actual trash can is inserted within the outer body.

This allows for a cleaner and more composed look and will hide the waste you’ve thrown away.

Large Black Trash Can by Storex – Case of Four

If you’re looking for a simple, classic trash can, then the Large Black Trash Can by Storex may be your best bet.

A simple, black plastic trash can, this product is perfect if you’re looking to equip your office with trash cans beneath an employee’s desk.

Easy to use and setup, this product comes in a case of four, making equipping your office easy and simple.

AmazonBasics Mesh Trash Can

Another product from AmazonBasics, this Mesh Trash Can offers another simple and clean design.

With a mesh outer design, the trash can is both durable and sturdy.

Extremely simple in design, we liked this trash can as it gave a bit more flair in design and style as compared to the Storex one reviewed above.

You can opt to purchase a case of six or purchase individually.


We understand, speaking about the best office trash cans may not be the most exciting topic.

However, it is a necessary conversation and one that is critical to the success and productivity of your employees and workforce.

Overall, we highly recommend purchasing a stainless-steel trash can, simply due to the design and sleek style they provide.

If you’re looking to keep a more simple and practical trash can for your employees, then we would ultimately go with the AmazonBasics Mesh Trash Can.

That trash can is simple in design and build but offers a bit more style and flair.

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