10 Cool Desk Accessories for Men

Whether you work from home permanently or have a dedicated office at work, you’re definitely going to want to spruce up your space.

We’re going to review the top 10 cool desk accessories for men and provide you with a list of must-have items to make your office your own.

These desk accessories for men will be sure to impress your colleagues and coworkers alike!

Let’s face it, we spend a majority of our time at our desk.

And whether your desk is in a traditional office space, a room in your house, or in a flexible workspace, you don’t want it to be dry and boring.

These desk accessories for men will provide you with countless hours of fun and are a great way to pass the time during the workday.

In our review of the top 10 cool desk accessories for men, we’ve listed the items in no particular order.

While we have personally reviewed and tested each object, item, and accessory, we are not going to recommend one over the other.

Rather, this list is a list of the best cool desk accessories for men that we’ve come across.


Below, we are going to take a look at 10 cool desk accessories for men which can be purchased on Amazon.

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World Map Mouse Pad

We’ve previously discussed the importance of mouse pads and reviewed the best mouse pads for purchase.

While this particular item was not on the list, we personally love it for its design and large size.

The World Map Mouse Pad is large enough to fit both your keyboard and provides ample space and room for you to use a wired or wireless mouse.

Coming in gray and black hues, the World Map Mouse Pad measures in at 90cm wide and 40cm long.

It offers detailed and geographically correct descriptions of the countries of the world.

What’s really nice about this mouse pad is that, due to the large size, you have enough space to rest your wrists on the pad, providing additional comfort throughout the day.

Outlet and USB Power Strip Charging Station

Let’s face it, there are just too many electronics and items which need to be charged on a daily basis.

Between your phone, your tablet, your watch, and any other accessories and devices which you may hold, it’s difficult to really keep up with all of them.

That’s why we fell in love with this Outlet and USB Power Strip Charging Station.

This charging station comes with 8-outlets for direct charging.

In addition, it features six smart USB charging ports for any additional devices.

What really sold us on this product was the shape of the charger.

It is vertical in height, making it look cool and sleek on any desktop.

Executive Knight Pen Holder

While you may not yet be an executive, that doesn’t mean you can’t be treated like one.

With the Executive Knight Pen Holder, you’ll have your very own miniature knight bent at the knee offering you your favorite pen for easy access.

Unyielding loyalty not included, unfortunately.

Office Desk Name Plate by Artblox

An Amazon best seller, the Office Desk Name Plate by Artblox is one of the coolest desk accessories available.

This desk plate can be personalized with your name and job title, letting everyone know you mean business.

The unique engraving Artblox utilizes allows this name plate to look sharp and clear.

Heavy in build and design, we highly recommend this product.

Metal Business Card Holder

For the consummate professional, this Metal Business Card Holder makes a great addition to showcase your professionalism and seriousness to your craft.

Minimalist in design and shape, this business card holder is made from solid aluminum, weighing in at 4.58 ounces.

Simply place your business cards and always have them handy and on-hand.

Electronic Word Clock by Sharper Image

Who says wall clocks can’t be accent pieces?

With this Electronic Word Clock by Sharper Image you can tell the time in style and fashion.

Featuring a mix of words, the clock lights up in five-minute intervals to highlight the time.

With a sophisticated copper finish, this clock is unlike any other you’ve ever seen and will sure to be a focal point in any office.

Vector Robot by Anki

Which guy hasn’t dreamed of having their own living, breathing robot?

While the Vector Robot isn’t exactly living or breathing, he is a pretty cool companion.

Vector was made to both hang out with and to help out.

Vector can be powered and brought to life through sight, sound, or touch.

He can answer questions you may have, take photos for you, set a timer, and show you the weather, amongst other things.

Honestly, we loved the novelty of this device and found Vector’s personality to be charming and humorous.

120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door

What’s a better desk accessory for any man other than a 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door.

No more lukewarm drinks or running to the kitchen area at work to grab your favorite beverage.

Rather, with this mini fridge, you’ll be able to keep drinks on hand and close by.

You’ll obviously want to get approval from your manager before installing this, but honestly, we wouldn’t blame you if you just went ahead and installed it.

4-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

If you’re a fan of all things Apple, then we’d highly recommend the 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Station.

Perfect for anyone with multiple Apple products, including an Apple Watch, and iPhone, and AirPods, this charging station has dedicated ports for each one.

No more worrying about losing a charge or your stuff with this charging station!

Spiderman Computer Sitter

Spider-Man is an iconic superhero and may be better known as your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Who wouldn’t want such a friendly superhero beside, or above, their monitor throughout the work day.

This Spider-Man Computer Sitter is small enough to fit on your monitor and features real bobble-head movements.

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