Best Cubicle Radios

While seemingly outdated, many people continue to enjoy the serene and calming sound that emits from a radio.

We’re going to review the best cubicle radios and provide our recommendation on which one will be best for your home or work office.

Cubicle radios are, generally, smaller in shape and design than many other radios.

Whereas other radios are larger and have more powerful bass and sound, cubicle radios tend to be smaller and do not provide the extra bass.

This is ideal for a cubicle radio and setting as it reduces the noise and potential distraction that may be caused.

Before considering from the best cubicle radios available on the market, it is important to conduct your own internal due diligence.

This includes ensuring that the cubicle radio won’t be too loud or obnoxious.

Similarly, if you are seated close to other coworkers, you may be better off opting for wireless or wired headphones for your music needs.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best cubicle radios which can be purchased on Amazon.

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Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation)

While not exactly a cubicle radio, per se, our editor’s choice for the best cubicle radio is the second generation Amazon Echo Show.

Amazon first entered the foray into voice assistants in 2014 and has maintained a considerable lead and advantage over rivals since.

The Amazon Echo Show is not only able to play radio channels and frequencies, but can also connect to your preferred streaming services, including YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora.

The Amazon Echo Show is a beautiful device, featuring a 10.

1” HD screen, you’ll be able to control your music with ease and comfort.

We really picked the Amazon Echo Show as our best radio cubicle for the additional features.

In addition to music playback and streaming capabilities, the device is jampacked with additional capabilities and applications.

You can ask Alexa, Amazon’s dedicated smart speaker, just about any questions that you may have.

In addition, the Amazon Echo Show is able to make hands-free calls, making it a perfect office addition when joining virtual meetings.

While we don’t recommend taking advantage of the video features during work, you won’t be disappointed by its ability to connect to video streaming services, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Sangean WR-11SE AM/FM Desk Radio

If you’re looking for a more classic radio design for your cubicle or office, then the Sangean WR-11SE AM/FM Desk Radio is your best bet.

Classically designed, this radio is perfect for any office setting with its sleek, elegant design.

Made from solid walnut veneer finish, the radio provides a soft, precise rotary turning system for tuning and volume control.

This radio is simple in design and style.

It can tune to both AM and FM radio stations and the tuning system and knob is extremely precise and accurate.

On the rear, you have an auxiliary connection to play your own music files from your device of choice.

In addition, the rear has a dedicated headphone jack for private listening.

Soundance Wireless Bluetooth Radio

A bit of the past meeting the present, the Soundance Wireless Bluetooth Radio is a great product when searching for a dedicated cubicle radio.

It is able to tune to FM radio stations easily and quickly.

In addition, the Soundance Wireless Bluetooth Radio is able to pair and play music from another device seamlessly.

However, this device did have a couple of drawbacks.

Firstly, you are not able to tune to AM radio stations.

If you are a fan of AM station, then we wouldn’t recommend this cubicle radio for you.

Secondly, this radio does not have the ability to save your favorite presets.

While it is pretty simple to tune to your favorite radio station, it can be frustrating to have to tune between different stations.

Wooden Alarm Clock with FM Radio by ANJANK

One of the better, and more affordable, options on the market.

The Wooden Alarm Clock with FM Radio by ANJANK is a great option if you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use desktop radio with an alarm clock feature.

This radio can tune FM station only and does not have the ability to tune AM stations.

However, this desktop and cubicle radio also doubles as a phone charger.

It is capable of fast charging your phone on the top of the device, by simply laying the backside of your phone on to it.

In addition, you are able to charge your phone or any other electronic devices via a dedicated USB port.

These additions make this cubicle radio a great purchase and are definitely features that should be considered.


When it comes to the best cubicle radios on the market, there are definitely a ton to choose from.

However, the main consideration before purchasing should be your overall desk space and the idea volume level that you are comfortable with a radio emitting.

You, obviously, don’t want to be obnoxious nor bother your nearby colleagues and coworkers, so definitely be sure to go with a cubicle radio that is ideal for your current situation and seating arraignment.

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