Office Chair Covers for Work and Home

As we continue to discuss the issues surrounding workplace comfort and cleanliness, an often-overlooked issue is the damage and debris that accumulates on office chairs.

Office chairs are, perhaps, the most widely used pieces of furniture, with most corporate employees reporting they spend upwards of six-hours a day in their seat.

That’s why office chair covers are a great option for both protecting and increasing the longevity of your office chair.

Office chair covers for work and home offices are a crucial item which can have long-lasting and beneficial effects on your furniture.

Not only will an office chair cover help to protect your office chair, but it will also help to ensure that no long-lasting stains, spills, or messes remain.

With the cost of office chairs increasing yearly, it’s no wonder that so many people look for additional ways to protect their investment.

In purchasing an office chair, we tend to not only look for quality and comfort, but also for pieces that will provide longevity and guarantee long-lasting use.

While some office chairs come equipped with stain protection and quality guarantees, unfortunately many do not.

Purchasing office chair covers for work and home offices is not only a sensible option, but it is a great purchase if you are looking to get the most out of their use.

Below, we are going to review the best office chair covers for work and home and will discuss the pros and cons from the list of items we personally purchased and tested.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best office chair covers for work and home which can be purchased on Amazon.

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“Boss” Office Chair Cover by CAVEEN

The “Boss” Office Chair Cover by CAVEEN is one of the best office chair covers on the market and our editor’s choice.

It comes in a variety of colors, including black, dark red, blue, velvet, and gray.

What really impressed us with the office chair cover is its ease-of-use and durability.

We were easily able to place this chair cover over our large, leather office chairs and had no trouble removing.

The “Boss” Office Chair Cover is also water resistant, which we tested multiple times to confirm.

It was able to handle splashes and spills with ease and grace.

The feeling of the fabric is light to the touch and did not bother us while we wore either business professional or business casual clothing.

Lastly, this office chair cover is extremely stretchy.

This helps with conforming the fabric to the shape and size of the chair and will ensure a snug fit once placed.

Machine washable, this office chair cover is great for your home or work office.

Jacquard Lycra Office Chair Covers

While we loved the above office chair cover, we really liked the design and style of this Jacquard Lycra Office Chair Cover.

While other office chair covers had a more bland style and feel, this office chair cover is made from a knitted fabric which provides a more comfortable seating arraignment.

On top of that, the material is actually quite thick, making long spells of sitting in the chair both more relaxing and enjoyable.

This particular brand comes in nine different colors, so you have more than enough options to choose from.

Included is also an armrest, in case your office chair has one.

Again, installation and placing the cover over the chair was easy and simple enough.

We also really liked the flexibility and stretch provided by this office chair cover, providing a snug feel and look.

Office Computer Chair Cover by smiry

If you have a more conservative and conventional office chair than the Office Computer Chair Cover by smiry may be the best option for you.

Extremely simple in design, this office chair cover is affixed to the seat of your office chair and strung together beneath the underside.

In all, it took us about six steps to get these office chair covers on to the chair properly.

Made of 92% polyester with the remaining 8% coming in from spandex for extra stretch, these office chair covers can be utilized for most home or work chairs.

As these office chair covers are flexible, they can be placed on nearly any sized seat, whether square, round, or another shape.

Printed Office Chair Covers

If you’re unimpressed by the seemingly monotonous office chair cover designs, then you’re sure to love these Printed Office Chair Covers.

Coming in with a whopping eighteen different designs, these floral accented office chair covers are a great way to protect your office chair while still showcasing your unique design and taste.

These office chair covers for work and home offices are quite large and should be able to accommodate most office chairs.

The floral design is subtle and looks both professional and modern, so there shouldn’t be any worry about how it will come across on the office floor.


When it comes to the best office chair covers for work and home offices, you generally cannot go wrong with any option you choose.

Most of these office chair covers provide ample protection for your office chair and will help to ensure and guarantee its longevity.

Most office chair covers come in simple, bold designs, with solid colors.

However, the floral printed office chair covers we reviewed above do help to provide a sense of personality within your office.

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