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In our recent series, we’re examining the evolution of the modern workplace.

We’ve seen a meteoric rise in open office spaces, co-working spaces, and a more relaxed, comfortable office environment.

While it is easy to point the rise in these changes to a newer generation of employees, these more relaxed office accommodations are in fact a direct result of employers beginning to understand that such accommodations lead to less stressed and more productive employees.

Along with creating a relaxed, less stressful environment, employers are beginning to embrace other workplace offerings to increase employee satisfaction.

This includes providing bean bag chairs, wellness rooms, and company fitness benefits.

In addition, many employers are beginning to offer office pool tables and other recreational games, aimed at encouraging relaxation and deepening employee relationships.

The increased push towards a more relaxed, less stressful workplace is a trend that does not seem to be dying down.

As employers begin to focus on employee retention initiatives, they are increasingly seeing a direct correlation between these offerings and employee satisfaction.

Moreover, these offerings are one of the best ways to encourage additional candidate applications, widening the pool of potential individuals for an open job role.

The 7-Components of Wellbeing

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is a leading global standard, looking to transform and evolve buildings and communities in a way that will help people to thrive.

Launched in 2014, after nearly six-years of research, the WELL Building Standard is a premiere source and standard for buildings and offices looking to implement features which support human health and wellness.

The International WELL Building Institute has introduced seven components which assist with a building’s performance.

These components directly increase an individual’s own health and wellness.

The seven components are Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind.

Air – air quality is one of the most important aspects to ensuring a healthy and productive staff.

Companies looking to enhance the wellbeing of their air can implement a no-smoking policy, install air filtration systems, add office plants, and maintain a healthy level of humidity.

Water – water is an essential component to the health of all people.

Companies can focus on this component by providing their employees with safe drinking water, installing coolers, and educating employees on the benefits of water.

Nourishment – what we eat throughout the day has a direct affect o how we feel.

Employers can reach this component by providing fresh fruits and vegetables, limiting access to processed foods, making nutritional information available, and promoting healthy food options.

Lightaccess to natural light has shown to decrease headaches, blurred vision, and eyestrain.

Employers can reach this component by adding skylights, removing furniture which blocks natural light, replacing flickering lights, and controlling glare.

Fitness – encouraging fitness and movement at work is key to boosting productivity and energy in your staff.

This can be done by providing open stairways, space for employees to remain active, and shower facilities for employees to clean themselves.

Comfort – modern workspaces look to be a place of refuge and comfort.

This helps employees to feel more relaxed, less stressed, and more productive.

In addition to installing an office pool table, employers can create workstations which can shift from a seated to a standing design.

They can also provide employees with different areas to complete their work throughout the day, and they can create quiet zones for employees to concentrate.

Mind – last, but definitely not least.

Employees who had a space to relax their mind reported higher levels of wellbeing, creative, and productive.

This can be enhanced by adding greenery throughout the office, creating collaborative spaces (such as an office pool table location), and offering flexibility in how and where an employee works.

Why Does This Matter?

While seemingly counterintuitive, the 7-components of wellbeing is direct evidence to the need for employers to enact and implement certain changes to increase employee productivity, happiness, and creativity.

This brings us back to our original discussion and series on the evolution of the modern workplace.

With these 7-components, employers are now acutely aware to the importance of providing solutions which help employees become more productive.

In addition, these solutions are a great way to increase employee retention, increase the overall number of applicants received, and increase overall intradepartmental relations.

When it comes to office pool tables, not only can one assist with the 7-components of wellbeing, but it can also help in a variety of other ways.

Pool tables can be a great source of room décor and furniture.

It provides a central source where employees and visitors can congregate and act as a meeting space.

In addition, installing an office pool table keeps the atmosphere lively and fun.

This makes breaks more enjoyable and encourages employees and staff to remain at work.

Those employees that do partake in the games will be more likely to develop a relationship and further foster collaboration between differing departments and teams.

Lastly, office pool tables will help to sharpen your employees critical thinking, it will help them to get up from their desks to stretch, and it will help them to focus and concentrate throughout the day.

The Best Office Pool Tables

Best Office Pool Tables
Best Office Pool Tables
Best Office Pool Tables
Best Office Pool Tables
Best Office Pool Tables
Best Office Pool Tables
Best Office Pool Tables

Barrington Belmont 90″ Claw Leg Billiard Table

The Barrington Belmont billiard set is a beauty to look at.

At 90-inches long, this pool table will make a great addition to any office space or room.

It comes with 2 cue sticks, 2 chalk cubes, 1 triangle rack, 1 felt brush, 15 numbered billiard balls, and 1 cue ball.

This billiard table is exquisitely designed, with an extreme focus and attention to detail.

The pool table is supported by a 3/4 inch thick particle board, ensuring a great, fun-filled game every time!

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Barrington Urban Professional Billiard Pool Table

The Barrington Urban Professional billiard pool table is built for the professional in all of us.

This durable pool table is competition-grade, with a 25mm thick surface covering.

Thee craftsmanship is absolutely gorgeous, while still providing a sleek, modern look for any office space.

This is definitely one of the best office pool tables we’ve used in a long time.

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