Best Black Messenger Bags

Messenger bags have become more popular in recent years.

As compared to their backpack counterparts, messenger or courier bags, are typically worn over one shoulder with a strap that can go across the chest.

We’re going to look at the best black messenger bags available today and provide recommendations on which ones we believe you should purchase.

Messenger bags are the single best item for carrying all your electronics and documents throughout the day.

Easy and comfortable to carry, messenger bags are slowly replacing traditional backpacks and briefcases.

When it comes to choosing a messenger bag, there are a few considerations you should take into account.

The first is size.

Depending on your height, you don’t want a messenger bag that droops too low or one that comes-up too high.

Similarly, whichever messenger bag you choose, you want to ensure it matches your style and exudes professionalism within an office setting.

That is why we’re reviewing the best black messenger bags, as those are typically more professional looking in design and appearance.

Lastly, when choosing a messenger bag, you will want to ensure that the one you opt for is large enough to store all your essentials.

This should include not only your laptop, but also your tablet, your phone, and any documents you may carry.

In addition to those items, you may want to take the charging cables into account, as you will need to store those in your bag as well.

As you look through the list below of the best black messenger bags, we highly recommend reviewing your daily work and commute needs.

Depending on the stress you expect to place on your messenger bag, you may want to opt for a more durable and sturdier bag that will survive your day.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best Disney desk accessories which can be purchased on Amazon.

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Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag 2.0

Our editor’s choice and best buy is the Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag 2.0.

This is, by-far, the best messenger bag we have ever used and currently use this specific bag for our daily commute and during the day.

The Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag is an audacious foray into a comprehensive laptop and travel bag.

It features internal, padded pocketing for storing of documents and electronics.

The Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag 2.0 is by far one of the best black messenger bags on the market.

It converts from shoulder, to crossbody, to briefcase seamlessly and easily.

It has ample storage space for organizing your documents.

The external pouch can hold laptops up to 13, 15, and 17-inches and is padded to ensure its safety.

In addition, this messenger bag is fully waterproof and will keep everything inside protected.

If you’re looking for a messenger bag that will protect your documents, offers ample storage space for all your daily needs, looks chic, modern, and professional, and will be there for you for years to come, then this is the bag for your needs.

Leather Canvas Messenger Bag by Vaschy

Leather canvas bags are a style that will never go out of fashion.

But Vaschy takes this classic design and puts a new twist on it.

Made of quality, genuine cowhide leather, this messenger bag appears rougher due to the wrinkles that come from the cowhide.

The bag can hold up to a 15-inch laptop, which is typically more than enough for most laptops.

In testing this bag, we found that the zippers were made of high quality, both solid and sturdy in build.

There are two front pockets, allowing you to place your keys or small electronics there.

While we loved the look of this bag, and its construction and build, we did find that with larger laptops it became difficult to snap close.

Although easier to snap closed with smaller laptops, you should be aware of the drawbacks.

17-Inch Men’s Military Laptop Messenger Bag by Lifewit

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, multi-use messenger bag, then the 17-Inch Men’s Military Laptop Messenger Bag by Lifewit is the perfect choice.

Durable, rugged, and hefty, this messenger bag is large enough to carry a 17-inch laptop and provides additional room for all your additional documents and electronics.

To review the number of pockets and storage slots, we counted the following:

  • 4 front pockets
  • 2 side pockets
  • A laptop compartment
  • A main, large compartment
  • A large front zipper pocket
  • 4 inner pockets
  • 5 pen sleeves
  • An additional inner pocket within the main compartment

If you carry a bunch of documents, multiple electronics, and a laptop on a daily basis, then this messenger bag is the perfect option for you. 

Large and durable, you will be able to carry all your daily needs confidently and without worry.

15.6-Inch Travel Messenger Bag with Protective Laptop Compartment by tomtoc

One of our favorite designed messenger bag, the 15.6-Inch Travel Messenger Bag with Protective Laptop Compartment by tomtoc offers a unique twist to the design of a messenger bag.

Rigid and sturdy in appearance, the messenger bag has a thick, protective padding on the outer side for storing of laptops.

The two front pockets, which we loved due to their size, were more than enough to hold additional electronics or power adapters.

The shoulder strap and the leather handles are comfortable to hold and offer additional padding to ease the strain on your shoulder throughout the day.

Overall, this was one of our favorite messenger bags from a relatively newer company.


In conclusion, when it comes to the best black messenger bags, it is important to fully assess what your individual needs are and determine which bag fits those criteria.

Generally, the most important aspect in any messenger bag is the capacity and the storage space offered.

In addition to the storage space, you will also want to determine which black messenger bags offer waterproof protection and additional padding for your laptop and sensitive electronics and documents.

This padding will help to ensure your items are safe, protected, and free from harm.

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