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    Decorate a Small Cubicle

    Learning how to decorate a small cubicle can help you feel more comfortable, relaxed, and at-home in your office space.  Although the cubicle may not be the largest, we’ve compiled a list of items which will help you maximize the space you have and make it feel bigger than it is.

    Although space may be hard to come by, you can take advantage of these items to help create a more inviting atmosphere.  When it comes to cubicle designs and decorations, you should go with the less is more philosophy.  This is especially true when the cubicle space is small. 

    Cubicles are perhaps the most personal space an employee has in an office.  As more and more offices go the open office route, cubicles continue to have their defenders and proponents.  Defenders of cubicles argue that they allow for privacy, a feeling of personal space, and a means to block out distractions.

    Cubicles have been part of corporate life for over 100-years.  Although companies are pushing for more open spaces, cubicles will always hold a space and a need in the corporate setting.  This is especially true of employees who are on the phone a majority of the time and need a quieter, more personalized space.

    In order to decorate a small cubicle, you should first take exact dimensions of the space to know what you’re working with.  This will help you to pick and choose the items you want.  You should also try to get items which will make the cubicle look bigger, like mirrors and glass items.

    Office Lamps

    An office lamp is an essential part of any cubicle setup.  The lamp is a perfect addition to provide an additional source of lighting and can make the smaller cubicle appear larger.  In addition, adding in an office lamp can increase your mood and productivity and will help to reduce the strain on your eyes.

    Desk Organizer

    When it comes to small cubicles, space is everything.  As you begin to flesh out the design of your cubicle, try to think of creative and practical ways that you can save on space.  Can you rearrange any accessories or items so they take up less space?  A great item to add to your desk and help you decorate a small cubicle, is a desk organizer.  This will allow you to tidy up all loose papers, pens and pencils, and other office items in one neat, organized area.

    Hang a Mirror

    Mirrors have been long used to increase depth perception and make rooms feel larger than they actually are.  This trick is actually quite common, especially in gyms and restaurants.  To help your small cubicle feel larger, place one or two well-hung mirrors up to create a larger feel.

    Monitor Stand

    Perhaps more obvious, but your desktop or laptop is probably taking up the most space on your desk.  In order to free up some space and room, you’ll want to place a monitor stand on your desk.  This will lift your monitor roughly 3-inches up, allowing you the space beneath it to store additional documents or items.

    White Board

    White board’s are a classic element in any office space or setting.  They allow for you to hang up pictures with a magnet and can be used as a quick brainstorming session.They help to decorate a small cubicle by providing space to write down ideas, to-dos, and agenda items.

    Desk Pad

    We’ve previously discussed the benefits of mouse pads, but are including desk pads in our list here as they are a great way to add a splash of color and design.  These pads are larger than most mouse pads and double as padded space to place your phone, headphones, and other items you don’t want to misplace.


    When it comes to designing and decorating your cubicle, whether it’s a large or small one, it all comes down to personal preference.  The items you decide to include, add, or remove should make you feel welcomed into your space and comfortable in your office.  We’ve included some random items below that we think would be a great addition to any cubicle, no matter the size.

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