Sandals, once considered a faux-pas in the business world, have made a recent resurgence.

No longer relegated to college campuses, sandals have become more sophisticated and refined in style.

Below we’re going to discuss the best comfortable sandals for work, which will not only help you look chic, but will also be professional and work-appropriate.

Best Comfortable Sandals for Work

The best comfortable and work-appropriate sandals for 2020 and beyond are ones that flow casually and effortlessly with your wardrobe.

Sandals should be complementary pieces, which offer a bit of flair, but not so much to distract from your professional wardrobe.


Below we are going to take a look at the best comfortable sandals for work which can be purchased on Amazon.

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Sketchers Women’s Desert Kiss Sandal

Sketchers, well-known for their comfortable shoes, provides the same level of support with the Women’s Desert Kiss Sandal.

Comfortable, chic, and modern, these sandals have a memory foam footbed, allowing the sole of the shoe to contour to the shape of your feet.

Ensuring the ultimate in relaxation and comfort, these sandals will be accustomed to your style and shape.

[amazon table=”4147″]

Blowfish Malibu Women’s Flat Sandal

If you’re more into flat sandals without the additional height, we’d highly recommend the Blowfish Malibu Women’s Flat Sandal.

Great for long periods of standing or walking, these sandals are extremely comfortable while remaining work-appropriate.

With over thirty different designs and colors available, we’re sure you’ll be able to find one that is perfect for your look and style!

[amazon table=”4148″]

Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

Teva is maybe one of the most comfortable sandals ever created and the Women’s Tirra Sandal is no exception.

Since 1984, born out of necessity to prevent sandals from floating downstream while on the river, Teva’s have been making sandals that are comfortable and unique.

Their sandals are great for long periods of standing or jobs which require a heavy amount of walking.

Teva sandals all contain an adjustable hook-and-loop closure, ensuring that the sandal supports your feet.

In addition, each sandal has a cushioned Shoc Pad in the heel which absorbs impact directly where you need it.

The nylon shank stabilizes and supports your foot on uneven terrain and is designed for both dry and wet conditions.

[amazon table=”4149″]

BIRKENSTOCK Unisex Gizeh Essentials EVA Sandals

Now, these aren’t your traditional BIRKENSTOCK shoes.

Rather, they took the initial concept and transformed the look to be more professional and work-appropriate.

Now featuring an elongated hook that goes over your toe, the new design is sure to be better received in the workplace.

The BIRKENSTOCK Unisex Gizeh Essentials EVA Sandals has a cushioned, orthotic footbed that provides excellent arch and metatarsal support.

Sporting good looks and all-day comfort, these BIRKENSTOCK’s are an instant hit and will definitely be a popular sandal in 2020 and beyond.

[amazon table=”4150″]

BIRKEENSTOCK Unisex Arizona Leather Sandal

While we tend to prefer not to include multiple products from the same company, we’re going to make an exception for the BIRKENSTOCK Unisex Arizona Leather Sandal.

These BIRKENSTOCK shoes are made from genuine, high-quality leather with a velvety suede lining.

Simple and efficient, these shoes are not only extremely comfortable but are work-appropriate and will probably garner a few inquiries on where you bought them from!

[amazon table=”4151″]

Rockport Women’s Ridge Sling Sandal

Rockport has achieved the intersection of comfort and fashion with their Ridge Sling Sandal.

With plush microfiber lining and a durable rubber outsole for additional traction, you’ll have comfort and support in every step.

The outer design is modern and subtle, giving off a charming look without being obnoxious or otherwise unnecessary.

[amazon table=”4152″]

CROC Men’s and Women’s Classic Clog Shoe

Okay, we admit this may be a controversial choice and recommendation.

But, if you are looking for the best comfortable sandals for work, then you simply cannot beat the comfort that comes from CROC’s.

Long ridiculed for their appearance, CROC’s have remained popular due to their comfort and ease of use.

Although perhaps not the most appealing-looking shoe, these shoes will have you comfortable and walking happily throughout your busy workday.

[amazon table=”4153″]

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