The Best Employee Lounges

The best employee lounges are ones that take into consideration the varying needs of all employees.

Employee lounges should be a destination, providing relaxation and respite from a long day.

Employee lounges should look to maximize comfort, while remaining neutral and attentive to work needs.

Understanding that “employee costs are the largest expense for any company” can help you when you begin looking for ways to enhance the employee lounge.

You will want to create a space that maximizes comfort, while maintaining an atmosphere that promotes communication, productivity, and interdepartmental relationships.

Maintaining these three standards will help you to attract additional qualified candidates and could help you to increase your overall employee retention.

The Best Employee Lounges Maximize Space

Modern, luxury employee lounges look to maximize the space they are allotted.

This can be done in a strategic manner, placing furniture in designated areas to encourage space and room.

The furniture should be clean and modern, offering a pleasant aesthetic to the neutral backdrops.

Seating is perhaps the most important element of any employee lounge.

The best employee lounges look to employ office seating that is comfortable and relaxing, while maintaining an heir of professionalism.

However, don’t feel confined to utilizing one set of office seating in the employee lounge.

You can mix it up, placing single use seats beside both stools and booths.

Mixing different seating options and arraignments is actually encouraged.

However, the aesthetic of the room should be maintained.

While providing varying options will be appreciated, these options should not clash or be mismatched.

The central proposition from the get-go should be to decide upon a theme and create an environment which adheres to it.

Employee Seating Options:

Provide a Beautiful Backdrop

Color is important.

Color can be used to enhance the look, feel, and comfort of your employee lounge.

By mixing a warm, neutral color with a modern, professional furniture setup, you can create an environment that is not only welcoming, but one that is also conducive to productivity.

The color you choose to paint your walls can not only increase productivity, but it can evoke feelings of calmness and re-energize employees.

Choosing the wall colors is as important as any other design decision.

The colors should incorporate your company logo or colors, in a subtle and subdued fashion.

Opting for a strong color mix may create too much “noise” and lead to a difficult environment to get work done.

Rather, opt for color tones which provide calm and warmth.

These tones are inviting and will help your staff to relax.

Make it a Destination

A destination is a place that should be looked forward to.

It should be a place where people yearn to be and are upset to leave.

Designing the best employee lounges means taking care of the small things.

These small pieces come together to form a whole.

As-such, you should look to incorporate both modern and natural elements within the employee lounge.

This includes both plants and greenery, as well as artwork and posters.

In addition, the space should be inviting and a place to hang-out.

Offering free snacks, water, and refreshments can go a long way to creating that environment.

Below, we list some of the best perks and additions that you can place in the employee lounge.

Obviously, each use case will be different, but the hope is that these ideas will help you to find the inspiration you need to make the best employee lounges.

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