Small cities and towns can be the perfect place to live and raise a family.

With the interconnectedness, sprawling landscape, and quaint charm, small towns make an appealing arraignment for anyone looking for a slower pace.

Smaller cities and towns also offer more affordable living situations, an easier commute, and a close-knit community to rely on.

However, finding a job in a small town can be significantly more challenging.

We are going to discuss how to find a job in a small town and what steps you can take immediately to make your search easier.

Whereas finding a job in a large, metropolitan city requires certain approaches, so too does finding a job in a small town.

Understand How Your Town Works

Every small town and city works and operates in a unique manner.

Whether based on how decisions for the city are made or by how small businesses operate, it can be helpful to take a step back and gain an understanding of how your town works.

If you begin to notice that many decisions are made from the top-down, then it could be useful to network and connect with some local big-name players.

These are individuals that will be able to put you in touch with the resources and individuals you need to find a job.

In addition, you may want to network with business owners directly.

Whereas larger, more metropolitan and urban centers generally discourage direct applications, preferring LinkedIn or other job boards, small cities tend to appreciate direct contact.

While you may feel shy or awkward, understand that the operations of a small town vary widely from a large, urban city.

By-far, direct contact and networking will help you to land a job you are looking for.

In addition, networking with members of the community will help you to create long lasting connections and maybe even friends.

How to Find a Job in a Small Town

Volunteer at a Local Center

We’ve discussed the benefits of volunteering on your resume and the experience it provides.

However, when situated within a small town or city, networking is by far your best chance at creating opportunities.

While you may feel nervous to network unannounced, a great way to circumvent this is to volunteer at a local community, hospital, or shelter.

By volunteering, you allow yourself to meet members of the local community in an organic and natural setting.

This will help you to create a rapport with the community and those who volunteer within the town.

Those members should be able to help connect you with local businesses and organizations looking for additional help.

Seek Out Virtual Opportunities

Many jobs are beginning to shift to a permanent remote situation.

These jobs are offered to individuals across the contiguous United States and do not require the employee to go into the office.

As these jobs and working arraignments become more popular, we expect to see a significant shift in how people work across all industries.

As you begin to question how to find a job in a small town, we highly recommend taking advantage of these working situations.

You will be afforded a much greater depth of variety and job opportunities that may not have been otherwise available.

Some great sites to check out for flexible work opportunities are FlexJobs, Arise, and of course LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and other popular job boards.

Join the Gig Economy

Gig economy work is a hot new trend, offering decent pay with the ability to set your own hours.

In addition to the likes of Uber and Lyft, new services make it even easier to get started right away.

DoorDash is fast becoming one of the hottest startups, allowing you to deliver meals from local restaurants to hungry patrons.

In addition, apps such as TaskRabbit, allow you to assist your neighbors with local tasks and errands.

Whether it’s helping them move or mounting their flat screen tv.

You can also check out Thumbtack, which offers the same service as TaskRabbit.

How to Find a Job in a Small Town

Start Your Own Company

While it may seem daunting, starting your own company can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

Many small towns and cities are in dire need of new businesses and opportunities.

This can include daycare centers, senior citizen living spaces, or a new, cool restaurant.

Whatever idea you may have, you may be able to take advantage of local, state, and federal assistance to help you get started.

A loan from the Small Business Administration can provide you with the working capital you need to get started.


Finding help on how to find a job in a small town isn’t particularly easy.

Small towns and cities, generally, operate in their own way, with many entrenched processes and priorities.

However, simply because there may be less work, doesn’t mean there is less opportunity.

Besides getting in touch and connecting with local government and business leaders in town, feel free to explore other avenues and opportunities.

This can include volunteering at local shelters and communities and joining a gig economy opportunity.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to start your own venture.

Besides capital from the Small Business Administration, you can reach out to local business leaders for initial funding and support.

Small towns are typically teeming with individuals looking to support and assist one-another.

This is especially true of ventures that can have a positive impact on the local economy and people.

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