Hello readers! Welcome to an insightful article about working as an insurance agent at the USAA insurance company.

By the end of this article, you will know everything about the work environment, policies, employee benefits, and expected salary the company offers to its insurance agents.

We will cover the following topics in this article: 

Benefits of working as a USAA insurance agent
Eligibility criteria to join USAA insurance company  
Certifications that you need to join USAA insurance agency
Expected salary at USAA insurance company

So, if you want to start your career at a USAA insurance agency as an insurance agent, this article is for you.

Benefits of Working as a USAA Insurance Agent

USAA is a reputable and credible insurer for military families with employees worldwide. Ranking at the top, USAA is known for its lucrative and progressing work environment.

With its headquarters in San Antonio, USAA has offices in many cities such as New York, North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado Springs, Tampa, and Phoenix. Therefore, you can join USAA from anywhere in the United States, even remotely.

This company offers many benefits to all its part-time and full-time workers, from health insurance to retirement bonuses. In addition, as a USAA insurance agent, you can leverage their employee insurance coverage.

With no limit to the earning potential, USAA offers accidental death insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, paid holidays, life insurance, and many other employee assistance programs.

Apart from all this, USAA insurance agents can enjoy employee discounts. Tuition reimbursements, relocation bonus, and credit card and loan exclusions.

USAA focuses on the mental and physical health of its employees. This is why it has on-site gyms, energy zones, and a relaxation room where you can relieve your stress when overwhelmed.

The insurance agents can leverage the on-site health clinics, commuter benefits, and parental benefits alongside adoption assistance.

The biggest advantage at USAA is utilizing the education assistance program, distance learning options, and career development programs to support your career while working. 

USAA works on the principle of a diverse and inclusive environment with racial equality. It offers equal opportunities for women and men, with no discrimination whatsoever. (47% of the working employees are men whereas 53% are women).

Moreover, with USAA, there is no limit to how much an agent can earn.

You can work as an independent agent and leverage the freedom of working with other agencies alongside USAA to make extra money like Liberty Mutual, Geico, and State Farm.

Therefore, USAA is a platform to work and earn on your terms. To make a spontaneous career growth in a progressive environment. 

Eligibility Criteria to Join USAA Insurance Company 

USAA insurance agencies support military families and retired veterans and have become the forefront providers of a wide array of insurance products.

Therefore, to work with USAA, you must conform to certain eligibility criteria. 

You should be 18 years and above with at least a high school graduate or GED to join this insurance company. In addition, to become an employer at USAA, you must have a work permit for the United States, go through an avid procedure of various health tests such as drug testing and complete all work-eligibility assessments.

If you don’t have any experience in the insurance field, you can still build your career from scratch. However, any prior experience is a plus.

To work with USAA, you have to go through the hiring process, where you can apply through an online career center. After this, the applicant’s profile undergoes a screening procedure, and the eligible candidates are shortlisted.  

Once you are selected, you will be called for an interview, where the final decision will be made after a thorough background check.

If you have a minor felony on your record, you might still be eligible to work at USAA if not disbarred by the law. So worry not, USAA believes in progress and second chances because everyone has the right to learn from their mistakes.

Furthermore, once you join the company, you will undergo a training procedure. You will be taught the various aspects of USAA’s insurance policy, such as insurance coverage, insurance rates, and insurance quotes. 

Even if you have previous experience as an insurance agent, you would be required to learn everything about life insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance, car insurance, property insurance, underwriting, and even roadside assistance that you will provide the clients. 

As an insurance agent at USAA, you will guide the military members to use the mobile app, acknowledge the insurance review, and ensure a seamless experience for the insurers.

USAA members are retired U.S. military people, but you do not have to be a veteran to work there – this is why the company takes great pride in its diverse environment.

So, even if you are bored with your current professional field, you can join USAA as an insurance agent anytime!

Certifications You Need to Join USAA Insurance

USAA provides a lucrative employment opportunity to qualified candidates regardless of their ethnicity, race, sex, religion, disability, or any other characteristic protected by legal rights.

You can join USAA if you are even a high school graduate. However, certain certifications do help with the career as an insurance agent, including:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • 6+ months of experience in the required field or 1 year of experience with USAA
  • If you are a retired military official or have a military spouse

If you are certified as any one of the following:

  • CIC (Certified Insurance Counsellor)
  • CRM (Certified Risk Manager)
  • AAI (Accredited Advisor in Insurance)
  • CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter)
  • CISR (Certified Insurance Service Representative)
  • AINS (Associate in General Insurance)

At USSA, your success and growth are not measured by the number of degrees and certifications you hold to your name but the amount of hard work you are willing to put into the work. 

If you know how to bag a client by serving them with the right insurance policy, you can make it to the list of top insurance agents. 

Expected Salary at USAA

Salary is a crucial aspect when considering any type of job. Therefore, if you plan to join USAA, you should be aware of the pay scale.

Independent agents or local agents and full-time workers have different hourly or monthly earnings. You can earn indefinitely depending on the type of job and your work hours.

To give a clear picture of what you can expect at USAA, here is a summary of the incomes of certain job designations:

Job Designation at USAAAverage Salary/ Per Year
Analytics Manager$105,126
Business Intelligence Analyst$112,990
Insurance Agent$44.414 ($35,735-$119,181)
Business Consultant$107,969
Senior Advisor$62,719

To learn more about the average income at USAA, click here.


To work as an insurance agent or not is your choice. However, the career offers great growth potential with a handsome average income. 

People need insurance agents to help them find the best coverage and policy for their assets and secure their future. Therefore, you will never run out of business. 

Moreover, USAA has a reputable name amongst the insurers and provides you with a diverse platform to work with clients from various backgrounds. Therefore, USAA enhances your learning skills to maximize your earning potential. 


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