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Therefore, In this article, we will be exploring Erie Insurance company, its products, services, compensations, and how becoming a part of the Erie insurance agent exchange or the Erie indemnity can help you bag more clients.

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Erie Insurance group
What is an Erie insurance exchange or an agent exchange?
How to Become an Erie Exchange Agent?
Benefits of becoming a part of the Erie insurance exchange 
Compensation and benefits Erie Insurance offers

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About Erie Insurance Group

In 1925, two salesmen in a Pennsylvania Indemnity Exchange started a public insurance company named Erie Insurance Group. 

Initially, the company was licensed as an automobile insurer; however, with time, they spread their expertise and extended their portfolio with customer-centric policies such as business insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and home insurance.

Staying true to its mantra of “Erie is above all in service”, the company has proven to be one of the best in America and maintains long-term relationships with the clients and local Erie agents alike. 

With more than 6 million insurance policies, the Erie agencies are widespread in 12 states and cities in the United States and the District of Columbia.

Ohio, New York, Illinois, Maryland,  Indiana, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and North Carolina are some regions that act as the Erie insurance home. 

The best part is that Erie agents can choose how they want to be employed. More than 13000 people work as exclusive agents or independent contractors with Erie, while 6000 employees are the “captive” agents.

Exclusive or independent agents are allowed to work with multiple agencies simultaneously, while the captive agents or employees can only work with one insurance company at one time.

Erie believes in diversity; therefore, it provides equal opportunities to everyone out there. 

Moreover, working with Erie insurance exchange allows you to be a part of the company that has been ranked A+ as the property/casualty company and an A for playing their role as the Erie Family Life Insurance Company by A.M. Best.

Erie exchange has reached the highest rankings in the insurance industry by maintaining its integrity and leveraging upon digital platforms.

The Erie Insurance Agency and Erie Exchange allow people, both inexperienced and experienced, to start or excel in their careers in a strong and growing insurance marketplace.

If you plan to start as a local Erie agent or want to learn more about agent exchange, keep reading.

What is Erie Insurance Exchange or Agent Exchange? 

Erie Insurance exchange means that the company’s insurance marketplace and agents are accessible to people through online platforms, websites, on-calls, and in-person assistance. 

Erie Indemnity is the management subsidiary for the Erie Insurance Exchange. It sells homes, life, business, and auto insurance to homeowners, renters, and others in the United States via diverse platforms.

The clients can contact Erie exchange insurance via its multiple platforms that act as their support center, such as:

How to Become an Erie Exchange Agent?

To become an Erie exchange agent, you will have to create an online account, provide your phone number and other relevant details to create a profile at the Erie insurance agent portal.

For further details, you can contact the Erie Insurance Company and become a part of it today.

Benefits of Becoming an Agent at the Erie Insurance Group

Erie Insurance provides a diverse work environment that provides equal opportunities to all its customers regardless of their culture, background, and education.

Erie allows its employees to pitch their ideas and contribute actively to the insurance policies. 

To incorporate creativity and innovation into the thought process of its employees, Erie encourages them to complete a D&I  (Diversity and inclusiveness) Awareness Training Program before or during the orientation.

Furthermore, Erie provides various training programs such as DEI Leadership Council and DEI Champion Program that allow the Erie insurance agents to learn and earn simultaneously. 

Erie leaves it to its agents to work in-house or independently. It is up to you whether you want to become a part of Erie as a captive agent or own your business.

Erie has also launched the Diversity Product Loan Program to allow the agents to test their potential in the insurance exchange with no financial dependency.

For full-time employees, Erie Insurance provides health, dental, and vision protection plans, benefits, and work hour flexibility. 

It offers retirement plans and financial benefits for employees. 

Expected Salary at Erie Insurance Group

Your salary and earning potential at Erie Insurance depends on three key components:

  • Designation
  • Performance
  • Sales achievement 
  • Bonuses earned

Below is the average salary outlook of Erie Insurance Group Employees

Job TitleRangeAverage 
Insurance Claims Adjuster$46k – $78k$59,897
Business Analyst, IT$45k – $97k$66,329
Claims Adjuster$40k – $85k$57,632
Insurance Agent $26k – $93k (Estimated *)$41,667
Insurance Producer$28k – $64k (Estimated *)$41,233
Insurance Underwriter$51k – $93k (Estimated *)$68,632
Insurance Claims Manager$69k – $115k (Estimated *)$92,036

You can check more salary ranges and their respective averages by designations here


Finding a job or working freely with open opportunities in a highly saturated marketplace such as the United States can be draining.

This is why Erie Insurance Exchange provides a free platform where you can work under a boss or be your own boss. 



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