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Brett Danko CFP exam live review course
What the Signature Live review package is like
How good is the Brett Danko CFP exam live review course?
Other useful CFP courses from Brett Danko

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A Quick Intro

Many active Financial Planners have taken their career a step forward to offer advice for prospective financial planners on various aspects of the profession, including taking the CFP Board exam.

However, in this guide, we focus on a renowned CFP expert, Brett Danko; the owner of a successful Investment advisor, Main Street Financial Solutions LLC, and Brett Danko, LLC, an educational center.

Being in the business for over a decade, he gained so much real-world experience that he translates to insights and training programs, hoping to foster the knowledge of other financial planners.

Let’s get started with an in-depth look into his CFP exam live review course.

Brett Danko CFP Exam Comprehensive Live Review Course

Amongst the best ways of ensuring you pass the CFP exam on your first attempt is taking a course that will prepare you for the exam, and what better course to take than that led by an industry expert.

Brett Danko’s CFP exam live review is one of the top-rated CFP prep exam courses available and teaches the CFP fundamentals required to pass the CFP certification exam.

We look at the details of the study program below.  


Although there aren’t definitive requirements stipulated on brettdanko.com, the team requires that you at least have assumed knowledge from going over the pre-study material.

The six CFP course areas and fundamentals are provided by Brett Danko or from other related program providers.

However, as you might know, taking the CFP exam already requires that you at least hold a bachelor’s degree, you’ve taken a CFP Board-approved course, and that you’ve fulfilled the necessary experience requirements.

Hence, don’t let it slip your mind that you need to get this done before even thinking of taking a CFP exam prep course.

Once these requirements have been fulfilled, the next step is to look at the course offering to ensure you pass the exam.


Having a look at the coursework we will cover and the teaching methods will help you decide if Brett Danko’s course will match your interests and help you pass the cFP exam the first time.

Brett Danko’s CFP exam live review structure is based on the need to help attendees apply, analyze and evaluate CFP knowledge in real-life situations.

The course provides attendees with pre-study material consisting of 2500 questions, including cases, mock exams, and quizzes surrounding certified financial planner knowledge.

According to the course provider, going through all the exam study material would typically take between 120-140 hours – which is expected of you before even attending the live review.

The magic all happens during the live review, where students are allowed to engage with a one-of-a-kind classroom book designed by Brett Danko.

The book’s structure was thought out to have attendees use it in that they only need to take limited notes.

Also, the book does not duplicate information found in other nationally provided study guides but rather complements the info.

Some favorable aspects of the coursework are that it includes many case studies, which are included abundantly in the CFP exam.

It would help to get comfortable with going through these case studies beforehand.

Finally, once you’re done with the course, Brett Danko pulls another trick out of the bag, with an online 480 prep questions available to go through before taking the actual CFP exam.  


With the pricing being one of the aspects we know everyone would want to know since that will likely be coming from your pocket, let’s look at the pricing of this course.

With a pre-study program, 35 exam classroom hours, Brentt’s online resources, videos of the live review, and a detailed study plan, the course may be worth its price of $1295.

Additionally, they provide deli-type sandwiches and platters for lunch for the first three days.

However, if you want to enroll under an upgraded package, like the Signature live review package, you’d be required to pay $2095.

We review what this package includes in the next section.

The Signature Live Review Package

Like the comprehensive live review package, Brett Danko’s Signature review package consists of over 3000 sample questions from the pre-study material and the live review book.

It is a four-day in-person live review classroom.

However, the extras in the Signature review package come from the additional 16 hours of live online classes with Brett Danko.

The 16 hours are divided into eight 2 hour sessions, each aimed at a different topic.

During the sessions, participants are allowed to ask questions, and because the classes consist of small groups, participants can engage in deeper learning.

Other add-ons to this package include a review of 6 additional case studies, 6 additional practice exams, a calculator training session, CFP flashcards, and, if needed, 1 free retake of the virtual live review.

How Good is The Brett Danko CFP Exam Live Review Course?

Now that you understand what the certified financial planning course is all about let’s take a deeper look into the upsides and downsides of this particular course.

Brett Danko CFP Pros

Foremost, Brett Danko’s CFP exam prep courses have an excellent reputation amongst industry experts.

Also, there’s a high chance you’ll be well equipped with everything you need to know to pass your exam on your first try.

Another reason this may be the right course for you is that it offers an extensive test bank.

Participants have access to 3000+ questions, which, if you ask us, is quite a lot to prepare for your exam thoroughly.

Student taking a pen and paper exam

Finally, they offer a comprehensive calculator training session.

However, Brett Danko hasn’t been able to formulate the absolute perfect exam prep course, here are some areas we think may be a letdown.

Brett Danko CFP Cons

One of the downsides of Brett Danko’s in-person CFP exam course is that it takes place in limited cities, most located in the northeast.

Brett Danko holds one virtual live review class priced at $1095 to compensate for this – but again, there’s nothing like a face-to-face experience.

Another letdown is that the option to retake this course is limited to one virtual course, which may not be appealing to everyone.

With that being about everything you need to know about the Brett Danko CFP live review exam prep course, let’s take a look at what else the CFP education facilitator has to offer.

Other CFP Courses from Brett Danko

Although Brett Danko offers a plethora of classes for professionals in the financial services industry, we felt the need to mention two others.

These are specifically beneficial to people working towards becoming a Certified Financial Planner.

CFP certification professional education program

Becoming a Certified Financial Planner requires that you obtain a CFP approved educational course from an accredited institution.

Brett Danko’s academic Center is authorized to provide such courses.

Upon completing their seven-course CFP program, candidates will be eligible to take the CFP Board Exam.

Ethics CE

Once you’ve obtained your license, Financial Planners need to get continuing education credits every two years to keep their license active.

Brett Danko’s educational Center offers a CFP board code of ethics and professional conduct that fulfills the two hours ethics continuing education requirement and that will help you maintain your CFP license.

The cost price of this course s $50.

After taking the full array of courses mentioned in this article, you should be able to take your CFP examination and become a Certified Financial Planner.


We believe you’re looking to take the CFP Board Examination.

Well, taking an exam prep test is one of the best ways to ensure you’ve become familiar with the coursework.

You will be tested on your ability to interact with as many practice exams as possible to get a feel of the real exam.

Among the most popular CFP exam prep courses to undergo is Brett Danko’s CFP exam live review.

Apart from being curated by an expert, it has gained a good reputation amongst many CFP professionals.

So, if you’re ready to take your CFP exam, perhaps after reading this guide, you’ll be able to finalize your decision on which exam prep course to undergo.

All the best!  



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