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CPA Review Courses
Becker CPA course 
Gleim CPA Review
Surgent CPA Review
Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review
UWorld Roger CPA Review

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CPA Courses

I am going to share some additional information on what CPA review courses are if you’re on edge about acquiring CPA study materials.

A CPA review course is a set of self-study materials meant to help applicants pass the CPA Exam by training them about the exam’s contents.

Some CPA course components are available online, depending on your learning style such as the fast forward academy.

Becker CPA course

Becker CPA course Review provides CPA exam prep courses which are the industry’s gold standard.

Becker has educated over a thousand CPA candidates.

They have established connections with the Big four and other leading accounting firms in order to teach their future CPAs.

Becker has put in a lot of effort to create courses that adhere to the AICPA standards and help you complete the Certification Test on the first try.

Becker employs an adaptive e-learning environment with unlimited access, digital and hard-copy materials, over 400 SkillMaster videos with extensive issue descriptions, and digital flashcards.

Informative video interpretations of the answers are provided for several of the MCQs.

Furthermore, the SkillMaster videos take you through every test scenario and teach you how to strengthen your analytical abilities in order to solve them.

Additionally, Becker’s Final Review is a cram course that includes compressed reviews of important concepts, as well as updated MCQs and simulations, which are just as difficult as the ones you’ll encounter on test day.

The timed sample examinations feel exactly like the real exam, giving you even more experience.

Becker also provides customized attention through Live Online or Live classes, as well as five one-hour coaching sessions.

Becker is instrumental in passing the CPA Exam.

Becker’s complete platform is now available online, which you will adore (you do not need to download the PassMaster software).

The new Becker user interface is very attractive and simple to operate.

So, now applicants get the wonderful Becker quality and more studying tools than before.

Becker is one of the best CPA review courses that you can use.

Surgent CPA Review for your CPE

Surgent CPA Review is a well-known best CPA prep course taught by award-winning experts.

Surgent’s instructors include a lot of MCQs and actual task-based simulations in their courses (SIMs).

They also come with more than 100 hrs. video lessons, high-quality texts, practice exams, and unlimited access until you pass.

Surgent CPA Review Ultimate Pass also employs an adaptive training platform called A.S.A.P.Technology, which tailors your study to your weak material areas.

This strategy allows you to study for less time.

Surgent claims their applicants study for the test for fewer than 100 hours each part.

They also have an overall passing rate of 89.7 %.

What you will appreciate best about Surgent is that you get a READYscore, which forecasts your CPA Test scores with stealthy accuracy.

When studying for this test, there is nothing quite satisfying than seeing your READYscore improve each time you work through the course.

Surgent’s costs make their CPE courses quite affordable, especially with the discount coupon.

Surgent provides several fantastic features – an interesting professor, adaptive learning technology, tracking, and pass rates assurance – all in one attractive bundle if your price isn’t too tight.

Gleim CPA Review

Gleim Premium CPA Review creates some of the most cost-effective CPA solutions while maintaining good quality.

Gleim also offers over 10,000 MCQs and over 1,300 SIMs, placing it one of the most comprehensive collections of CPA questions accessible.

Compared to other suppliers, Gleim provides hundreds more practice TBSs.

You also like that you will get explanations for the correct and incorrect answers when you respond to the practice questions.

Plus, Gleim’s practice exams are designed to closely resemble the Certification Test, so you will feel more at ease on exam day.

Digital and print books, SmartAdapt courses, audio lectures, personal counselor, rankings digital flashcards, access until you pass, and the Gleim Instruct Video Series are all available through Gleim.

Gleim has also been creating the best CPA study materials since 1974, so they understand a thing or two about the sections of the CPA exam.

The test bank is by far the greatest I’ve seen, and you should use it to focus on your weak spots at the most granular level.

In the test bank, for example, you may dig deeper not only into derivatives but also into the kind of derivative and more.

The Gleim practice tests are challenging and excellent for people who wish to boost their confidence in order to pass.

The Gleim CPA exam bank is extremely popular because of its large quantity of questions.

Gleim is a fantastic course for individuals who struggled in school with ideas.

Furthermore, if you enjoy delving into the intricacies, Gleim’s product may be ideal for you.

Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review 

The Wiley CPAexcel Review Course is part of a range of business and finance test prep courses.

Wiley’s CPA Platinum Review Course includes textbooks as well as 2,000-plus pages of online materials, 140plus hrs of video lectures, and a large test bank with 12,000 multiple-choice questions and 500+ true-false scenarios.

Wiley also offers digital flashcards for studying on the move.

Finally, Wiley CPAexcel’s Virtual Classroom Series offers live CPA test lessons in a classroom-like setting; instructors and learners may even communicate as if they were in the same room!

Choose Wiley for your CPA course.

UWorld Roger CPA Review

UWorld Roger CPA Review courses employ a cutting-edge technology called SmartPath Predictive Technology to assist learners through greater course CPA exam materials that assist CPA candidates to complete the CPA test faster.

Roger’s website claims that their AI software helps users ace the test three times faster than other applicants.

Roger has a remarkable 91% success rate on the CPA Exam.

When contrasted with other review providers, Roger’s complete Elite course contains fewer MCQs and sample questions.

Roger’s founders, on the other hand, profess to prioritize quality above quantity.

They devote your study time to high-quality issues rather than countless MCQs.

Roger’s lectures are also known for being quite interesting.

Yaeger CPA Exam Review

The Yaeger CPA Review 4-Part Course Package contains texts, audio lectures, CRAM courses, and printed flashcards, as well as 120 plus hours of video lectures for each component.

But it’s Yaeger’s particular touch that truly catches my eye.

This package includes personalized phone app sessions with Phil Yaeger to help you create a study strategy and track your progress.

You also get access to a face-to-face teacher hotline for a nominal monthly charge that links you directly to Phil Yaeger as well as other trainers for up to 2 hrs per test portion every month.

Roger deliberately skips through the non-essential portions of the exam topic.

As a result, although some students like it, others may find it difficult to keep up.

You won’t find the material coverage you’re searching for in Roger’s course if you want to learn as much as possible regarding accounting for the CPA Test and your job (since all that additional accounting knowledge is helpful for both).

Check out the demonstration to see whether the old-school teaching method appeals to you.

If you do, going with Yaeger or, at the absolute least, supplementing with a cram course may save you a lot of expenses.

Lambers CPA Test Bank

Customer support at Lambers CPA Review is excellent.

A content specialist will answer accounting queries within 24 hours using the “Ask the Expert” function.

To discover your material shortcomings and target your study, the Lambers platform employs three learning styles.

Your baseline knowledge is established in the Pre-Test mode.

The Adaptive Studying option then drills the things you don’t understand.

Finally, the scheduled simulated tests simulate the sensation of the genuine exam.

In addition, if you fail two times on a segment of the CPA Exam, Lambers will pay back your course purchase cost for that section.

There are no audio courses available at Lambers.

Although the firm does not offer an app, its mobile site functions well on smartphones and tablets.

However, this course is incomplete since it misses elevated video lectures, live online classrooms, flashcards, and textbooks.

Lambers CPA exam prep course, on the other hand, is a reasonably priced test bank, though the number of simulations is currently limited.

Practice questions are drilled into you during the Lambers CPA courses to ensure that you understand the material.

This type of training may be beneficial if you currently have an accounting background.

Lambers could be a good fit for you if you are a busy person who only has time for a straightforward course with few frills.

Lambers, on the other hand, might be utilized as a test bank to augment a more thorough review course.

Universal CPA Exam Review courses

Universal CPA Review Courses is a relatively recent participant in CPA Exam preparation.

The firm primarily concentrates on visual learning.

Universal’s course, in other words, combines multi-media video presentations, graphically improved study aids, and a test bank containing video interpretations for all multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations.

Unlimited access to study resources for each part of the CPA Exam, a 30-minute study plan discussion with a Universal member of the team, dozens of video lectures, 200-plus task-based simulations, and 4,200-plus practice multiple-choice questions are all included in the Entire Package.

Visual-based learning, according to Universal CPA Review, allows you to learn quickly and absorb information better than traditional text-based techniques.

As a result, visuals, charts, and infographics emphasize topics in the Universal study guides.

Similarly, the animated videos differ from typical CPA prep providers’ CPA exam classroom-style video sessions.

Instead, the video presentations from Universal depend primarily on visual aids to explain the exam’s most difficult questions.

Universal CPA Review, on the other hand, does not now provide many of the extra capabilities that other firms do.

If you want to study on the move, Universal, for example, doesn’t have a mobile app, flashcards, or audio lectures.

However, the CPA study programs do not feature timed mock exams, which seem to be essential for exam preparation.

Also, compared to other CPA Exam study courses, the test bank offers much fewer multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations.

Universal compensates for the lack of a larger test bank by providing video explanations for each example question.

If you’re a visual learner, Universal CPA Review’s free 14-day trial could be for you.

Lastly, if you acquire Universal’s goods, you will receive a 7-day recommendation for a CPA Review in General.

Best CPA Test Bank

According to the CPA Exam Blueprints, the exam has tons of questions covering a wide range of topics.

Note that, the exam questions might cover any topic related to the themes.

So, in order to pass, you’ll have to answer a number of practice questions.

A test bank is a set of questions created by the review provider or previously issued by the AICPA.

Increased exposure to exam content, the opportunity to reinforce weak spots, and experience with the test environment are advantages of using a large test bank.

You’ll also have a lower probability of forgetting the questions.

The size of the test bank varies substantially amongst CPA study resources.

Nonetheless, a few review sites have assembled the largest and most comprehensive test banks available.

Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank

Over 10,000 distinct questions and scenarios are included in the Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank, as well as full solution answers for each question.

The Gleim Premium Course, on the other hand, has a lot more questions: more than 13,000, with over 1,300 TBSs.


NINJA CPA Review is a well-known CPA membership service that gives you access to a range of learning resources, including a test bank.

Thousands of questions are included in the NINJA CPA Review exam bank.

It also employs an adaptive learning system, allowing you to concentrate on your weak areas.

This test bank is an excellent addition to any CPA course.

Best CPA Review Video Lectures

Watch video lectures to make studying appear a bit less like studying.

They’re video recordings of professors explaining test ideas and questions to students.

You can digest material quicker and keep it longer with video lectures, expand your knowledge, enjoy engaging with topics more, and have more flexible study sessions.

Choose a CPA course based on the quality of the video lectures rather than the amount of the video lectures.

Although some video lectures are perplexing or boring, they are ideal for other courses.

Becker CPA Review Course 

Becker has the most video lecture sessions of any company in the business.

As a result, Becker’s video lessons cover more CPA Exam information than anybody else’s, offering them the best CPA training courses for audio and visual trainees.

Finally, the Becker lectures are led by a group of CPAs, Ph.Ds., and accounting experts with real-world experience, ensuring that the information is accurate, intelligent, and useful.

Roger CPA Review

These videos feature professors giving high-quality, interesting lectures.

The video lectures considerably enhance Roger CPA Review’s goal of being a successful, efficient, and pleasant course.

Roger is a skilled, active, and knowledgeable teacher; therefore, the video CPA classes are arguably the best available.

If you want to incorporate video lectures within your CPA exam prep course, you should wait for ones that you enjoy.

Best CPA Exam Multiple-Choice Questions

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) make up the majority of the CPA Exam; however, they aren’t your standard MCQs.

However, the CPA Exam Blueprints identify these tasks as a test of sophisticated abilities such as applicability and analysis.

To solve MCQs correctly, you need to do more than remember formulae.

Instead, you should constantly answer test practice questions to obtain the level of expertise required to score well on the MCQs.

Because realistically challenging MCQs are a key part of the CPA review process, you’ll require a course that includes them.

Becker CPA Review course

Becker probably provides you with more practice questions than you require, which is a good thing.

Interestingly, Becker only includes questions relevant to the CPA Exam, so you won’t be studying subjects that are no longer examined.

Be informed that Becker has enough experience in the field to know how to construct an MCQ that resembles those seen on the CPA Exam.

As a result, you’ll have lots of chances to develop your knowledge to the level that the test requires.

Gleim CPA Review Course

Another course that has developed its reputation on high-quality questions is Gleim CPA Review.

Gleim also provides you with a pile of multiple-choice questions.

It also contains every AICPA-released MCQ with more than 40 years in the field.

Furthermore, each MCQ is accompanied by Gleim’s extensive answer explanations.

Because the two MCQ tests on each exam section account for half of your score, I recommend giving MCQs equal weight in your study course selection.

Best CPA Exam Task-Based Simulations

The CPA Exam is designed to ensure that you are prepared to perform the duties of a CPA in the real world.

As a result, the test includes task-based simulations, which are questions that simulate the activities of a CPA (TBSs).

TBSs ask you to fill out tax documents, enter numbers into spreadsheets, or examine a document with the information presented.

TBSs are an important component of the CPA Exam.

As a result, they should be an important part of the CPA study resources.

Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review not only has the most TBSs, but it also has the greatest quality TBSs.

Almost every Gleim TBS satisfies the CPA Exam’s requirements.

As a consequence, your knowledge will be able to satisfy the exam’s education requirements.

TBSs are far too critical to place Gleim on the top of the list just on the basis of simulations.

Becker CPA Review

Becker CPA Review provides 500+ TBSs.

Furthermore, Becker has developed a special video series to assist students in mastering TBSs, the most difficult form of the CPA Test question.

This SkillMaster video series offers step-by-step guidance for conquering all 500+ TBSs Becker has created.

Best CPA Review Audio Lectures

Would you like to research for the CPA Exam while you’re on the go?

Then create audio lectures as a part of your exam preparation playlist.

Audio lectures are self-explanatory: they are the lecture’s audio material.

As a result, they’re great for auditory students or applicants who want to get the most out of their time.

The purpose of audio lectures is to allow you to prepare for the test while doing less taxing duties such as cycling, washing, or traveling.

You may download and access all the review courses featuring audio lectures on whatever listening device you like.

Consider the content covered and the lecturer’s teaching style when deciding which audio lectures you require.


The most commonly used audio lectures are available at NINJA CPA Review.

These audio lectures encompass the essentials and allow you to maximize your time until exam day.

The audio lectures are included with the monthly NINJA CPA package.

Gleim CPA Review

The Gleim CPA Review audio lectures are well produced and provide comprehensive material.

They aren’t quite as fun as Roger’s, but they contain useful information.

Furthermore, you have the option to stream or save them based on your preferences.

Best CPA Exam Study Guide Planners

Cracking the CPA Exam necessitates making preparations for the exam’s prerequisites, applications, and dates, among other things.

Thankfully, your school can assist you in creating a study plan by providing you with a CPA Exam study planner.

A study planner is not included in every course.

However, I’ve found that dynamic, adaptive planners are the most effective in keeping everyone on track to achieving.

A good study planner should be customizable in the sense that it provides a personalized schedule that includes your vacation days.

Finally, it should react by keeping track of your progress, making appropriate changes to due dates, and holding you responsible.

Surgent CPA Review course 

Surgent CPA Review’s study planner is among the finest because it is entirely based on your timeline and daily studying progress.

Your general study schedule is determined by your test date and weeks when you are not available to study.

Then, depending on how well you did in past CPA exam classes, you can adjust your everyday study plan.

Gleim CPA Review

The Gleim CPA Review study planner is just as satisfactory, allowing you to enter all of your schedule details and study interests before having to reveal a workable plan.

It also sends you SMS or emails if you skip a study session.

Determine how quickly you want to succeed, make time in your calendar for consistent study times, estimate 1-2 study credit hours per day, and calculate when you will finish preparing to guarantee you select the ideal test day and are completely prepared on time.

Best CPA Exam Cram Courses

There are two motives why you may want to study for the CPA Exam: whether you want to ace the exam quickly or if you desire to feel well-prepared.

In any case, a cram course may assist you.

A cram course is a shortened study of important test subjects only available for a limited time.

They’re essentially a study insurance policy that ensures you memorize all the information, definitions, timeframes, rates, and calculations before the exam.

Though some are stand-alone courses, most cram courses are meant to be used with a more extensive CPA study guide.

In certain cases, you may only buy the cram course when you are taking another review course from the same company.

Becker CPA

The Becker Cram Course Review is a cram course offered by Becker.

This cram course should be started 1-two weeks prior to your planned test date.

Simplified reviews of the most significant and difficult subjects expected to appear on the test are included in the course.

Roger CPA Review

Roger’s online cram course includes everything you’ll need to improve your CPA Test scores by up to ten points in a short amount of time.

You get 10-25 minutes micro-course lectures, practice problems on the presentations with in-depth descriptions, and condensed digital textbooks with two months of access.

If you’re worried about the certified public accountant exam and do not feel confident in your preparedness as exam day approaches, one of these high-quality cram courses might be worth your money.

Best CPA Exam Flashcards

Although flashcards aren’t the most technically sophisticated study tool, they have some tried-and-true benefits that can assist you to keep passing the CPA Exam.

Flashcards can help you remember definitions, equations, journal entries, and everything else you’re having trouble remembering.

Buying pre-made flashcards saves time and energy while attempting to make your own.

They improve your understanding and retention of the details.

Roger CPA Review

You can use flashcards with Roger CPA Review.

On the one hand, you may choose from a variety of digital flashcards that can be accessed by phone or tablet to help you improve your mind and recall skills.

You may use the digital flashcards to mark cards that you’ve learned and even split down the deck by subject.

Printing flashcards, on the other side, are an option.

Surgent CPA Review

Surgent CPA has prepared a spiral-bound set of printed flashcards for all four test parts.

There are 250 Auditing & Attestation (AUD), 300 Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR), 250 Business Environment & Concepts (BEC), and 250 Regulation (REG) flashcards in all, which cover over 1,000 concepts and meanings.

Surgent also refreshes its flashcards on a quarterly basis to ensure that they are constantly up to date with the current CPA Exam Blueprints.

Surgent’s printed flashcards are available as part of the Premier and Ultimate courses or individually.

Surgent, on the other hand, features a free flashcard app with 2,200 digital flashcards.

The fact that you don’t have to buy anything to utilize these flashcards renders them handy even if you create your own.

Best CPA Exam Mobile Apps 

Isn’t it true that you always carry your phone with you everywhere you go?

That implies, depending on the company you pick, you might have the CPA review course materials with you at all times.

The mobile apps that several CPA review providers have built to accompany their courses provide this ease.

Thanks to mobile apps, you may study anytime you get a chance to look at your tablet or phone.

CPA Exam smartphone apps have varying levels of capability.

Some include digital flashcards, while others make quizzes, while others cover the entirety of a program.

Becker CPA Review Course 

Becker CPA’s mobile app is a must-have for the firm’s clients.

No more hauling bulky books everywhere with you with this great app that offers the whole course.

The app connects to the online courses, allowing both resources to monitor your progress, which is fantastic.

Whenever you don’t have access to the internet, you may use the program to study offline.

Roger CPA Review Course

Roger has two excellent mobile applications.

The initial one is the flashcards app that I previously mentioned.

The other is a quiz app with multiple-choice questions.

This app enables you to study from a test bank of over 3,500 test questions released by the AICPA, as well as discover more about the explanations to these test questions through expert-written explanations.

You can also track your progress, bookmark specific CPA questions, and use a calculator and timer similar to those identified on the CPA Exam.

Preparing for the CPA Exam with a mobile app sounds natural because they are so common and simple to use.


Books, practice tests and simulations, and study planners are among the must-have CPA learning resources on this list.

Video lectures, flashcards, audio lectures, and adaptive technologies are all useful but not necessary features.

Finally, premium courses provide convenient assurances such as unlimited access.

These assurances are especially useful if the test takes more than 18 months to complete.



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