Hey everyone, welcome to another informative guide on the Wiley CFP prep course.

In this guide, we’ll go through its learning methods, coursework, and study material, determining its upsides and letdowns, and reviewing the extra features highlighted as their competitive advantage.

With the information shared in this guide, you’ll be able to determine if this is the right CFP exam prep course for you.

Specifically, this guide will cover:

Wiley Efficient Learning CFP Course
How good the Wiley Efficient Learning course is
Pros & Cons of the Wiley Efficient Learning course
What makes Wiley Efficient Learning Course stand out

Let’s get straight into it!

Wiley CFP – A Quick Intro 

As a Financial Advisor or one planning to break into the industry, nothing will help you prepare for the intimidating CFP certification examination than a highly educational CFP exam prep course.

However, with so many courses in the market, it can sometimes be hard to decipher which one will work best for you.

Hence, it’s vital to clearly define the level of interaction you need or the learning method that’s most suited to helping you achieve results and do research into the courses before leaping into your next course.

To help in the research process, we’ve put the Wiley Efficient Learning CFP course, one of the country’s top-rated courses, on the radar in this guide.

So, without wasting any time, let’s look into why the Wiley Efficient Learning Course may be the best for you by reviewing its requirements, cost, and structure to help you decide if it lives up to your individual preferences.  

Wiley Efficient Learning CFP Course

The Wiley Efficient Learning CFP course is one of the most affordable exam prep courses in the market.

Additionally, it is designed to be taken by professionals or people with personal commitments to ensure the candidate can balance study time – making it an attractive choice.

But before we get too head over heels with some of its most alluring selling points, let’s take a look at what you need to get accepted into this course.  


The Wiley CFP exam course is for almost everyone, as they do not require any education requirements or work experience.

However, taking the CFP certification exam comes with a set of conditions, which we feel would be a mistake to ignore before taking on an exam prep course.

As part of the certification process, you must earn a finance-related bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.

In addition, you’ve to take a CFP Board-approved course from an accredited educational institution, and fulfill the required work experience in the financial planning field – typically 6000 hours.

Once you tick off the above on your to-do list, then as far as Wiley stipulates, there should be nothing stopping you from enrolling in the Wiley exam review course.

With that cleared, let’s check out the structure of the course.  


The Wiley Efficient Learning CFP Exam review course provides over 15 hours of videos featuring a Lecturer or industry-expert teaching much-needed CFP concepts and core exam topics.

Because the videos are available on the group learning platform 24/7, students can consume bite-size portions of the lessons at their own convenient time.

Once you get access to the Wiley Learning platform, you will get an exam planner, which you may use to draw up a study plan according to your availability.

As you begin engaging with the videos, you’ll realize that each is about 30 to 45 minutes.

Wiley stated the reason for doing this is to ensure you can retain as much information in a short period.

Each lesson focuses on the principle knowledge topics tested in the CFP Board Examination.

These include:

  • Professional Conduct and Regulation,
  • Investment Planning,
  • Tax Planning,
  • Estate Planning,
  • Retirement Savings, and
  • Income Planning and Psychology of Financial Planning.

As you go through Wiley’s interactive learning videos, you’ll notice Wiley’s FocusMe Technology.

We’ll explore this in more detail towards the end of this article, and help identify areas you need to pay more attention to or perhaps redo.

To aid you in your study process, the Wiley CFP Exam Review Course Package includes a test bank with over 850 practice questions, 2 Mock exams, a mobile app to keep the studying going anywhere, anytime.

Additionally, there are over 1400 flashcards with a customizable flashcard builder.

Additionally, students are offered support during their study, 24/7, access to an online student discussion forum, a 2 volume study guide, and over 350 assessment questions at the end of your course.

Once you’ve completed over 50% of your study material, the system will then begin predicting how much you know and what you’re likely to score on the big exam day.

Once you’ve completed the course and are happy with your score prediction, you should be ready to apply to take the CFP Board Examination.

Before we delve into the cost of this course, here’s great news: Wiley generously offers a 14-day free trial and access to everything included in the Exam Review Course package so you can decide if it’s for you.


The cost of the Wiley CFP Exam Review course is $545.

While some publications have previously recorded that Wiley offers a Gold and Silver package at a slightly higher amount.

Their website currently only advertises the CFP Self-study Exam Review course, and we’re assuming that might be their only offering for 2024.

However, it’s worth contacting Wiley to find out if there are any other options for you apart from the $545 package.

Now that we’ve come to terms with all Wiley CFP has to offer, let’s dive a little deeper into how good this prep course is.

How Good is Wiley Efficient Learning Course?

With its comprehensive offering and affordable pricing, we’re not surprised that Wiley is one of the top-rated CFP courses.

However, although its pros are abundant, there is much room for improvement.

We breakdown the pros and cons of this course below.

Wiley CFP – Pros

Suppose we haven’t mentioned it several times in this article already, with the Wiley certified financial planner exam prep course.

In that case, students can prepare for the exam with various resources and practice exams at some of the most affordable prices across the market.

Some other positives of this course are that you get 24-hour support and access to the resources until you take the exam and pass.

Finally, for professionals who already have a handful of work on their plates, this course is designed to be taken alongside any busy schedule, so you don’t have to postpone getting your certification.

With the upsides mentioned, let’s get to the letdowns that hopefully can be improved.

Wiley CFP – Cons

While many of us are embracing the digital age, there are still many students who acquire knowledge better with face-to-face learning.

Unfortunately, Wiley CFP doesn’t offer in-person classes, leaving the student adamant about learning in-person, having to find a CFP exam prep course elsewhere with competitors such as Kaplan.

Finally, Wiley’s test bank is relatively thinner, with competitors like Dalton offering a test bank of about 2000 questions or more.

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons, the final section will delve deeper into the Wiley CFP exam prep course’s most crucial resources.

Extra features of the Wiley Efficient Learning Course

To make your course more impactful, the Wiley CFP course offers two crucial resources that develop your skills and knowledge regarding the different financial planning concepts.

And hopefully these would take you one step further to achieving your desired result.

These resources are included in the exam prep package, so it’s worth knowing what you stand to gain from them.  

Wiley CFP study guide

This two-volume set of the Wiley study guide contains more than 1000 pages of definitions, study tips, exam advice, and more.

Financial planners and teachers author the book; the book delivers the main knowledge topics part of the CFP curriculum in an easy-to-digest manner.

Furthermore, the book encourages critical thinking and problem solving, highly tested during the exam.

The best part is that this study guide is not just available to students enrolled in the Wiley exam prep package.

It can be purchased directly from Wiley or Amazon at about $175.  

Focus adaptive review technology

Wiley’s detailed online course has performance metrics known as their FocusMe Technology.

It helps you identify areas you are seemingly lagging in to encourage you to focus on them more.

In addition to highlighting areas of concern, FocusMe adjusts the difficulty level in questions to make it easier for students to comprehend.

Hence with studying being a difficult task, you can’t deny that Wiley has explored various options to make achieving exam success a lot easier.


Choosing to enroll in a CFP exam prep class is a great way to assume a pass guarantee.

And having the option to do it at an affordable price makes it even more reason not to miss undergoing an exam prep course.

By reading this guide, we hope you become more informed about Wiley’s course offering to help you take the necessary steps to enroll in a course and become certified.

All the best!





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