An Excellent Guide on LPN Resume Crafting in 2024

LPN Resume

Hi there! Welcome to another exciting and comprehensive Nurse code article. Today we will tackle a topic that most Licensed Practical Nurses struggle with; resume writing. Our in-depth article will walk you through the steps on how to craft a perfect resume, answer all your LPN Resume writing questions, and provide you with excellent resume samples. After … Read more

CNA Skills Test – Tips for Passing in 2024

CNA Skills Test

Welcome to the ultimate guide on the CNA Skills Test! After perusing this guide to the end, you will have all the tips to prepare and pass the CNA Skills Test. In this guide, we will cover the following: Let’s get into how to scale through the CNA Skills Test! Introduction Becoming a Certified Nursing … Read more

CNA to PCT: What Are The Options Available in 2024?


Dear reader, welcome to an exciting and informative article. Reading this till the end will help you understand the whole process of transitioning to a Patient Care Technician (PCT) from a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Specifically, we’ll discuss the following points: Let’s get into the day’s business as we explain the CNA/PCT transition process! Description … Read more

CNA to RN: Which Schools Are Available in 2024


Our esteemed reader, welcome to this blog post on transitioning from CNA to RN! You’ll learn the types of CNA to RN programs, requirements for an RN program, schools, and funding for RN programs. Here are the main thematic thrusts of the article: Let’s dig deep to know how to transition from CNA to RN! … Read more

CNA to LPN – How to Make a Seamless Transition in 2024?


Hello! Welcome to another marvelous piece on the transitioning from a Certified Nursing Assistant to a Licensed Practical Nurse. This article will look at why many CNAs transition to LPN and the educational and exam requirements for transitioning. This article shall discuss in detail the following: So, let’s get started! From CNA to LPN – Reason for Transitioning Many … Read more

How Career Employer Collects Its Data

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