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In this article, we want to dig deep into how much a Web Designer earns.

By the end of the read, you’ll know how experience, specialty, location, and type of employment can influence a Web Designer’s salary.

In brief, we’ll talk about:

  • Average Web Designer Salary
  • Web Designer Salary by experience, specialty, location, and type of employment
  • How to earn more as a Web Designer

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Introduction to Web Designer Salary

The number of businesses that are transitioning online is on the rise.

Moreover, technology is taking the world by storm.

It’s no wonder that web design is becoming increasingly popular.

Its popularity has led to a spike in demand for Web Designers.

And so, if you, like many others, want to become a Web Designer, it’s totally understandable.

And now you are thinking, how much do Web Designers make?

To clear the air, we want to help you make an informed choice on whether web design is worth the effort.

To do that, we’ve compiled a comprehensive review of Web Designers’ salaries based on different factors, including experience, specialty, location, and employment type.

Let’s kick this off with a general overview of the average salary of Web Designers.

Average Web Designer Salary

Average Web Designer Salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the national average for Web Developers, including Web Designers, is $77,200.

The bureau places the average hourly rate at $37.12.

Other salary aggregate platforms have slightly different projections.

According to, Web Designers earn an average pay of $52,513 per year. gives a salary range of $38k and $77k.

Web Designers in the 10th percentile take home roughly $38k, while those in the 90th percentile earn $77k.

The salaries of Web Designer Salary varies widely

Glassdoor has somewhat differing statistics.

According to Glassdoor, Web Designers earn a total annual income of $91,172.

The base salary, according to the platform, is $62,903.

That means Web Designers earn an additional $28,270 either as commission, tip, bonus, or profit-sharing.

We also have projecting an income of $68,304, with the majority earning between $68,106 and $74,882.

In contrast, Indeed reveals that these tech professionals take home around $52,865.

Similarly, ZipRecruiter gives an annual average salary of $59,439.

According to ZipRecruiter, Web Designers in the 25th percentile take home around $40,500.

Their counterparts in the 75th percentile earn $72,000.

And the top earners, those in the 90th percentile, make $93,500 annually.

Here is a table to give you perspective on Web Designer Salary projections.

Salary Website





Avg. Annual Income







From the table, we can say that the average Web Designer’s salary is $66,015.

The truth, however, is that the salaries for Web Designers vary widely.

And that’s what we want to look into next.

Salary by Years of Experience

Salary by Years of Experience

It goes without saying that professionals with years of experience in any industry earn more than junior employees, and for a good reason.

Their expertise is unmatched.

In web design, the same holds.

Web Designers with years of experience earn more than entry-level Web Designers. breaks down Web Designers’ salaries by experience as follows.

In their early career, Web Designers’ annual income is around $49,598.

As they advance to mid-career, that’s around 5-9 years; their salary increases to $58,355.

Senior Web Designers, experienced Developers with 10-19 years’ experience, earn $61,453.

And lastly, top-level Web Developers’ salary is $67,536.

Indeed, has almost the same projections.

According to the platform, mid-level Designers earn an average salary of $64,897.

Those with 10+ years of experience take home roughly $67,673.

Here is a tabulation of Web Designers’ salaries by years of experience as shown by

Years of Experience

Entry level

(1-4 years)


(5-9 years)


(10-19 years)

Late Career

(20+ years)

Avg. Annual income





Web Designer Salary by Speciality

Web Designer Salary by Speciality

Specialty is yet another factor that influences how much a Web Designer earns.

The Web Designer's Salary varies by specialization

Their average income varies depending on their specialization:

User Experience Designer

UX Designers make around $66,390, according to

Conversely, Indeed projects an average annual income of $85,216.

On average, we can say User Experience Designers make $75,803.

User Experience Web Designers focus on how a website looks and feels.

User Interface Designers

According to Indeed, User Interface Designers earn around $94,142.

On the flip side, estimates an annual income of $76,205.

That means a UI Designer can expect to earn something like $85,196 annually.

UI and UX Designers’ roles often overlap.

 You’ll mostly find UX/UI Designers’ job titles.

These two professionals must be proficient in wireframing, prototyping, research, responsive design, and analytical skills.

Interaction Designer

Interaction Designers perform almost the same duties as UX/ UI Designers.

They bring on board a touch of creativity and innovation.

Their goal is to ensure web pages or apps effectively communicate with people.

ZipRecruiter reveals that Interaction Designers earn $100,112 per year., on the other hand, estimates that these Web Designers make roughly $77,807.

Comparable gives almost the same data as ZipRecruiter.

According to the platform, these specialists make $103,359.

UX Researcher

User Experience Researchers are proficient in coding, analytical skills, and research.

These professionals must be proficient in design development, prototyping, competitor analysis, and researching user behavior.

UX Researcher’s pay ranges from $68,248 to $95,552.

Their average salary is $86,026

WordPress Web Designer

WordPress is the most common content management system.

And so, there are many job openings for designers in this specialization.

WordPress Designers must be proficient in HTML and CSS to design website interfaces using WordPress.

Experience using PHP and JavaScript is also great for those who want to become Theme Designers.

According to ZipRecruiter, these Web Designers earn an average of $58,139. estimates around $47,717, with the majority earning between $34k and $68k.

Web Designer Salary by Employment Type

UX Researcher Salary

Web Designers can be employed, working full-time or part-time for an organization.

They may also work at an agency either full-time or part-time.

The last option is becoming a Freelance Web Designer, where a Web Designer works remotely for a wide range of clients.

Full-time Web Designers, as we’ve seen, earn around $66,015.

According to Glassdoor, Freelance Web Designers earn around $76,16 per year.

On the other hand, ZipRecruiter estimates that their salary is $55,810.

Their hourly rate ranges from $30 to $80.

Freelance Web Designers earn more than those who are employed.

However, their income is not reliable.

They have to look for clients to maintain a constant stream of income.

Again, they pay their own taxes, insurance, and off-days.

Web Designer Salary by Geographical Location

Web Designer Salary by Geographical Location

Web Designer Salary also varies depending on one’s location.

Web Designers living in big cities are most likely to earn more because of the high cost of living compared to their counterparts in small towns.

According to Indeed, Web Designers working in New York are paid the highest.

Their average annual income is $61,240.

The second highest paying city is Seattle.

In Seattle, designers are paid around $59,367.

Chicago ranks as the third-highest paying state.

Web Designers in Chicago take home roughly $57,396.

In the fourth position is Denver, where designers earn $56,314.

Web Designer Salary also varies depending on one's location

Next is Atlanta.

In Atlanta, Web Designers’ salary averages $55,562.

Brooklyn, New York, is the next top payer.

Web Designer jobs pay $55,205 in Brooklyn.

In the seventh position is Austin.

Here their salary is $54,750.

Phoenix is yet another great payer.

A Web Designer makes $53,917 in Phoenix.

Lastly, Web Designers in Miami earn an average annual income of $52,399.

Here is a table presentation of the cities that pay Web Designers the most:

Top Paying States

Avg. Annual Income

New York


















How Web Designer Salary Compare to Related Professions

How Web Designer Salary Compare to Related Professions

Website design is a decent profession with good pay.

But the question is, how does it compare to other related careers?

You are about to find out.

Web Designer Vs. Back-End Developer

According to Indeed, Back-End Developers earn $95,163.

Their salary ranges from $70k to $125k.

On the flip side, Glassdoor projects an annual income of $116,809.

Back-End Developers earn more than Web Designers.

Web Designer Vs. Front-End Developer

When it comes to comparing Front-End Developers’ to Web Designers’ salaries, Front-End Developers earn more.

Indeed estimates that these tech professionals earn around $92,869, which is not far from Glassdoor statistics.

According to Glassdoor, Front-End Developers take home around $93,810.

Web Designer Vs. Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers are known for notoriously high pay in the industry.

This is probably because they are well-versed in front-end and back-end website development.

Salary data indicate that entry-level Full Stack Web Developers earn an average of $90k per year.

Indeed estimates that the average Full Stack Web Developer Salary is $100,380.

Again, Full-Stack Website Developers earn more than Web Designers.

Web Designer Vs. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are experts in visual designs.

These professionals are on par with Web Designers.

Graphic Designers earn an annual average salary of $58,825, according to Indeed.

On the flip side, projects an income of $47,787.

Web Designer Vs. IT Infrastructure Analyst

Like Graphic Designers, IT Infrastructure Analyst’s salary is almost the same as Web Designers’.

Web Designer Vs. IT Infrastructure Analyst

They earn between $49k and $85k. reveals they earn around $70,614 per year.

How to Earn More as a Web Designer

How to Earn More as a Web Designer

Web Designer Salary is slightly lower than other similar professions in the tech industry.

But you don’t have to settle for that.

You can earn more.

Here are pro-tips to help you increase your earnings as a Web Designer:

Hone Your Web Design Skills

One of the best ways to grow your expertise is to hone your skills in one or several areas.

You can specialize in niches like product design, UX design, or UI design, which pay better than Web Design.

Getting in-depth knowledge about platforms like InDesign, Figma, Sketch, Axure, and Invasion is a great way to increase your potential to earn more.

Further, you can bridge the gap between Web Development and Design by learning Front-End Languages, HTML and CSS, or back-end SQL databases.

With coding knowledge, you don’t need to rely on Web Developers, especially if you are a Freelancer.

There’s also the option of earning a certification like Adobe Certified Expert.

Honing your skills in different areas is the key to earning more, as you can apply for different jobs and give clients full value for their money.

Pick a Side Hustle

With additional skills, you can get started in a side hustle.

Say you are a full-time employee; you can relegate time on the side and venture into freelancing in the mornings, evenings, or weekends.

Besides making extra cash, freelancing will expose you to different web design jobs, expanding your expertise.

Another side hustle that you can jump into is teaching web design.

You can take up this side hustle if you have years of experience under your belt.

It can also be a great opportunity if you are knowledgeable in a specific niche.

If you resort to teaching, you can launch a web design course on Udemy or Teachable.

You can also seek training opportunities on local boot camps or online training platforms.

Again, you can launch a website and sell courses to your web visitors.

Side hustle opportunities are many.

You only need to look deep into the industry, identify a gap and fill it by offering top-notch specialized services.

Go Where You are Valued

Companies value Web Designers differently.

Some value them more than others.

Companies that value Web Designers more are those that are defined by design.

Digital marketing companies are most likely to spend on design as their business revolves around it.

So, it will be best to work for a company whose survival is pegged on design.

This way, you’ll command higher pay.


conclusion on Web Designer Salary

And that’s it!

A Web Designer’s salary is fairly good.

A Web Designer can earn more or less depending on many factors.

Things like experience level, specialty, location, and employment type significantly affect the total income Web Designers take home.

The good news is that no matter how much a Web Designer earns currently.

They can earn more.

So, if Web Design is your passion, you can get started on this career path knowing you have a high salary potential.


Web Designer FAQs

How much do you get paid to be a Web Designer?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web Designers earn $77,200. projects an annual salary of $52,523.

According to the platform, their salary ranges from $38k to $77k.

Years of experience, specialty, location, and type of employment influence the actual amount a Web Designer earns.

How much does a Web Designer make per hour?

According to BLS, the hourly wage of a Web Designer is around $37.12.

At the same time, estimates that the hourly rate is $20.37.

On the flip side, Indeed gives an hourly pay of $26.57.

The amount a Web Designer charges per hour depend on their experience level.

What is the starting salary of a Web Page Designer?

At the entry-level, 1-4 years of experience in the industry, a Web Designer earns an average salary of $49,598.

This amount may fluctuate depending on whether they are Freelancers or employed.

Other factors like specialization and geographical location also influence their annual income.

Can you make good money as a Web Designer?


You can.

Web Designers earn around $77,200, according to BLS.

Web Designers have the potential to earn more as they gain experience in the industry.

Further, they can hone their skills, pick a hustle or seek employment in companies they feel valued to earn more.

Is web design a good job?


The demand for Web Designers is on the rise.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there’ll be a 13% increase in Web Developers’ employment opportunities, including Designers.

This translates to 17,900 job opportunities annually.

Again, Web Design is a highly fulfilling career.

What skills are needed to be a Web Designer?

– Knowledge of design software such as Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Sketch

– Understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

– Expertise in user interface and user experience design

– Excellent communication skills

– Attention to detail

– Team player with problem-solving skills

– Proficiency in research

What is the difference between Web Design and Development?

Web Designers focus on how the website looks and feels.

They work on the visual aspect of the website.

Web Development is about coding the concepts outlined by Designers to create a functional website.

Both areas work together to create a functional, responsive, and user-friendly website.

What do you do as a Web Designer?

Web Designers are responsible for how a site looks and feels.

They work on websites’ layout, color, graphics, and font to ensure web pages are aesthetically pleasing.

Web Designers may work on a new website or update an existing one.










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