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This article will give you insights on how to learn SQL and learning resources that will provide you with the best learning experience.

After reading this article, you will understand the various learning options and single out the one convenient for you.

Here are the topics we will focus on in this article:

  • Learning SQL For Free
  • Online Video Tutorial
  • Online Learning Platforms and other Learning Resources
  • Free SQL Classes and Bootcamps
  • SQL Certification Courses

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Introduction on How To Learn SQL

How To Learn SQL

Structured Query Language continues to be the standard programming language that has created, designed, and managed relational databases since the 1970s.

It differs from other programming languages whose focus and capability are building Apps, Web Development, and Software Development.

SQL is used for storage, retrieval, and data manipulation in databases.

It is common knowledge that most applications are created using popular languages such as Python and Ruby, but a very different configuration is required when it comes to database creation.

This different configuration is the SQL which is useful to Programmers who can do the following:

  • Adding, updating, and deleting rows of data
  • Modifying database tables and index structures
  • Generating tables and database project
  • Retrieving information from databases to enable transaction processing and analytics

What makes SQL so special is its unique markup and its ability to use tables to configure data in rows and columns, allowing SQL users to access, manipulate and analyze specific datasets easily.

SQL is a vital database tool for aspiring Programmers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers.

You can also learn SQL for data analysis, which is why most professionals in the data field want to learn to code SQL.

If you haven’t learned SQL, you don’t need to worry because various resources will enable you to learn SQL for free.

Learning SQL For Free  

How To Learn SQL Free SQL classes is a way of learning SQL from online institutions

This is nothing to fret about if you don’t know how to learn SQL coding.

There are countless ways to acquire free SQL training online.

SQL is a vital database tool for aspiring Programmers, used for storage, retrieval, and data manipulation in databases

There are online resources that give you a platform for learning SQL from scratch, while others will help launch your career.

Knowing which is best for learning SQL or the best way to learn SQL can be daunting with many free resources.

There are various suggestions on learning SQL, how to learn SQL free, and how to learn SQL fast.

Online Video Tutorial on How To Learn SQL

How To Learn SQL

Those who love learning by video have reason to smile because there are perfect free SQL tutorials to learn from among the countless available ones.

A good online tutorial effectively familiarizes you with the visual components of SQL coding as you learn all the SQL vocabulary.

Here is one commonly used video tutorial platform that can give you that step-by-step learning experience that you should consider:


YouTube is a rich resource for educational tutorials, and the Learning SQL Programming videos are no different.

There are various videos where you can learn SQL in 10 minutes or 60 minutes, learn SQL basics if you are a beginner, and equip yourself with the SQL fundamentals, all for free.

If you don’t know what channels to visit, just search for the specific SQL topics you need to learn, such as SQL Basics for beginners, for example.

How To Learn SQL: A good online tutorial effectively familiarizes you with the visual components of SQL coding as you learn all the SQL vocabulary

YouTube is a content-rich platform because there is always a video for everything under the sun.

You will undoubtedly find various channels offering great SQL tutorials covering beginners’ topics such as Database Management Basics and many other topics.

Most of these videos have been well made to not only make you understand but to help you concentrate even when they have to entertain or keep you engaged for you to understand.

Online Learning Platforms

How To Learn SQL

Tutorials are great and very helpful for beginners, seasoned Programmers who require some quick refresher, and self-paced learners.

Here are a few very useful learning platforms that you might consider.


This resource comprises 19 self-paced, interactive lessons that begin from the Basics of SQL series right up to creating tables and more.

Every lesson has an exercise at the end to make learning effective.

You always have the option to explore the lessons ahead if you already feel comfortable with the current lesson.

SQL Course 

This is an online resource that is rich in interactive lessons and tutorials. 

It is a self-paced online resource ideal for beginners and professionals who would love to remind themselves of the basics.

The lessons comprise practices of creating your unique tables and doing inserts, updates, deletes, selects, and drops.

This platform’s SQL activities offer immediate feedback to aid in your learning as you go.


This resource features practical references and exercises.

You can make this tutorial site your bookmark because you will find it very useful, especially for learning some great SQL hacks, quick tutorials on JOIN, NULL, SUM, COUNT, and how to use SQL with C#.


This is another practical self-paced tutorial with chapters covering how to use SQL in Database Systems such as MYSQL, MS Access, SQ Server, Oracle, Postgres, and Informix.  

The lessons feature exercises, great examples, quizzes, and references that make your learning effective as you go.

Free SQL Classes 

How To Learn SQL

This is another way of learning SQL from online institutions, which is very useful and effective because you get to study within a structured environment and with industry experts.  

Various popular courses will get you started on SQL fundamentals and are also quick courses that won’t take much time.  

Here are some that are worth a look.

Introduction To SQL: Querying And Managing Data By Kahn Academy

This is a beginner-level course that offers a detailed introduction to SQL basics.

It covers foundational SQL skills such as table creation, storing, selecting, querying, and data manipulation.  

More sections feature advanced SQL inquiries, JOIN functionality, relational queries, database modification, and more SQL topics.

It is also a self-paced course which is very convenient for students.


This class features free courses that have been sourced from renowned institutions like Havard, NYU, and Stanford.

EdX offers very useful resources for both seasoned and new Programmers.

This class will teach you SQL basics and other topics like Structured Database Environments and Querying.

They also have their 12-week Introduction to Computer Science class, which covers in-depth courses comprising SQL and more programming languages.

Introduction To Relational Databases By Udacity

This free self-paced course is convenient for intermediate Programmers who want to improve their relational database skills in 4 weeks.

It features four weeks of rich learning content and great interactive quizzes to sharpen your skills.  


This popular online course provides more than 13,000 video resources and many valuable tips from industry experts minus the intenseness of a fully interactive course.

There are various free online classes such as:

  • Introduction to Databases & SQL Querying
  • SQL Foundations
  • Advanced Databases & SQL Querying 

You can also consider paid courses such as:

  • Complete SQL Bootcamp 2021(Go From Zero to Hero)
  • SQL Essentials (The Beginners Guide to SQL Language)

These courses cost between $13.99 to $31.99 and cover all the downloadable learning material, Instructor access, interactive projects, and a certification of completion.

Learning Resources

How To Learn SQL

As you learn SQL, you can always use various resources for reference to understand even better.  

Here are some great resources for learning SQL that you can always use to improve the learning experience:

SQL For Web Nerds EBook

This EBook features reference pages containing real production examples, which are useful for intermediate and seasoned Programmers.

SQL Cheatsheet

This is a GitHub repository that is great for learning SQL queries.

It features useful SQL queries and how to use them, such as data modification, JOIN, finding data, reporting, view, creating table queries, and altering tables.

Thread Consultations  

Thanks to countless online active forums addressing questions, a fellow Programmer is always ready to answer your questions when in doubt.

Various thread platforms can help you clarify any matters during your learning process, and they are;

  • Reddit
  • Stack Overflow
  • Stack Exchange

Free SQL Bootcamps 

How To Learn SQL

Even though some Bootcamps might not always be thorough, most free Bootcamps are quick and intensive in building your SQL skills.

Most Bootcamps will chuck you out of that programming comfort zone and increase your thirst to learn more.

There are many Bootcamps run by online platforms, such as:

Udemy SQL 101 Class

This is a Bootcamp Beginners Introduction to SQL in NYC.

The class is an actual beginner’s course covering SQL analytics basics.

The Bootcamp offers MYSQL through online platforms and covers the basics of SQL analytics.

In this Bootcamp, you don’t need any previous coding experience or SQL knowledge.

Introduction To SQL With DataCamp

This is a 4-hour Bootcamp that is free and whose primary focus is querying tables in MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.

It contains 41 exercises that quickly cover and test your skills in column selecting, aggregate functions, filtering rows, sorting, and grouping.

SQL Certification Courses

How To Learn SQL

You will only get an SQL Certification by learning.

This is an excellent option if you don’t have time to earn a degree the usual way but still want a quality SQL learning experience with real-world exposure to learn the skills effectively.

Here are a few places to get an SQL Certification:

  • SQL Essential Training (A 3-hour Beginners Course)
  • Intro to Structured Query Language by University of Michigan(A 16-hour Coursera course)
  • Davis’ SQL for Data Science by University of California( 14-hour  Beginner Coursera Course)
  • Learn SQL Course By Codecademy

After completing the above courses, you earn a certificate of completion, access to real-world projects, peer support, and guidance.


How To Learn SQL

We have looked at how to become an SQL expert through learning and why you need to learn SQL syntax as a Programmer.  

We have also explored the free SQL courses, The Bootcamps, The Thread, The Institutions, and the online resources where to learn SQL online free.  

After learning and completing an SQL Developer Course, you might want to further strengthen your skills by installing a free SQL Database system.  

Some free open source SQL Databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL are the most popular options.

You can also consider Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, which are industry leaders and have free trial options.

When you have a downloaded SQL Database, you will get to learn SQL through a hands-on trial and error.

You can further learn by working on an actual project.

It doesn’t have to be a mega project; find a small project and use SQL to get it done.

After you master SQL commands, you can take on a project allowing you to do daily coding practice to improve your skills further.

When you finally hit the job market, you will build confidence in your skills, have an impressive portfolio, and pass all the SQL-related interview questions.

Becoming a great Programmer requires practice because knowledge is useless without practice.

All that dedication to an SQL study process will not be in vain.


How To Learn SQL FAQs

How hard is it to learn SQL?

SQL is an easy language to learn if you are a dedicated beginner and take full advantage of the available resources online.

However, as a beginner, it can take longer.

If you already know some programming languages, you will learn how to master SQL in a few weeks.

Is SQL worth learning today?

SQL is a high-demand and widely-used programming language for data work.

Modern employers will also value SQL skills in professionals, especially those in the data field, because SQL remains a top data work language.

Therefore, it is worth learning SQL because it increases your earning potential as a Programmer.

How long does it take to learn SQL?

With SQL being a simple language, learners can learn basic SQL in three weeks.

Consider renowned online learning platforms like Udemy, W3Schools, or the free YouTube channels, which can be helpful if you are dedicated and genuinely interested in learning SQL.

How can I learn SQL by myself?

When learning, avoid burdening yourself and picking too many courses.

Just pick one or two free courses and use the available SQL books.

It is also good to keep learning by getting a freelance project or joining SQL online communities.

Teaching others will also help sharpen your skills.

Is SQL easy to learn on your own?

As you learn the basic  SQL commands on your own,  it is also essential to take an SQL class because it will hasten the learning process.

Make sure you explore the fundamental SQL concepts through real-world training because that will best prep you for advanced SQL skills and certification testing.

Should I learn SQL or MySQL?

If you are working with any Database Management System, you will need to learn SQL to handle data efficiently.

The best way is to learn the language first and then master the fundamentals of the relational Database Management System since this involves more running SQL queries.

Is MySQL hard to learn?

MySQL is trending as a Business Database Platform because it is simple to use.

It is mainly used with PHP language, and where learning is concerned, it is quite simple to learn, and with more practice, you can become quite a pro in manipulating data in RDBMS.


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