Hey Everyone, Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to learn C#!

This guide explores the online learning options for becoming a master at C# programming.

After reading this guide, you should know the best places to hone your C# skills in preparation for your next programmer project.

This guide covers:

  • Overview of C# learning language
  • Top free resources to master C# programming
  • Top paid resources to master C# programming
  • Comparison of the top 5 C# online tutorials
  • Pros and cons of online C# self-guided courses

Let’s dive straight into it!

Overview of C# learning language

Overview of C# learning language

Worldwide, Programmers use C# to execute various tasks such as building games and creating desktop and mobile applications.

Although new in the game compared to Python or Javascript, the C# programming language is popular due to its versatility and is among the few object-oriented programming currently available.

Apart from boasting great useability, as of June 2022, C# ranks 4th on the PYPL Index.

You can use the Laravel framework to construct web apps on several platforms

So it isn’t surprising that you are amongst the many Programmers eager to get on board in learning C#.

Furthermore, unlike many programming languages, which take a foot and arm to learn, learning C# is surprisingly reasonably easy.

Programmers who have honed their C# skills cite its simplicity and easy-to-use features as the reason it generally takes less time to learn how to use the programming language.

With C# being easy to understand, many Developers or aspiring Developers chose to ditch traditional software classes for self-taught online tutorials.

We assume you are one of the people embracing self-taught tutorials, hence why you’re reading this guide.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive into the top free resources to help you learn C# programming.

Top free resources to master c# programming

Top free resources to master c# programming

Basics of object-oriented programming with C#

The Basics of object-oriented programming with C# is a free C# programming course administered by Udemy.

This course is especially great for aspiring Developers unfamiliar with the fundamentals of object-oriented programming (OOP) with C#.

How to learn C# take a course on the basics of object-oriented programming with C#

Some core topics you can expect to cover during this course include Fields and Properties, Static Fields, Namespaces, and Enums.

In addition to the course setting you up with the basics of OOP with C#, there are several other benefits of taking Udemy’s course, including the fact that you’ll be taking the course under one of the most reputable academic learning platforms.

Furthermore, the course Instructor is Tod Vachev, a Robotic Engineer graduate with several years of experience as a Developer.

Introduction to C# Programming and Unity

Coursera’s Introduction to C# Programming and Unity course provides Video Game Developers with in-depth information on why C# is perfect for creating video games.

In addition, the course sheds light on using the programming language in the Unity game environment.

The Introduction to C# Programming course is only one of several courses in the C# Programming for Unity Game Development Specialization bundle of courses.

Hence, with so many courses available, you can get the whole experience of how to program games using C#.

Finally, like all the courses in this section, it’s free to take.

Programming Fundamentals – The basics with C# for beginners

Also delivered by Tod Vachev, this Udemy C# course teaches beginner Developers theoretical and practical knowledge surrounding C# coding.

Some topics covered in this course include the basics of .NET Framework and C#, how to work with a console, and write generics for loops.

Course Instructor Tod also throws in a few quizzes and practical projects to help you familiarize yourself with the most tricky parts of coding with the C# programming language.

Once complete with this course, you’re bound to get skills that will help you execute your real-life projects.

Introduction to TDD in C#

Suppose you haven’t yet honed your ability to write test-driven development (TDD) units; what better way to do so than by learning it using C#.

Udemy administers an Introduction to TDD in C# course that provides Developers with information on the three main TDD Techniques.

You’ll also get tips on shortcuts when using TDD and how to write tests using TDD.

Finally, course Instructor Engineer Spockm promises to keep the course fluff-free by compacting tons of helpful knowledge into a 3-hour course.

Microsoft Virtual Academy – C# Fundamentals for absolute Beginners

There are several reasons why Bob Tabor’s C# Fundamentals for absolute Beginners course is talked highly of amongst coding communities.

For one, the 25 video course walks you step-by-step on how to master C#, from developing your first C# program to demonstrating how to work with strings, booleans, dates, conditionals, and times.

It also delves into other coding topics like how to write a code or create customizations.

Furthermore, Microsoft administers the course, so you know it comes from a reputable source.

Finally, like all the courses in this section, it’s free.

With some of the top free C# courses reviewed, let’s explore the best of the fee-requiring courses in the next section.

Top paid resources to master c# programming

Top paid resources to master c# programming

It’s usually said that paid courses deliver on results.

So, if you are looking for result-guaranteed C# programing tutorials to join, here’s a list of some of the highest-rated courses:

C# Sharp Essentials  

Although the C# Sharp Essential course takes a different approach in that it is a book rather than a compilation of video tutorials, it covers all the essential skills you need to know for C# Programming.

The ebook consists of 28 chapters covering topics such as the C# language and environment and how to create a C# application using Visual Studio.

Access to one of the C# Sharp Essential ebooks will only cost you $9.99, which is relatively fair considering the amount of knowledge you’ll obtain.  

C# Fundamentals

PluralSight offers a free 10-day trial of its C# Fundamentals course and 200 minutes of access to video content for students wanting to get a feel of what their course has to offer.

However, investing in the entire course will be well worth your money.

Delivered by Scott Allen, the course teaches new Web Developers how to work with the C# Syntax, create a class, and test their coding.

In addition, the course delves into working with value types, compiling, and debugging.

Finally, a great add-on to this course is that if you want friends to join in on learning more about C#, you get to access their library and C# Fundamentals course, as a team of ten, free for your first 14 days.

After you’ve exhausted your free trials, you’ll have to pay $29 monthly to access the C# Fundamentals course.

Complete C# MasterClass

Udemy’s hands-on C# Masterclass primarily teaches Developers fundamental OOP knowledge, including its use.

In addition to the course being extremely hands-on, you also get to explore several C# features spread out in over 22 sections of video and text content.

These include learning to use Linq and Lambda expressions, handling threading and asynchronous development, and working with text.

While this course costs a significant $109.99, once complete with the course, you’ll most likely walk away with the skills to take on advanced C# coding.

Complete Unity C# & Android Game Development Bootcamp

If you’ve always been interested in developing Indie Games, this course, administered by Eduonix, teaches Developers the basics of building a functional Android Indie game using C#.

Some of the topics you can expect to explore are the fundamentals of Unity Software and an intense overview of C#.

Among Eduonix users, this course has quite a bit of popularity, which has to do with how hands-on the course is.

For instance, you can create a clone of the Hill Climb Racing 2D game using C#.

The course is also well priced, costing a fairly low $20.

Programming C#

Microsoft’s MVP in Develop Technologies, Ian Griffiths, delivers the O’Reilly’s Programming C# course.

The Programming C# course teaches developers how to build web applications using C#.

Some of the perks of taking this course are that it is tailored to cater to both Beginner and advanced levels by providing knowledge on fundamental and advanced concepts.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how much you know about C#; everyone can learn something from this course.

Taking the Programming C# course by O’Reilly will cost you $49 monthly; however, you can obtain a free 10-day trial to help you decide whether to commit to the course in the long run.

Comparison of the top C# online tutorials

Comparison of the top C# online tutorials

With no course being the same, it’s essential to compare various courses to see which will best suit your learning style and outcomes.

With C# knowledge widely available, it's easy to find an online course to hone your C# programming skills

Below, we’ve compared the offerings of both fee-paying and non-fee-paying courses with great track records regarding delivering practical and theoretical C# knowledge:

C# Tutorial

Live Teacher

Learning Materials

Proficiency level Suitability



Microsoft Virtual Academy – C# Fundamentals for absolute Beginners


25 pre-recorded video lectures



No official rating available

PluralSight – C# Fundamentals


11 sections video courses


Free 14-day trial – $29 monthly

4.5 out of 5

Udemy – Complete C# MasterClass


  • 22 Sections of video and text content
  • 106 downloadable resources
  • 28 articles



4.6 out of 5

Udemy – Programming Fundamentals – The basics with C# for beginners


2 hours 1-minute video content



4.4 out of 5

Coursera – Introduction to c# Programming and Unity


Video content, Readings, and Quizzes



4.6 out of 5

O’Reilly – Programming C#


1 video clip and several book chapters

Beginner to Advanced

$49 monthly

No official rating available

What to consider when choosing C# tutorials online?

What to consider when choosing C# tutorials online

With many C# courses available on the internet, you can often get inundated with the number of courses you need to narrow down to find what’s suitable for your academic goals.

But don’t fret.

Below, we go over a few aspects of courses to think about to help you decide on the perfect course for you.


C# online tutorials do not all offer quality material to help you master the language.

Be sure to check up on reviews and ratings before committing to join a course.

Targeted Outcome

From developing Unity games to developing web apps, consider what you want to build and whether the course will help you achieve your goal.

Time availability

Although you can work through online C# courses at your own pace, don’t choose a course with overwhelmingly many hours of teaching content if you know it may be hard to commit.


Choosing courses that give you access to C# communities like forums may come in handy when you need support or simply want to keep learning through shared ideas.


With many affordable to free course options that offer exceptional teaching quality, select a course that suits your budget.

Despite reviewing all the aspects that could make a course unsuitable for you, and getting rid of those options, taking online C# courses, in general, can still present some downsides.

The next section explores the pros and cons of self-guided C# courses.

Pros and Cons of online C# self-guided courses

Pros and cons of online C# self-guided courses

With so many online C# courses available for Developers, there is no need to go the traditional route (e.g., on-campus classes) to become a master at C# Programming.

However, taking an online course comes with its pros and cons, as while some courses may do just fine at setting you up to become knowledgeable in C# or even land you a job, many do not offer excellent educational programs.

Furthermore, proving your expertise after you’ve taken a self-guided course may be a little more complex than if you obtain education from an accredited educational provider.

That said, let’s delve deeper into the perks and disadvantages of the online C# self-guided online course below:



Accessing C# courses remotely and not having to attend classes physically makes C# self-guided courses a convenient choice for many.

Suitable for working people

Taking on a self-guided C# course will help you work at your own pace, so you don’t have to miss anything if you are employed and don’t have much time.


There’s no doubt that C# online courses cost significantly less than paying to learn the C# Programming language on campus.

As demonstrated earlier in this guide, several free options offer their students value regarding grasping fundamental C# knowledge.


Often less feedback

Though courses that offer quizzes often ensure that quizzes are marked, and feedback returned to their students, that’s about as good as it gets.

Since many online C# courses do not have live Instructors, it’s often difficult for participants to get timely feedback when they’re stuck and need assistance.

However, if you are willing to invest in the more expensive courses, you might stand a better chance of having more interactive sessions with live teachers.

Differences in quality

Although many course providers claim to review courses for quality before Instructors can upload them to their site, many C# courses still fail to deliver quality content.

Make sure you thoroughly research the course you plan to enroll in before committing your time and money.

Often no certification is offered

Courses such as Udemy’s Complete C# Masterclass offer certification after completion.

However, several C# online tutorials do not provide their participants with course completion certificates, making it difficult to prove your expertise to potential employers or clients.

C# Communities

C# Communities

Should you ever hit a dead end when trying to figure out the basics of C#, several forums with C# Developers (some more knowledgeable than others) can help you get out of the rabbit hole.

These include:


Conclusion on How to learn C#

With C# knowledge widely available, it’s easy to find an online course to hone your C# programming skills.

However, with the plethora of courses in the market comes a handful of courses that won’t do you any good.

So if you’re looking to learn C# and become a master at it, research the quality you stand to gain by joining a particular course.

Also, explore guides like this one that will generally walk you through how to learn C# by providing top-ranked courses to enroll in.

That said, after reading this guide, we hope you’re better informed on which courses to take when embarking on mastering C#.

All the best!


FAQs on UX Design Courses

How long does it take to master C?

It depends on how quickly you can grasp C# programming concepts and techniques.

Many coders state that it could take up to a week to learn C# basics and one year to be familiar with most C# syntax.

Finally, it could take up to 10 years to completely master c sharp.

How to learn C# coding?

Several online courses and physical C# classes are available to anyone wanting to learn more about the C# programming language.

Many courses combine theoretical knowledge and video content showing how to build apps or games with the C# code to help you familiarize yourself with the programming language.

How to learn C# fast?

To learn C# in less than a month fully immerse yourself in classes.

Quickly memorizing C# basics like data types, collection types, loops, and arrays and advanced topics like implementing interfaces is critical to learning C# fast.

Furthermore, having knowledge of HTML and CSS will give you an advantage.

How to learn C# for free?

Several online teaching marketplaces like Coursera and Udemy offer free C# tutorials that are useful in teaching the basics of C#.

Some good free C# tutorials include Udemy’s Basics of object-oriented programming with c# and Coursera’s Introduction to c# Programming and Unity.

How to learn C# for Game Development?

The best way to master C# for Game Development is by familiarizing yourself with instructional content provided by online tutorials and using it to create clone games.

Consist practice in creating Desktop, Windows, Mac, and Web games similar to your favorite programs to help you develop your skills.

How to learn C# for unity?

Mastering C# for Unity is based around honing your knowledge of variables, data structures, functions, and classes.

By mastering what these three pieces do and how to use them to build a script, you’ll be able to work around C# for unity.

Several online tutorials help students master these concepts.

What is C#?

Like Java, C# is a general-purpose popular programming language that many Developers and Programmers embrace because of its versatility and easy-to-use interface.

It is compatible with object-oriented programs such as polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance.

Microsoft created the object-oriented program language, which is compatible with its NET. Framework.


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