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In this article, you will learn how to write a compelling Full Stack Developer Resume that will land you your dream Developer Job. 

After reading this article, you will have understood what a great resume reads like and how to create a winning one for yourself. 

Here are the topics we will focus on in this article: 

  • Introduction
  • How To Write A Full Stack  Developer Resume 
  • The Details Challenge In A Full Stack Developer Resume 

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Introduction to Full Stack Developer Resume

As a Full Stack Developer intending to land that top position writing the perfect resume seems easier said than done. 

Many professionals make the mistake of not making effort. 

When you look at your past resume, do you realize how basic it looks compared to 100s of others from other Full-Stack Developers? 

Can you imagine your resume standing out from the dozens of others who have written a “Hello, World!” program at some point in their life and claim to be the best in the industry?

That can happen when you write the ideal resume. 

Writing the perfect full-stack resume could seem like walking on thin ice. 

When you try too hard to impress, you fail, and when you put in little effort, you will seem lazy. 

But it is not an impossible thing, it can be done. 

You are a skilled Developer with both front-end and back-end experience, and creating this strong and concise resume is important. 

All you need to prove in your resume to get the job you are applying for is the following: 

  • You are well-versed in at least one server-side scripting language
  • You are capable of handling the client-side
  • You can thrive in a team and effectively help others shine at their work
  • You have acquired a lot of valuable knowledge and grown as a Developer throughout your work experience

How To Write A Full Stack Developer Resume

How To Write A Full Stack Developer Resume 

Here is how to write a Full-Stack Developer Resume to impress any hiring manager who will get to read it:

Short, Catchy Phrases Better Than Standard Sentences 

The hiring manager should not struggle reading your resume, and short, punchy phrases are better than long sentences and are the perfect way to maintain interest. 

Make great use of bullet points and concise phrases, and steer clear of lengthy sentences. 

For example, you can say, “ Developed 30 HTML landing pages and  implemented new testing features,” instead of saying, “I have developed 24 HTML landing pages and closely worked with a team that was involved in the implementation of new testing features.” 

Notice how wordy and long the second description is? The unnecessary use of pronouns such as “I” at the beginning of the sentence is something to avoid. 

A Full Stack Developer Resume should have  short and catchy phrases

Remember, most recruiters have little time to read the hundreds of resumes they receive for a position. 

That is another reason to keep your sentences short and refrain from describing those irrelevant or obvious daily responsibilities. 

Describe only the key qualifications and accomplishments perfect for the job and use bullet points and phrases widely. 

If you have decades of work experience, limit your work history section and keep it at a maximum of 10 years. 

Keep your resume at two pages at most. 

Make Your Resume Summary Your Elevator Pitch  

In short, sentences bind together your top work accomplishments and traits. 

Make it an elevator pitch by giving a quick review of your best traits and highlights of your career. 

Beautifully blend together those work achievements and abilities whether you are an entry-level or highly experienced Full Stack Developer. 

Here are some examples of great-sounding resume summaries: 

  • Dedicated Full Stack Developer skilled in the creation of customized UI designs and improvement of website responsiveness
  • Highly creative Full-Stack Developer, greatly experienced in applications creation and project management 
  • Accomplished Full Stack Developer proficient in aiding with transitions from the LAMP stack to MEAN stack; skilled in increasing database administration effectiveness and down-sizing latency

Let Your Education Accomplishments Shine 

In your education section, make sure your highest academic credentials are highlighted. 

If you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Web Development, please indicate so and mention the location and name of the institution you studied. 

This is the section where you could also mention any relevant coursework or training that you underwent, such as Relational Database Design and SQL, Advanced Software Programming, C++ Programming I and II, or Linux/Unix Programming. 

Don’t forget to mention relevant certifications like Full-stack Web Development and React certification. 

Focus On Your Full Stack Developer Skills 

For you to go by the title of Full Stack Developer, you will need to have an impressive technical skill set. 

Your skills section should be rich and showcase your expertise for the job and match the job description. 

Your hard skills should indicate great skill in specific programming languages such as JavaScrip, Python, NodeJS, or front-end frameworks like Angular, React, or Vue. 

Don’t forget to include soft skills such as communication skills, time management, presentation skills, teamwork, and multitasking abilities, among others. 

Your extensive Web Development skills should be evident because potential employers will look at those to be convinced that you are fit for the role. 

Your front-end and back-end development expertise should be unquestionable with your years of experience in programming languages and software to showcase your mastery of those skills. 

Your Full Stack Developer Resume should focus on your Developer Skills

Here are some key technical skills and soft skills that should not miss because almost any Full-Stack Developer job will require those:

  • HTML, CSS3
  • Bootstrap 
  • Photoshop
  • Front-end design
  • App development
  • Backend development coding language (PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C++, C#,)
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js
  • Git
  • Server management (Amazon Web Services, Heroku)
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving

As you notice from the list above, the skills are a mix of both front-end and back-end skills and some soft skills to ensure that you are a well-rounded applicant.  

Technical skills should, however, dominate the list because those are the key things that recruiters will be looking for. 

Adjust Your Full Stack  Developer Resume To The Job Post 

A great way to stand out from the competition is to include the job listing information in your resume. 

First, the keywords, which are the main words in the job description, should also feature in your resume. 

Keywords that align with the job description will set you apart, especially if the employer is sifting the applicants based on the keywords appearing in their resumes.

Hiring managers will undoubtedly take note of your skills, especially if you have focused on those they included in their job listings.

As much as most Full-Stack Developer positions come with common requirements, most organizations will detail specific requirements for certain projects or the company’s Software Developer needs which in most cases vary in every company. 

If, for example, the job mainly emphasizes PHP scripting, make sure you include examples from past projects that will indicate your PHP expertise. 

Here are some things you could mention to stand out more and remain relevant to the job position:

  • Include past programming projects you have worked on that conform with the company’s goals
  • Mention the technical skills you have that have been highlighted in the job posting
  • Include interpersonal skills that  align with the philosophy of the organization

Numbers Always Win 

Adding numbers to your achievements in your Full-Stack Developer Resume is the perfect way to show the hiring managers how valuable your past experience is. 

Quantifying your Web Development professional experience will always get the recruiters interested in interviewing you. 

The numbers show your capabilities and the level of success you have contributed to in the companies you have worked for in the past. 

Adding numbers to your achievements in your Full Stack Developer Resume adds value to you

Always quantify your accomplishments in the form of time saved, completed projects, and the team size you managed.

Use hard numbers and statistical data to create more detail and context in your abilities, and remember, even a single number will influence the hiring decision of the recruiters. 

With such facts in your experience section coupled with your qualifications, there is no doubt that you will impress the hiring managers. 

A good example of quantifying your accomplishment is as follows: 

“Led a team of 10 junior Developers in web application development,” which sounds better than, “Led a team of junior Developers in web application development.” 

Showcase Your Career Progression 

Suppose you happen to be a recent graduate of computer science and are making that significant move towards a development career. 

In that case, you must adjust your resume format and highlight your education and skills, not just your work history. 

A chronological resume might work best in this case, where you list your most recent certifications and experience. 

Let your list show some form of career development in every job you list.

Your Full Stack Resume should highlight your education and skills

But, if you have just graduated recently, you might want to present your education section at the top first, then a few recent jobs related to Web Development.

You might also want to include the relevant coursework to make your resume appealing to hiring managers. 

If you are making a career change to a Full Stack Developer, you might want to put the full-stack skills at the top and follow it up with the past job positions with the most relevant traits. 

Remember being a Full-Stack Developer doesn’t mean you bombard the hiring manager with every technical thing you know. 

A good example of a well-written work history description that also highlights your  talents is as follows: 

Involved in the redevelopment of the interface for 15 new applications in 5 months. 


Performed regular modifications on application interfaces

Just do your best and showcase the relevant skills that show you are the right fit for the job. 

The Details Challenge In A Full Stack Developer Resume 

The Details Challenge In A Full Stack Developer Resume 

Back in the day, a Full Stack Developer Resume was short because the set of skills was not as broad as it is today. 

Today the skills that define “full-stack” are broader than ever.  

There is just too much to write in a Full Stack Engineer Resume, and most people don’t know how to include all the details without writing pages and pages of information. 

Even  the simple movement  of LAMP->MEAN will require you to be well versed with the following: 

  • Knowledge of Security layers 
  • CDN optimization skills 
  • Able to write scalable architecture on AWS
  • Able to tweak hardware layers for quicker rendering 
  • Skill in architecting modular front ends via Angular, Express

With all these skills that have even more information under them, it is difficult to put all of it on your short resume.

You are probably wondering whether your experienced Software Developer Resume should be 10 lines or pages and pages of work experience. 

You are not alone, that is the major challenge with most Full-stack Developers creating their resumes. 

There is only one solution to this challenge: getting your resume layout right.  

The resume templates might help, but most are not tailored to specific needs and require a lot of adjustments. 

Generally, software engineer sample resumes usually have any of the three standard resume layouts, and they are: 

  • The Functional Layout
  • Reverse Chronological Layout
  • Hybrid Resume Layout 

There is also a 4th layout category known as the creative layout, which often gets rejected by most hiring managers, which is why it is not recommended, and we are not going to discuss it. 

The Functional Layout 

A  functional resume is a format that mainly features skills over experience. 

Its main purpose is mainly showcasing skills and not experience. 

It can also be referred to as a skills-based resume. 

The Reverse Chronological Layout 

This is a great layout commonly used and requires you to begin listing your most recent jobs and working your way backward.  

It is an ideal layout if you happen to have years of professional experience. 

This layout also works best if your Developer Career progression must be steady and you don’t have any employment gaps on your resume. 

Hybrid Resume Layout

This resume layout is the best and is also referred to as the combination resume layout. 

This layout combines both the functional resume format and the chronological resume format. 

The layout helps showcase the job applicant’s skills accomplishments section initial;y then the work experience in chronological format. 

This resume layout type will have the best impact on the hiring manager. 

Once you have the best layout in mind, here are the must-include sections in your Full-stack Developer Resume, which will now look reinvented from your previous Full-stack Developer Resume samples. 

  • Resume Header with the title
  • The Professional Summary Section 
  • The Work Experience Section 
  • The Skills section 
  • Achievements And Awards Section 
  • Certifications Section 


Conclusion on Full Stack Developer Resume

Writing a Full Stack Web Developer Resume should not be a challenge now that we have looked at the various aspect of it. 

Whether you are a Junior Full Stack Developer or an experienced one, you now have great ideas on how to make your resume compelling. 

We have looked at how to highlight your qualifications, accomplishments, and skills. 

We have also addressed the challenge of making everything fit and using the right layout. 

One last thing that you must be keen on is errors. 

A major recruiter peeve is a Full Stack Developer Resume with errors. 

Even the smallest or simplest of errors can cost you the job. 

Before you send that Resume, review everything with a fine toothcomb, and ensure everything is accurate, from the contact information to the last work experience. 

Your layout must be right, no spelling and grammar mistakes should be present, and all the formatting must be correct. 

Using a resume builder could help limit the errors because most have built-in tools to help with proofreading and reviewing. 

After writing your best resume, don’t forget to write an equally winning cover letter because the recruiter will be expecting it. 

After reading all the above information, you should now be well-equipped to write the most professional resume that will get you shortlisted. 



What is a Full Stack Developer profile?

A Full Stack Developer profile is information describing the qualifications, achievements, and history of a Web Developer specializing in working with both the front and back ends of a website or application. 

The profile describes how this professional provides end-to-end service and their capability in managing web application projects.

What entails the resume objective of a Full Stack Developer?

The objective should describe their ability to successfully build a complete and functional web application from front-end and back-end to database management. 

The objective should convince the recruiter in a few sentences about how qualified and capable the Full Stack Developer is. 

What should a Full Stack Developer Resume include?

A proper resume has a header with the name and the contact information, a resume summary, work history, and education qualifications, all described to showcase the skills and competence of the Full Stack Developer. 

A chronological or functional layout or a combination of both resulting in a hybrid layout is fine. 

Why is the Full-Stack Developer Resume very vital?

The Full Stack Developer Resume is very important because it is the platform for showcasing your qualifications and skills in programming languages to hiring managers. 

A well-written resume will set you apart from other job applicants and connect you with potential employers offering a satisfying and lucrative job title. 

Is there a right resume format for a Full-Stack Developer Resume? 

Choose the format that best points out your years of experience, relevant skills, and accomplishments for the job position. 

If you are creating an entry-level full-stack developer resume, you can use the functional format to focus on the relevant skills required for the job that you already possess. 

How do you include keywords in your Full Stack Developer Resume? 

The right keywords are important. 

Go through the job description and note the words used, for example, Bootstrap, Angularjs, ReactJs, Ruby on Rails, Django framework, etc. 

Make sure you list past projects you were involved in that required those skills highlighted in the job description. 

What certifications and training programs must you include in your Full Stack Resume? 

Some certifications to consider including are Full Stack Web Development inclusive of React Certification, the Front End Certification, Free Code Camp Full Stack Development Certification, Back End  Development Certificate, AWS Certified Engineer Professional, and Certification in Front-End Development with  CSS, HTML & JavaScript.

How are action verbs used in a Full Stack Developer Resume? 

Hiring managers must get a strong impression of your abilities, and you influence that using strong action-oriented verbs. 

These verbs should be used in describing your work experience. 

Words like “managed,” “oversaw,” “led,” “incorporated,” “administered,” “developed,” and many others should take center stage because they have a stronger impact. 


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