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An Overview of Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Salary

An Overview of Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Salary

A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) is often pursued by Nurses who want to advance their careers.

The advanced degree provides them with the necessary training and education to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP), as well as the option to specialize in a particular area, such as Nurse-Midwifery Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, or Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Practitioner if they so desire.

A program in AG-ACNP (Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner) prepares Registered Nurses to offer appropriate patient care to patients with acute illnesses and chronic conditions.

Candidates typically have at least a year of practical experience in an Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Progressive Care Unit, or Telemetry Unit before enrolling in an AG-ACNP Program.

Nursing scholars learn to actively listen and communicate with patients and family members, as well as manage complicated and even life-threatening medical cases, through a combination of hands-on clinical and classroom training.

AG-ACNPs also learn how to interpret and manage diagnostic tests, stabilize critically ill patients, and troubleshoot additional intricacies.

According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) data on Nursing job title salary, the average annual salary for APRNs (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses) was approximately $115,900 in mid-2019.

This is more than double the average salary for all occupations at the time, which was $53,500.

You should note that this average salary calculation includes Nurse-Midwives and Nurse Anesthetists, two of the most advanced and highest-paying nursing positions available.

Sadly the BLS does not crack down on earnings by specialty.

Nevertheless, a Nurse Practitioner working in a surgical hospital or general medical hospital, as many Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioners do, earned an average annual salary of $114,000 as of 2018.

An Overview of Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Salary

The salary of an ACNP is affected by a number of factors, including:

  • Training, education, and certification levels
  • Years of practical experience
  • Type of facility
  • Location

One more thing to note is that within the ACNP role, specialization is possible.

As an ACNP, your specialization choice may have an impact on your potential Nursing salary.

Adult-Gerontology and Pediatric Acute Care are two specialties that will be in high demand for the foreseeable future across the country.

Continue reading to learn how much a Nurse Practitioner makes in the Acute Care Nursing field.

And also the factors that influence them.

ACNP Salary by Level of Education

ACNP Salary by Level of Education

Nurse Practitioners, who are Physician Assistants and Care Providers offer many of the same healthcare services as Physicians.

Aside from a bachelor’s degree, they need at least an MSN (Master’s degree) to offer these services in care settings.

Post-baccalaureate certificates in areas like Nursing Leadership or Education can help you earn more money or open up more career options.

Certification opens up a slew of job opportunities at outpatient care centers, educational service programs, and hospitals, to name a few.

ACNP Nurses with extra Nurse Practitioner Program Certifications earn a salary range of $120,000 to $155,000.

Acute Care NP Salary by Years of Experience

Acute Care NP Salary by Years of Experience

An entry-level ACNP (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner) with less than 1 year of experience should anticipate earning a mean total salary of $98,100 per year.

This includes tips, bonuses, and overtime benefits.

An ACNP (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner) in their early career who has 1-5 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $102,600 per year.

An ACNP (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner) in the middle of their career with 6-10 years of experience supposedly earns an average total salary of $109,600 per year on average.

With 11 to 19.5 years of experience, an experienced ACNP (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner) can anticipate earning an average total compensation of $118,400 per year.

When it comes to their late-career (20 years and above), Nurses can expect a mean total salary of $117,300.

The more experience a person has in a field, the better the pay can be.

Other benefits of seniority include preference for shift selection and promotions, as well as more paid time off.

Salary Ranges for ACNP by Specialty

Conclusion on nurse midwife salary

Acute Care Nurse Practitioners are active in a wide range of healthcare settings throughout the United States, including hospitals, Physician offices, Medical Specialist offices, outpatient care centers, and schools.

While the salary for a Nurse Practitioner with a valid RN license, a graduate nursing degree, and national certification varies by state, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average annual wage for an NP in 2022 is $118,100.

Acute Care NP salaries are higher than those in the majority of other NP specialties, owing largely to the high-stress levels associated with Acute Care.

This makes it one of the highest-paid Nursing jobs overall, trailing only Neonatal NPs,  Psychiatric-Mental Health, and Nurse Anesthetists.

According to the AANP, Nurse Practitioners in Acute Pediatric Care earn more than those in Pediatric Care, earning an average of $112,100.

Family Nurse Practitioner Salary

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) base salaries range from $107,100 to $125,300, with an average base salary of $115,400.

Family Nurse Practitioner Salary

It’s important to remember that FNP salaries vary depending on experience level and location.

A Family Nurse Practitioner’s salary can be increased by having experience in emergency patient care, case management, and geriatrics.

Certified Nurse-Midwife Salary

As documented by BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average annual salary for a Nurse-Midwife in 2018 was $107,000.

Outpatient care centers had the highest annual mean wage for Nurse-Midwives ($114,500) among the industries with the highest levels of employment.

California ($159,600), Utah ($133,700), Mississippi ($128,000), New York ($125,800), and Minnesota ($123,700) are the states and districts that pay Nurse-Midwives the highest mean salary.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Salary

As of April 26, 2022, the average Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (NP) Salary in the US is $111,700, with a salary range of $104,300 to $117,200.

As earlier mentioned salary ranges can vary significantly depending on a miscellany of factors, including certifications, education, the number of years you have been active in your field, and additional skills.

Acute Care Nurse Specialist Pay by State

Acute Care Nurse Specialist Pay by State

The average salary is mostly determined by NP Salary rates in any particular location.

Most of the time average Nurse Practitioner pay rates are determined by the cost of living for a particular location, selection of employees with the necessary education and skills, the accessibility of people qualified to perform a certain job in that location, and job availability.

Areas with a higher average income also manage to have a more heightened cost of living.

The heightened cost of living increases salaries because people cannot afford to settle in such costly areas if salaries are not high enough

In New York, employees with the job title of Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) earn 11.7 percent more than the national average.

In Phoenix, Arizona (9.2 percent more) and Houston, Texas, these job titles also pay more than the national average (6.8 percent more).

The lowest salaries can be found in Baltimore, Maryland (4.9% less), Nashville, Tennessee (4.5% less), and Dallas, Texas (2.2% less).

Here are some states with their various ACNP Nursing salaries:

  • California average ACNP Nurse Salary (ACNP Nurse Salary California): $133,800
  • Washington average ACNP Nurse Salary: $117,700
  • New Hampshire average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $109,500
  • Hawaii’s average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary is $120,600
  • Massachusetts average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $122,800
  • Oregon average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $110,100
  • Alaska non-metropolitan area (rural areas outside of Alaska’s most populated cities): The average income for an ACNP Nurse is $122,900
  • Nevada average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $112,600
  • New Jersey average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $122,200
  • Connecticut average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $118,100
  • Kansas average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $99,500
  • Mississippi average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $110,000
  • Pennsylvania average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $98,300
  • Rhode Island average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $109,300
  • South Carolina average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $100,000
  • Wisconsin average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $106,800
  • Wyoming average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $116,100
  • Indiana averageAcute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $103,300
  • Michigan average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $106,900
  • New York average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary (Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary NYC): $121,000
  • Texas average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary (Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary Texas): $111,100
  • Florida average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary (Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary Florida): $101,200
Acute Care Nurse Specialist Pay by State
  • Alabama average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $96,000
  • Maryland average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $115,100
  • Oklahoma average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $103,300
  • Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary for South Dakota: $100,700 
  • Georgia average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary (Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary Georgia): $106,800
  • Kentucky average Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary: $99,800

Acute Care NP Salary by Employer

Acute Care NP Salary by Employer

The employer and work environment of an ACNP can have an impact on their earnings.

Three of the highest-paying work environments for ACNPs are residential facilities, emergency relief services, and outpatient care centers.

According to reports, salaries at NYU Medical Center are the highest in the country, with an average salary of $121,400.

Singing River Hospital Systems and Newton Medical Center are two other companies that pay well for the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner position, with salaries of approximately $109,800 and $109,900, respectively, at the end of the year.

Vanderbilt Hospital pays the least, approximately $89,000 per year.

Ascension Health and St. Vincent Hospital Indianapolis are two other organizations that pay at the lower end of the scale, with payments of $104,900 and $104,800.

Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary and Job Outlook

Acute Nurse Practitioner Salary and Job Outlook

Based on projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the Nurse Practitioner field is expected to grow by approximately 39-43 percent between 2019 and 2029.

The average national salary for jobs as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner is $115,100.00, with a high level of confidence in the salary estimates provided by employers.

Across all job postings in the United States, the average salary for an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner is 30-45 percent higher than the national average salary for all job postings.

Ways to Improve ACNP Hourly Wage

What is the average Forensic Nurse annual salary?

Additional education, new responsibilities, or a change in practice environment are all possibilities for increasing your Acute Care NP Salary.

You can also ask for a raise by demonstrating your productivity at work.

If you are looking to manage your student loan payments, for instance, working in an underserved area may qualify you for loan forgiveness.

While this isn’t technically a pay raise, it does mean you’ll be able to keep more of what you earn.

Getting a DNP

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is the highest level of practical Nursing education.

It could prepare you to teach Nursing or help you advance your career path as a Nurse Leader.

A DNP can take several years to complete, requiring a significant time and financial investment.

Many DNPs find that having a doctorate gives them more authority, particularly in a hospital setting.

Become a Travel Nurse

Travel Nurses work in areas where there is a high demand for their services, resulting in higher pay.

Placements can last anywhere from a week to several months.

This, however, can be more stressful because you’ll be learning new procedures and working with new people.

Become a Travel Nurse

It may also mean being physically separated from loved ones, depending on how far you travel.

You may not be eligible for benefits as a Travel Nurse.

Travel Nursing, on the other hand, is an excellent option if you want higher pay and the opportunity to travel around the country.

Work Environments

As documented by BLS, NPs working in hospitals earn a median salary of $124,700, followed by NPs working in outpatient care centers who earn a median salary of $122,900 and Physician offices who earn a median salary of $114,600.

These figures encompass all NP salaries, not just those in Acute Care.

By changing work settings, you may be able to remain in your community and maintain your current role and responsibilities while earning a higher salary.

Nurse Administration

To increase your Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Salary, you can pursue supervisory and administrative positions on a part-time or full-time basis.

Nurse Administration

Nurse Executive Certification Programs are offered by both the ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) and the AONL (American Organization for Nursing Leadership).


Conclusion on Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Salary

A career as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner may be a good fit for you if you want to help people while passing through some of their most challenging times and you serve excellently under pressure.

Because of the nature of the work, Acute Care Nurse Practitioners (ACNPs) work unconventional hours, so if serving nights, holidays, and weekends are acceptable to you, this nursing career may be a perfect fit.

The demand for all NPs is extremely high.

Nurse Practitioner jobs are expected to grow 45-53 percent between 2019 and 2029, with 114,500 new NP job openings.

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Salaries are likely to rise even more as a result of this growth.


CNA vs CMA Salary difference

How Much Do ACNP Make in California?

The average annual salary for the ACNP job sector in California is $133,800 as of April 24, 2022. In case you need a quick salary calculator, that works out to about $54.50 per hour, $2,100 per week, or $9,050 per month. The traditional salary range is between $121,300 and $137,800.

How Much Do Most Nurse Practitioners Make?

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are well-known for their high salaries. The median NP Salary per year is $117,700, as documented by BLS (US Bureau of Labor Statistics), with job growth outpacing that of many other professions.

What is the Average Salary for an Acute Care NP?

According to Payscale.com, the base salary for an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner ranges from $108 600 to $123 400, with an average base salary of $115 100.

What is the DNP Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Salary?

Over the next few years, DNPs will see increased opportunities and earnings. According to Medscape, DNP salaries increased 3-6% from 2017 to 2019, averaging $126,500, and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts a staggering 40-44 percent increase in overall employment from 2019 to 2029.

What is AGACNP Salary in San Francisco?

In the San Francisco, CA Area, the average annual salary for an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner is $136,800.

What is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner’s Job Description?

Acute Care Nurse Practitioners (ACNP), are RNs who specialize in delivering primary care and critical care to patients who have newly developed chronic conditions or acute conditions that have deteriorated. ACNPs work in emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, operating rooms, and may specialize in either children or adults.

How Much is AGACNP BC Salary?

In the United States, the AGACNP-BC Salary is quite high. As an Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, you can expect to earn an average salary of approximately $100,900.

How Much Does an Entry-level ACNP Nurse Make?

With less than a year of experience, an entry-level Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) can expect to make $98,100 in total compensation (bonus, tips, and overtime pay).

How Much Does an Entry-level ACNP Nurse Make?

With less than a year of experience, an entry-level Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) can expect to make $98,100 in total compensation (bonus, tips, and overtime pay).

How Much Does a College Health Nurse Practitioner Make?

The average annual pay for a College Health Nurse Practitioner in the United States is $99,700 per year as of April 25, 2022. In case you need a quick base salary calculator, this equates to $48.50 per hour, $1,950 per week, or $8,350 per month.





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