Signs You Have A Good Manager

We’ve discussed here the telltale signs that you have a bad manager.

While nothing is worse than a bad manager, it really does take just one good or great manager to really appreciate the nuances that go into managing.

With nearly 80% of employees stating that bad managers give them undue stress, we thought we would take the time to highlight some things that good managers do.

These are both small and big things that make life just a little bit easier every day.

Think you have a good manager?

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They Listen To Their Employees

Good managers understand that their employees are the lifeblood of the company.

They are the ones more likely to be on the ground, listening to both complaints and compliments from their customers.

Good managers listen to their employees and take their feedback into account.

They Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Good managers aren’t looking out for themselves, but for their team.

They aren’t looking for small wins on their record sheet but understand that those wins can help their employees career trajectories.

They give credit where it is due every time and will make it a point to have the praise and recognition go to the correct person.

They understand That Life Happens

A telltale sign of a good manager is one who understands that life happens.

Whether you’re running late, or you made a simple mistake, good managers understand how to handle these situations and keep you motivated.

They Really Do Have An Open Door Policy

Saw something funny and just need to share it with someone?

How about if you’re just feeling down and want to vent?

Good managers have and keep an open-door policy, where you can just walk in and receive their undivided attention.

They Set Realistic Expectations

Good managers understand what motivates good employees.

They keep expectations realistic and work with you to achieve those goals.

They’re In The Weeds

A good manager is able to jump-in during a crisis and help out directly.

They don’t mind picking up their employees work when things get crazy and they get the job done quickly and correctly.

A good manager understands the systems and tools their employees utilize on a daily basis and they are experts at those tools in their own right.

They Give Effective Feedback

We all want to know how we’re doing at work and what we can do better.

A good manager gives effective feedback.

They let their employees know how they’re performing and what steps they can take to improve.

They Don’t Micromanage

Perhaps the one thing that almost every employee complains of is a manager that micromanages their work.

Good managers trust their employees and they don’t feel the need to micromanage their work.

Good managers let their employees work on what they need to get done and trust them to have it completed.

Though an employee may not always take the same route as they would, they allow their employees to act as an individual to get the job done.

They Offer Praise

Good managers praise their employees.

They give praise freely, openly, and often.

They aren’t miserly with their praise and they let employees know that their work is appreciated.

An effective manager makes their employees feel needed and appreciated.

They are vocal in their praise and do so often.

They Create An Inclusive Environment

We spend so much time at work and with our colleagues.

A good manager understands this, and they look to create an inclusive, safe environment for every employee.

They setup events and team outings that everyone can partake in and enjoy and don’t overlook any individual employees’ preferences or needs.

They Limit Unnecessary Work and Meetings

By-and-large, effective managers simply allow their employees to get their work done.

They don’t interfere with their tasks and don’t bog them down with unnecessary work.

This includes not placing unnecessary meetings on their calendar and keeping meetings to only on an as-needed basis.

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