Best Bean Bag Chairs for the Office

Bean bag chairs have come a long way since first being introduced in 1968.

The original bean bag chair was created and developed by three Italian designers, Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro during the Italian Modernism movement.

In the beginning, the bean bag chair was simply stacks of polystyrene balls lumped together.

However, as times have changed and evolved, so too has the bean bag chair.

As bean bag chairs have become more popular, so too have they seen a rise in the modern workplace.

Modern offices, looking to create open, comfortable spaces, have incorporated bean bag chairs as a means to allow employees space to relax and work.

The best bean bag chairs for the office, then, are ones that are flexible, durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Why the Rise in Bean Bag Chairs in the Office?

As companies look to move away from small cubicles, towards a more open and connected office space, there is a real challenge in providing furniture and chairs which can be accommodating for everyone.

Bean bag chairs solve that problem, by offering comfort and durability, otherwise not seen in other office chairs.

Bean bag chairs are not only comfortable, but they create an environment that emphasizes cooperation, collaboration, and connection.

Although the rise in bean bag chairs was originally seen in start-ups and smaller companies, there has been a shift in recent years towards their popularity in larger companies.

As employees have become less connected to their desks, these employers have looked to provide a solution for employees looking to work in a creative, fun environment.

This emphasis on fun and creativity is a direct result of employers beginning to understand the need to allow employees a space to remain creative and unbound.

Coupled with the push to create open offices and workspaces, employers have readily embraced this new form of furniture.

The best bean bag chairs for the office are ones that encourage employee creativity and free-thinking.

They are bean bag chairs which are durable and able to withstand the many uses, by many differing individuals.

In addition, they are meant to create an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and creates a feeling of camaraderie and brotherhood amongst employees.

Top 5 Best Bean Bag Chairs for the Office

Big Joe Lux Imperial Lounger in Union, Gray

best office bean bag chair

Priced at nearly $158.00, the Big Joe Lux Imperial Lounger is large enough to fit any individual.

It expands to its full size after use and remains durable and long-lasting.

The Big Joe bean bag chair is great for the office as it does not take too much space, remaining relatively upright and within its own space.

It is filled with a super soft foam, which allows it to contour to the users body once they are seated.

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Fatboy The Original Bean Bag Chair

office bean bag chair

A new take on a classic design, the Fatboy is a fun, multifunctional design.

It is primarily created to serve as a lounge chair and can be sat in, laid down on, or lounged on.

It is comfortable, filled with polystyrene beads to conform to any users body shape.

Extremely durable with a nylon cover, this bean bag chair is great for the office and will likely be a crowd favorite.

Currently priced at $219 on Amazon.

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Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair

office bean bag chair

Priced at $140, this bean bag is great for the office as it offers a bean bag chair without the beans.

Made from high quality memory foam, this chair is one of the most comfortable we’ve ever tried.

The memory foam is encased in velvet, passion suede with double stitching for extra durability.

The bean bag is 6-feet in length, so everyone should be able to enjoy using it!

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Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

The Chill Sack bean bag chair is perfect for those looking to relax a bit.

Priced at $135, this bean bag takes comfort to the max.

It is oversized, coming in at 60x60x34 inches.

Made with memory foam material, the Chill Sack is definitely going to be one of the most fought over bean bags in your office

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Big Joe Bean Bag

best bean bag chairs for the office

A little bit of a different take from our other recommendations.

This bean bag chair sits upright and has arm rests.

Definitely makes a great addition in the office and as a way to encourage work in a relaxed manner.

Priced at just $43, this bean bag is resilient and durable.

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