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Day-in and day-out, we all generally appreciate our privacy.

However, within an office setting, privacy can be fleeting.

This is especially true if you work in an open office environment or setup, wherein all desks are connected with little to no cubicle walls between one-another.

However, when it comes to keeping your privacy against colleagues, coworkers, and guests roaming around the office, you may want to opt for a cubicle mirror.

We are going to review the best cubicle mirrors and provide our recommendations for which cubicle mirrors would work best for you and your office layout.

Cubicle mirrors are, generally, not a high priority for most people.

For the most part, many offices have cubicle arraignments which provide some semblance of privacy.

However, the push towards open offices has necessitated their purchase.

Cubicle mirrors are simply small mirrors which can be affixed to your laptop or desktop monitor and help to provide you with a vantage point to see who, and if, someone is standing behind you.

Generally speaking, the best cubicle mirrors should be both sturdy and durable.

They should be easy to install and clip-on to your monitor screen.

In addition, cubicle mirrors should not take too much space or be overly obnoxious in size.

Rather, the best cubicle mirrors should be subtle and simple in design and size.

Why Purchase a Cubicle Mirror?

The old adage, privacy is golden, extends not only to our personal lives, but also to our work ones.

We generally appreciate a level of privacy to allow ourselves to conduct our business and our pleasure without undue or unwanted disturbances.

While a cubicle mirror cannot directly eliminate unwanted disturbances, it can help with alerting you to a watchful eye or someone encroaching to your desk.

This ability to view your surroundings in totality is not only useful to alerting you of someone incoming but can also help you to avoid embarrassment or portrayals of unprofessionalism if you are browsing the internet.

We highly recommend purchasing a cubicle mirror as they are, simply put, the greatest defense against unsuspecting guests.

And while you probably have nothing to hide or worry about, it is often better to be safe than sorry, particularly within an office setting.

The best cubicle mirrors we reviewed below will help to give you this peace of mind and ensure that your privacy is yours alone.


Below, we are going to take a look at some of the best cubicle mirrors which can be purchased on Amazon.

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This is at no additional cost to you and helps to keep our site free, honest, and without bias or prejudice.

Clip-On Cubicle Mirror by Peleg

Simple, subtle, secure.

The Clip-On Cubicle Mirror by Peleg offers a level of privacy and security in a subtle and fashionable manner.

This cubicle mirror is round in design and small in overall shape and size.

It comes with a clip-on attachment, allowing you to affix the mirror to any surface on your cubicle.

With a rotating mirror head and small size, you will be able to view your surroundings and the going-ons behind you with ease and comfortability.

Convex Cubicle Mirror with Adjustable Clip by Suremita

If you’re looking for a cubicle mirror that is a tad bit larger, than we would recommend the Convex Cubicle Mirror with Adjustable Clip by Suremita.

Definitely larger than the Clip-On Cubicle Mirror by Peleg, this cubicle mirror measures in at 6.69 x 2.95 inches.

The convex shape provides a bit of flair and personalization to your office design and is protected with a vinyl rim.

What we really liked with this product was its versatility.

The adjustable clip which the mirror is attached to can be used to clip-on to a surface on your desk.

Alternatively, you can stand this mirror upright on the adjustable clip, providing you with even more leverage to view your surroundings.

Desk and Cubicle Mirror by WatchYrBack

If you’re looking for a slightly differently designed cubicle or desk mirror, than we highly recommend the Desk and Cubicle Mirror by WatchYrBack.

An aptly named company, this cubicle mirror does not have the ability to clip-on to a surface or monitor.

However, the mirror is held up by a strong and durable metal which comes in a variety of colors.

This product is quite durable and can be easily moved and shifted according to your needs and preference.

It can also double as a personal mirror, allowing you to view yourself and ensure that your looks are up-to-par.

The shape of the mirror is also convexed in design.

Clip-On Convex Mirror – Pink Sun Flower Design by WatchYrBack

Another product by WatchYrBack, this Clip-On Convex Mirror – Pink Sun Flower Design provides a bit of sunshine to your office setting.

With an attached clip, you can easily and securely mount this cubicle mirror against any surface or monitor on your desk.

However, this is the only cubicle mirror we found that comes in any sort of design.

Rather than a simple, bland mirror, this cubicle mirror has a set of bright, cute pink petals surrounding the mirror.

A great purchase for anyone looking to add some spice and flair to their office.


When it comes to the best cubicle mirrors, we focused on cubicle and desk mirrors which were not only easy to affix or place, but that were also slightly discreet.

While maintaining a sense of privacy is important, you definitely don’t want to purchase a cubicle mirror that is overly obnoxious or large.

A cubicle mirror is a great purchase if you are looking to add a bit of privacy and security, particularly within an office setting.

Desk and cubicle mirrors not only provide you with a view of what’s behind you, but also give you peace of mind that no-one is looking over your shoulder without your permission or knowledge.

Definitely a must have!

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