It’s not often that you’re tasked with pulling out a pencil at the office.

However, on the off chance that you are, you don’t want to pull out a flimsy, half-sharpened pencil.

That’s why we are going to discuss the best office pencils.

These are pencils that will not only look stylish in your hand but will also write seamlessly and flawlessly on any sheet of paper.

Although pencils aren’t as widely used as pens, particularly in a corporate environment, they do have many benefits which make them an attractive alternative.

Mainly, pencils afford you the flexibility to erase what was previously written.

That simple fact alone makes pencils a mighty contender in the writing world and one that is not easily overshadowed.

In addition, pencils have a much finer and more refined writing capability.

Whereas pens have a bulky, bold writing style, pencils can be utilized to write in a subtle, more subdued fashion.

This fact makes pencils, and the writing from pencils, easier on the eyes.


Below we are going to take a look at some of the best office pencils and mechanical pencils which can be purchased on Amazon.

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rOtring Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil

Available in black or silver, in .5mm and .7mm sizes, the rOtring Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil is our editor’s choice for the best office pencil. 

Since its inception in 1928 among the modernist thinkers of Germany, the rOtring brand has dazzled and enthralled the writing world. 

Their products are unique, uniting the art and creative industries with technical, precise, and functional products.

Whether you’re a student or a seasoned professional, the rOtring brand will help you to stand out in a crowded space. 

Their pencils are designed in a minimalist fashion, allowing you to focus more on what matters – getting your work done.

This specific Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil is a wonder in its own right. 

It is an ideal professional tool for both mechanical and functional writing. 

True to the brand’s original design, the pencil features a full metal body and the enhanced barrel provides an ideal balance of weight and feeling.

Ergonomically designed, you will be able to work for extended periods of time without fatigue or discomfort. 

This pencil’s unique hexagonal shape means it won’t slide when you place it down. 

Lastly, when you need precision, this pencil provides it. 

The sliding sleeve provides a high level of break resistance, ensuring an unimpeded view of the whole page.

This is definitely one of the best mechanical pencils for office use and will likely enhance your writing abilities. 

We were so impressed by this pencil that we opted to purchase one for every member in our office!

[amazon table=”3774″]

Pentel GraphGear 1000 Mechanical Pencil

A superior drafting pencil that can be adapted for professionals and students alike.

The Pentel GraphGear 1000 Mechanical Pencil effortlessly combines form and function.

Perfect for drafting, artwork, education, or general use, the pencil is sturdy in hand and comfortable while writing.

Available in .3mm, .5mm, .7mm, and .9mm sizes, these pencils are color-coded sizes for fast and easy lead size identification. 

What we really enjoyed with these pencils is their comfortability. 

They are extremely easy to hold and use and do not add stress or fatigue to your hands or fingers.

Lastly, these pencils offer a unique, dual-action retractor that advances and retracts the pencil tip to protect lead from breaking. 

This is especially important when it comes to drafting and artwork, where breakage can ruin the flow of the piece.

[amazon table=”3775″]

Pentel Graph Gear 500 Automatic Drafting Pencil

Similar to the Pentel listed above, the Pentel Graph Gear 500 Automatic Drafting Pencil is a more professional and subdued drafting pencil. 

Featuring a metallic mesh grip alongside a slim, beveled barrel, this pencil is perfect for control when it comes to writing. 

Weighted, slightly, at the edge of your fingertips, you’ll be afforded precision and accuracy no matter what you’re writing or on what paper.

This pencil is nearly identical to the one we listed above, again except for the finish and design. 

In terms of personal opinion, we preferred this one. 

The simple reason is that this one has a more refined and professional finish. 

Either way, you really can’t go wrong with either choice as both pencils perfectly achieve a smooth, precise writing finish.

[amazon table=”3776″]

Mechanical Pencil Set by MozArt Supplies

If you’re looking for an all-in-one pencil set, look no further than the Mechanical Pencil Set by MozArt Supplies

It contains four pencil sizes, including the 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm sizes. 

In addition, each set contains 30 x 4 lead refills and four eraser refills.

The pencil case itself is minimalist and subtle in design, making it easy to transport and bring with you. 

Elegant, lightweight, and clear in design, you’ll definitely appear more professional with this pencil case. 

Designed for nearly everyone, from artists to students, to professionals, a must-have for anyone who cares about their writing.

[amazon table=”3777″]


When it comes to the best office pencils, whether they are mechanical pencils or drafting ones, it is best to determine what their use-case will be for yourself. 

If you are looking to use these pencils every day, then we highly recommend the rOtring brand for their durability and style.

However, if you are simply looking for a pencil that will get the job done, easily and affordably, then we recommend sticking with the classic yellow number 2 pencils

For drafting purposes, we’d recommend either Pentel style for their unique design and ease-of-grip features.

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