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    20 Best Paper Shredders for 2020

    As we enter into the new year, we’re going to look more carefully at both physical and cyber security.  With more and more companies and cities being affected by hackers and nefarious actors, companies need to take more stringent steps to ensure their information is kept hidden.  This is even more true for documents and physical items which need to be discarded.  We’ve therefore compiled a list of the 20 best paper shredders for 2020.

    When it comes to security and protecting sensitive documents, having a paper shredder is a must.  Paper shredders will ensure that the documents or physical items you place in them are finely shredded and destroyed.  The best paper shredders listed below will also ensure that the sheets are unintelligible and cannot be repaired.

    Paper shredders are an essential item in any corporate office.  With so many documents floating around, you will need a process which ensures that any sensitive, confidential, or private information is properly disposed of.  This can be done in a few ways, including hiring a company to dispose of those files for you.  That option tends to be more expensive though, which is why we recommend starting with paper shredders.

    The absolute best paper shredders are the ones which can shred more documents in a shorter amount of time.  In addition, these sophisticated paper shredders will finely shred your documents, leaving them secure from actors which may try to repair them.  We also recommend taking additional steps to protect your documents, including mixing different garbage bags, burning the shredded pages, or hiring a company to dispose of those documents.

    Best Strip Cut Paper Shredder

    The strip cut paper shredder is the most basic, and typically, least expensive paper shredder on the market.  It cuts the paper into strips of varying sizes, but not fine enough to ensure no reassembly.  This paper shredder is great for discarding non-sensitive documents and documents which would normally be trashed or recycled.

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    Best Cross Cut Paper Shredder

    The cross cut paper shredder is the perfect middle solution.  It is ideal for cutting paper into small and little bits.  Though not the best option, it typically suffices and will ensure that your sensitive and confidential documents are discarded of in a safe manner.

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    Best Micro Cut Paper Shredder

    The micro cut paper shredder is the ultimate workhorse.  Leaving your sensitive and confidential documents incomprehensible, illegible, and completely destroyed.  The micro cut paper shredders turn paper into confetti, ensuring the highest level of protection and security. 

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    Security is of the utmost importance in a corporate setting.  Although there are multiple layers and processes to security, one of the easiest and most impactful methods is implementing paper shredders throughout the office.  This will encourage employees to take advantage of their being there and will create a mindset of privacy and security as a default. We’ve listed above the 20 best paper shredders for 2020 and hope that you find value in one of these options. 

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