Why Having a Job Sucks

Contrary to popular belief, there are a plethora of reasons why having a job sucks.

Although having a job and a career can be a fulfilling endeavor, many times, partaking in a job can be grueling, frustrating, and soul sucking.

We’re going to review the many different reasons why having a job can suck and what you can do to make it better.

From person-to-person, the roles, duties, and responsibilities of a job vary.

Whereas one aspect of a job may appeal to a specific audience, it can simultaneously be soul sucking, frustrating, and boring to another audience.

While you should always work towards completing your roles and responsibilities to the best of your ability, being able to identify areas of frustration may make you a better overall employee.

While a specific job or career may suck, for now, there are ways to make it better.

This includes speaking with your manager on what you do and don’t enjoy, seeking out differing responsibilities, and resolving specific pain points to make the job better.

Alternatively, if you truly dislike your job, you may find happiness and freedom by looking for another job.

Whatever you decide, we hope that the below article will help you to find what makes you happy and to make your job suck just a little less.

Doing Work That Just Doesn’t Excite You

We were all once that bright eyed, ready to take on the world graduate.

Believing that we would come in and work on topics that are not only interesting, but also life changing, relevant, and bettering for the world.

And while some jobs do offer that feeling, many do not.

And while the expectation shouldn’t be to feel a sense of excitement at every moment, it’s nice to have a job that does offer it here and there.

If you feel a lack of excitement or general happiness in your role, you should look to take initiative to achieve that happiness.

This can most easily be done by identifying aspects of your role that do excite you.

Try to find areas within your role that you are not only excited about, but that bring out your passion.

Once you’ve identified those areas, you should look to improve certain processes and qualifications within that area.

Taking initiative to improve an area can help you to establish yourself as a subject matter expert (SME).

This qualifier will enhance your working knowledge and lead to you being tasked with its upkeep and improvement.

Why Having a Job Sucks

Dealing with Coworkers and Colleagues

Some people simply adore and get along with all of their coworkers and colleagues.

They get lunch together daily and meet up after work for drinks.

And while the large majority of coworkers are polite, decent, and easy to get along with, there are some colleagues which are a bit more difficult to work with.

Not only can working with difficult colleagues lead to lower morale, it can lower employee retention and happiness.

In the pursuit to not having a job suck and enjoying your time at work, we recommend handling a difficult colleague directly.

This can be done by speaking directly with the offender and letting them know, politely, how you feel.

Done correctly, the two of you may just become close friends at work.

Please be aware, when discussing differences in opinions and dealing with a difficult colleague, the conversation may become fraught or hostile.

Be sure to speak with your manager before approaching the colleague and to do so in a polite, professional manner.

Being Passed Over for a Promotion

One of the worst feelings is being passed over for a promotion.

Your hard work, commitment, and achievements all seem for naught, as you continue to revolve through your core duties.

This is a common, and expected, feeling.

However, understanding how to move forward is an important aspect of your career growth and trajectory.

Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, we recommend dealing with the issue head on.

This can, and should, be done strategically.

Initially, you should bring this up with your manager, ideally during your weekly one-on-one.

You should express your surprise is being passed over for the promotion but ask what you can do directly to increase your probability of receiving the promotion the next year.

Asking this question directly, yet earnestly, will help your manager to understand your future career goals.

This understanding will assist them to better create an environment which will allow you to succeed and receive the promotion you so eagerly want.

However, the onus is not only on your manager here.

In addition to speaking with your manager, you should develop your own plan to achieving that promotion.

This includes identifying certain weaknesses and areas which need improvement.

You should focus on those two areas and look to develop yourself throughout the coming year.

Doing so will help you to make a stronger case and argument for a rightful promotion.

The Early Mornings and Late Nights

Perhaps one of the major reasons why having a job sucks is due to the early mornings and late nights that some jobs require.

These difficult hours can be tolling on the body and can decrease your efficiency and productivity.

Working at a location which requires early mornings or late nights can be especially difficult for individuals with kids and a family at home.

If you work in a job that requires early mornings or late nights, it may be best to shift your sleep schedule around to accommodate.

This can be done by opting to sleep earlier, ensuring that you receive a full eight hours of quality sleep every night.

In addition, you may opt to speak with your manager to see if there are other, more normal shifts which you can work.

However, if all else fails, you may simply need to begin looking for a new job or career.

This would need to be one that is more accommodating and flexible to your needs.

Why Having a Job Sucks

Being Removed from the Decision-Making Process

Everyone likes to know what’s going on.

Even more so, people enjoy making the direct decisions which influence what’s going on and the processes moving forward.

This responsibility can be exciting and can help you to feel a sense of influence and authority.

However, generally, this authority is reserved for senior and manager level employees.

If you feel that being disconnected from the decision-making process is causing you to resent or hate your work, you should take steps to resolve those feelings.

This can be done by speaking directly with your manager, letting them know how you feel.

Your manager may be able to provide you with certain decision-making tasks and roles, gradually upgrading and promoting you to more difficult and important decisions.

However, as with being passed over for a promotion, the onus does fall on the individual.

Rather than complain about the lack of transparency or decision-making power, you should work towards achieving a position which affords those opportunities.

This can be done by setting timely, realistic career goals on achieving a senior or management title.

Once you’ve achieved that title, you will be given a higher sense of decision-making and will be able to influence the changes and directions that occur.


While we’ve discussed why having a job sucks, we haven’t discussed the advantages to having one.

Although there are areas which are difficult and frustrating, having a job is typically better than the alternative.

With a job comes a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of importance, and the ability to have your own freedom and independence.

In addition, the benefit of having a job can simply be the feeling of utilizing your innate knowledge and skills to a good use.

This feeling can provide you with a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and enjoyment, knowing that you were able to contribute to something bigger than yourself.

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